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  2. Jetzt haben wir bereits den 16. Juni . . . Vom "deutschen Tech-Support" ist bisher NIX zu hรถren oder zu sehen. Ich hatte noch zwei weitere Meldungen aus dem Programm heraus geschrieben und auch von da KEINE REAKTION ! Ist irgendwie รคrgerlich (fรผr mich) und irgendwie armselig (von Euch !). Mehr als zwei Wochen warten auf Support, bzw. Bugfixes ist bei Freeware vielleicht OK, aber wohl nicht bei einer lizensierten Kaufversion
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  4. Hi Rene, Can you please go to Windows services and check the user that runs Daminion file watching service? Can you please try to start it from there and if you get any message oor it simply takes long to start, please check your Event Viewer and let me know the error message Daria
  5. Last week
  6. Hello, I wrote a small Python program to check the following: are there thumbnails (e.g. a\a8\aa8c4876-d0e5-44c1-aaf9-e0bcec26ecf1.dat) in the thumbnail folders but not an corresponding/existing record of this thumbnail in the table "thumbnailstack". I found many!!! Where do they come from? This seems to be the reason for the difference between an catalog update ( all thumbnails remain on disk - also the "dead ones" and the creation of a new catalog and thumbnails. Question to Daminion: Is it "ok" to read the files on the disk in the thumbnail folders (the thumbnail main folder
  7. I meant the whole disk space taken by Daminion files so both, database and thumbnails. I have tried with brand new Danimion server installation so postgreSQL version is the same as integrated in Daminion 7 server installation. Cannot check now, far from PC.
  8. I don't know if this is valid, as you have been writing the tags in the raws. At least, if you are not writing the tags in raws and changing e.g. creation date/time will write the change into the xmp file, but when Daminion imports the file, the raw has precedence.
  9. Hello, what is the catalog for you? The postgreSQL database or the thumbnails too? Which postgreSQL version do you use? This is the status in my system: The biggest catalogs are for photos (140K) and audio (155K). I use the same catalogs since many years. Regards, Uwe
  10. no it didn't tried it today as well! same issue should it run as localaccount or a specific user?
  11. Quick test shows it failed :-(. Adding 1000 photos in new catalog, import process stopped after 15 images processed. With no visible error messages, indicator is still rotating, but numbers are not changing anymore. Since it is experimental setup on virtual OS - I will not play with this anymore for now, have no time. but will keep it in mind, will be back on this ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. I am in process of migrating from old Daminion Server 5 (and from Win8.1) to latest Daminion Server 7 (and to Win10). My catalog is relatively big, close to 200ะš photos, all tags and keywords are written into raw and jpg files, video files are just few. Testing two approaches of Daminion catalog migration (both on just installed Win10 and Daminion Server 7): 1) Creating new catalog by adding all photos; 2) Restoring previously backup'd catalog from old Daminion, and enforcing Daminion to generate thumbnails (were not backup'd-restored). Both approaches are working (although not fast
  13. I have one pixel size dots, when I view the JPG in full screen on light mode (version 2451). If I turn the dark mode on, the white pixels disappear.
  14. I think our best hope is that our "underpowered NASes" are now sufficiently powerful that with plenty of RAM, the newer higher spec + models are capable of running Windows in a VM. I think that's the way to go. It's a delicious irony though that the NASes that are declared by Daminion to be incapable of running Daminion, may well be able to do not only that, but also to run two extra layers in the stack, the VM and the Windows OS to enable Daminion to run. Realistically, this has never really been about the power of the NASes. Daminion just wants to concentrate on its major revenue str
  15. Did service start? On older (very old) versions I see sometimes service did not start automatically.
  16. So, are there any success running Daminion on your NAS (where all photos are located) ? I am right now testing Daminion 7 server trial version installed on my Xpenology NAS (hw is similar to yours) in virtual Windows 10 OS. It works, but does not looks faster ๐Ÿ™‚, hopefully will do more testing on weekend. I believe to have Daminion native package on NAS will be really beneficiary, may help to bypass network bottleneck... But seems like no luck ๐Ÿ˜ž
  17. Hello community, today I noted, that there is an issue with DaminionServer Daminion Server is not starting File Watching and SQL runs restarting the computer doesn't change it We didn't change anything on the machine! It used to run! Thank you
  18. I'm meanwhile using this machine terra miniserver e3-1225 Intel Xeon E3 V3 @ 3,10GHz 16 GB RAM
  19. Are there any news in this topic since last post in 2018? ๐Ÿ™‚ Are there any other ideas on Daminion and (Synology) NAS integration to avoid network bottlenecks?
  20. Hello, build 2457. Here another example from today (partial eclipse of the sun). CR2 file, original Exposure Time 1/8000, shown in Daminion 1/250 regards, Uwe
  21. After upgraded from to, besides still not able to see the colour profile info, I also notice that the colour profile is not applied to the preview image anymore. Take the same sample image as an example. This is what I see in Photoshop. This is what I see in Daminion
  22. Earlier
  23. Hello, Could you please send me a sample of the file? (by the link in PM or email e.karpenko@daminion.net) Kind regards, Katerina.
  24. Before upgrading - Video Preview was enabled. Video Preview was generated. (I still can play these previews) After upgrading - Video imported after upgrading has no preview generated. The notice message is always there. There is not video conversion activity shown in Task Manager.
  25. Hello, there seems to be a more general problem regarding the Shutter Speed/Exposure Time. I've already sent the information to you by Skype (21.5.2021) about the following problem: a TIF file created by a flat bed scanner got the Shutter Speed 1/250 - that is strange for scanned items ๐Ÿ˜‰ Another bug: A JPG file (shutter speed 1/60) is converted to TIF by NIK Perspective Effects. The TIF metadata Exposure Time = 1/60 BUT Daminion shows/assignes a Shutter Speed = 1/250 build 2457 I'll send the example to you by Skype. Regards, Uwe
  26. Daria, You're right, re-reading tags when run as administrator works. Thank you (still hoping for a proper fix though) Marco
  27. Hello, Could you please send me the files by the link (any filestorage) in PM or by e-mail e.karpenko@daminion.net? Thank you.
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