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  2. Hi, Is there a way or possibiliy to add 'Media Language code' in Properties and Tag lists ? 'Media Language Code' is listed under 'QuickTime' section in 'Metadata viewer (powered by ExifTool)'
  3. In Properties panel, under 'Video' Section it's displayed these 3 datas (at least for MPEG4 file) : - Video Codec - bit rate - Frame rate But in Tag panel, in customize mode, only 'video codec' is available!!! No way to filter or display in tag panel 'bit rate' or 'Frame rate' !! ? I still can do in Advanced search but this doesn't give you a good overview of existing datas. would be nice to have in tag list same datas as in Properties panel list.
  4. I will reply to you in Skype Rene
  5. sorry for the delay. I did click on optimize catalogue and than, when this was done, i found Daminion to have trouble loading everything and suddenly this issue occured,. as for a remote session this will be tricky, since it's a clients computer
  6. Last week
  7. Hello Alain, Because the issue is only reproduced when you undock the Properties panel , then dock it and then close, would it be possible to avoid the floating state of the Properties panel and not undock it? Daria
  8. Hello Alex, Seems that your NetCatalog is disabled. It cannot be disabled in the versions 6.2 or higher. I will contact Sedat so that we could schedule a session to troubleshoot Daria
  9. Hello, when i try to open the uses-panel in the "'Daminion Server Administrator" I get this error: The complete message is attached. Can you please help me? Thanks & Regards, Alex Daminion-Fehler.txt
  10. Earlier
  11. Hi, Not sure to understand also the question !
  12. Has HEIC thumbnails in Daminion been added yet? I tried the trial, and added the HEIC extension to allow me to import it, and on the import window it shows the thumbnails since the codec is installed on my server, but once imported into Daminion, they go to the generic icon. I need this to work before I purchase, because we have 1000s of heic images.
  13. Sorry Wilfried, the initial question was from Alain, I should have asked him. Kind regards, Daria
  14. Not sure, I understand the question Daria 🤔 Anyway, I think I mentioned it above: As my workaround, I never close the Properties panel. Instead, if I need more space for the thumbnails, I move it as free floating panel down to the bottom of the display, so that only the title bar of the Properties panel is visible. The Tags and Maps panels are always floating at the bottom and pulled up only when needed. After that, for the normal work, I pull it up and dock it to the right again. That does work fine for me.
  15. Hi Wilfried, I reproduced the issue and registered it. It is possible to keep the Properties panel docked so far? Kind regards, Daria
  16. Hi Daria, correction: When I enter the URL http://help.daminion.net/ in Firefox 76.0.1 64-bit here in Italy, I consistently get the Under Construction response, as described above. However, I logged into my laptop at home in Germany remotely, entered the same URL (also Firefox, but 32-bit) and it worked fine! Having done that, I tried a different browser here, Opera 68.0.3618.104 and it also works fine. So, something is wrong with my Firefox. Edit: After booting my PC, the links also work in Firefox! Who knows, what was the reason ....
  17. Hi Daria, as I said above Tutorials can be reached, but Help-> Contents, F1 or Help -> Go to Daminion Blog lead to this:
  18. Hello Wilfried, cannot reproduce this. F1 leads to Daminion Help section. Tutorials leads here: https://daminion.net/tutorials/getting-started-with-daminion-server could you please double-check it? Kind regards daria
  19. Link to this forum works in Build 2120 (Home Server client) 👍. Same for Link to Daminion Web-Site and Tutorials, but Help -> Contents (F1), as well as Daminion Blog lead to "Under Construction" symbol.
  20. I correct myself, the short cut for the main menu does work, but it is a little tricky: Press the Alt-key and release it Wait until the File is highlighted Now, you can press W (or E, V, C, I or H) and you see the submenu: When you press the T key now, the Option Tags is highlighted: If you press Enter now, the Tags panel opens (or closes as in my example, when it is already open) Instead, if you press T a second time, Tags #2 (Folders) opens If this faster or more convenient, than clicking the menu with mouse? I doubt it. After all, it is a clumsy user interface.
  21. The German version also shows some underlined menu titles, but not as many as the English:
  22. On my client for Home Server 6.4 (2120) the initial letters in the menu are still underlined, but don't work as a shortcut, as I said above. The context menu also shows underlined titles,which still work in Build 2120. In fact, my screenshot in the previous post above was made with Build 2120.
  23. Hi, Daminion Standalone Build 2120 There is no underlining. Both German and English Version, Windows 10 Home 1909. 🤔 Keep healthy Pictor
  24. I strongly agree with Alain, Daminion should support more keyboard shortcuts! Furthermore, the layout of the menu bar with the underlined W suggests, you could open the Windows-submenu by pressing Alt-W (as in many other programs), but unfortunately it does not work (at least for me on Windows 10). However, what does work (only in some other cases, but not to open a new window/panel 😞 ) is: right click on a thumbnail opens the context menu select an option by keying the underlined letter select the next option by keying the underlined letter of a submenu For example, the sequence right click, A, W performs "Write Tags to File" (see my screenshot). I use this heavily also in combination with Open With and custom assigned external tools.
  25. Hi, It would be nice (for keyboard users) to have shortcut to open/close windows like Tag, Properties, Tray..... Something like Shift or Control + number (0..9) or F1..F12. (or anything else) Regards
  26. Yes, I can confirm this with 2012 Home Server. As I said before, I need to start the client with Properties panel closed, open it and then follow Alain's sequence.
  27. Here is some more investigations (stand alone 2120). When I close properties panel it closes correctly. Now, if I open Properties panel window, it's still ok. Now, if I undock and redock windows, Properties panel doesn't close correctly (Still an empty grey space displayed) If I click Window > Reset window layout, now properties panel closes correctly.
  28. Hi guys, could you please try to click Window > Reset window layout and report back to me if it helped. Kind regards, Daria
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