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  2. Hello Frank, yes that's true. The DB _daminion_xxx is not accepted by the input field. I f you leave this field empty you can continue but then the exception happens. regards, Uwe
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  4. I have done backups and restores in the past. I have followed the directions on this web site on what to backup. What I have seen is that one of the database restores does not work and I think it is the one with users? I'll have to check when I get home. Frank Hahn
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  6. Thank you Uwe, I will take a look at it Kind regards, Daria
  7. Hello, I create a backup of the catalog every evening (by batch file). To test the resore I wanted to restore this backup on a second PC. The restore crashed with an exception. I've already send the exception message to Damnion. Is there anybody who tested the backup/restore? regards, Uwe
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  9. Hello, this bug is still there in build 1904. regards, Uwe
  10. Hello Bobb, You can go to one of the two following ways: - install the v 4.1 on the new PC, move the server with the database and upgrade the version from 4.1 to 6.0 on the new PC - upgrade Daminion from 4.1 to 6.0 on the old PC (the database will be upgraded along with the app itself), then install v 6.0 on the new PC and transfer the server. Unfortunately, we haven't had precedents of upgrading from 4.1 to 6.0 yet (the lowest version was 4.6 - no issues), probably someone here on the forum can share his experience if any. Anyway, we will be happy to offer you our remote assistance with the whole process of upgrade\server transfer and monitor any possible issues during the process. Please let us know if the remote session would be possible and needed. Kind regards, Daria
  11. We're getting ready to move our Daminion server to a new host and upgrade from 4.1.0 build 1269 to the current 6.x release. To plan that move I'm trying to understand the preferred process. I was thinking of following the process outlined in the "migrate Daminion Server to a new computer", which seems pretty straight forward for getting a copy on the new host. But I have some additional questions about then doing the actual upgrade. If I run the installer for 6.x on top of an existing 4.1 that should take care of the Daminion app itself - but does it take care of the PostrgesSQL upgrade as well? Or does that have to be done separately? Any know troubles going from 4.1.0 to 6.x that folks have encountered? Thanks in advance. Bobb Menk MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library
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    1. qasolved


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      What is QuickBooks Error 6177?

      QuickBooks is like any other software, so having technical glitches is a usual issue which you can manually resolve. But before resolving these issues, one must know what kind of problem they are dealing with. QuickBooks error 6177 is a pop-up dialogue box which arrives when you are trying to access a company’s file. If this error appears, it means that QuickBooks is unable to locate the desired file in your server.

  13. Hello Daminion Team, it seems to be a difference between Team Server and Home Server regarding the handling of the Comment Tag. Wilfried: Home Server - Comment Tag not saved into the file Uwe: Team Server - Comment Tag saved into the file Local Catalog: Comment Tag not saved into the file Regards, Uwe
  14. So I assume Daminion Software is not willing or able to answer my question. Bye bye.
  15. Ok, then the difference between your and my environment must be somewhere else.
  16. Here are my settings. I switched to your settings - it worked too
  17. Thanks Uwe. It doesn't make any difference for me: I can add or edit a comment also with Metadata++, Daminion is able to read it, but after changing it in Daminion, the changes are never written to the metadata. Coming back to my earlier post: Does the panel "Writing Metadata" in your Server Administration look the same as mine? I assume this is were the option "Metadata Style" was in the past.
  18. not in my case. I used the program Metadata++ to modify the User Comment Tag, then Daminion Read Tags from File -> it's updated in the Properties Panel -> modified teh Comment Tag in the Properties Panel and saved -> ok, no problem
  19. I finally found an application (PhotoElf) which allows to edit the EXIF User Comment. So, I added a comment to an image and performed a Read Tags from File. Daminion was able to read the new comment, but after changing it, neither Sync nor Write Tags to File would change it in the metadata:
  20. That's what I was believing too, but I only found these options now: "Add Camera Raw format support" should not apply to JPG, but I tried several options without succes. Does this page look different for you, Uwe? If so, the reason might be that I only have the "Home Server" license ...?
  21. Hm, what is the difference? I also meant JPG. Long time ago, when I was still using the standalone version, I remember there was an option "Metadata Style" or similar. Now, I don't find it anymore.
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  23. Hi Wilfried, can't confirm it with JPG files. The comment entered in Comment Tag of the Properties Panel is saved in the EXIF tag User Comment and after check in it's still there. Regards, Uwe
  24. Uwe, according to my experience, the comment tag will never be synced into the metadata. What I mean, is the comment tag entered in Daminion - not originating from IPTC or EXIF.
  25. Hi Wilfried, did you check if the checked-out file has the Comment Tag in the metadata? Regards, Uwe
  26. If the Comment Tag contains any text and you use Version Control to check out the item, the Comment Tag is empty after checking in again.
  27. Hello, this is the configuration of the video preview folder in the Catalog Preferences: The menu option Catalog->Optimize... deletes the subfolders \Video\Netcatalog. It's not possible to restart the Daminion Server until I create the subfolders\Video\Nertcatalog manually. Regards, Uwe
  28. Thank you guys. I decided not to create a new catalogue
  29. I have had issues in the past with Daminion reading metadata after using GeoSetter to enter GPS data. Using various tools, I could see the data but Daminion would not read it and place it into the database. See here: https://forum.daminion.net/topic/3509-issues-writing-metadata/ I stumbled across a work around using a program called called XnView. This program, like others, shows what metadata is written to the files. It verified like other programs have that the metadata was not in the files after telling Daminion to write the data. Anyway, I stumbled across an option called "Rebuild XMP". After rebuilding that data, Daminion could now read and write my metadata directly to the files. At the time, I was dealing with jpg files. Frank Hahn
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