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Daminion Localizations


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Daminion can be localized to multiple-languages.


A list of available languages is available via Daminion main menu (View > Language).

(US English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Slovak are available in the latest 4.1 version)


Language not available?

If Daminion localization is not available in your language, you can translate the user-interface to your language. This can be done by editing an Excel file containing all the texts, menu-caption, button-captions.



  1. To localize Daminion, you need to download and unpack this archive.
  2. Open daminion.XLS document and replace text in the "Russian" column with strings in your native language.
  3. Open daminion.ISL by any text editor (Notepad for example) and translate all strings after "=" symbol
  4. Send us the resulted document to support at daminion.net or publish it here.

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Untranslated strings in XLS format for Daminion 4.5:


  • German (DE) (initial translation by Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir).
  • Dutch (NL) (initial translation by Peter Gebruers, Yves Royer and Kees Hessels).
  • French (FR) (initial translation by Reynaud Lionel and Alain Pierre).
  • Spanish (ES) (initial translation by Jose Angel Calvo).
  • Polish (PL) (initial translation by Mariusz Lewandowski).
  • Portuguese (PT) (initial translation by Mónica Esteves Reis).
  • Solvak (SK) (initial translation by Mr. Matus Kipikasa).
  • Italian (IT) (initial translation by Alconost).

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Updated files with new strings. Please see the second post. Thanks in advance for our contributors!


Can you confirm me that FR file is upto date ?

Looks like to me not when I look 1084 release.


Can you update Fr file to have a look at which one needs to be translated.



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I'm following Daminion since 2014 and it's time to start with a local server on our school in Turkey.

I’m also translation maintainer of many various open source software.


So I follow this post, made translation works in Turkish and sent to the support (at) daminion.net address.


But couldn't get any reply since one week.


Could you please advise?



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