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  2. I will check this on my machine tomorrow as well
  3. I will check this issue tomorrow on my server
  4. Hello, it seems to be a problem with RAW files. I used 3 DNG, ARW and CR2 files and imported these files in the Daminion standalone client 6.8 build 2355. The result is: no problems with the Author Tag. Please fix the RAW converter of the 7.0 official version logic asap. Regards, Uwe
  5. Hi Lenni, Let's wait for Michael's reply on what line is affected in his case. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the behavior on our installations Kind regards Daria
  6. not yet fixed in official build 2444. Here the result of "read tags from file" of about 10.000 files: regards, Uwe
  7. I didn't find a use case for groups in the way i use Daminion. And, as Wilfred wrote, groups are not in the metadata of the files. Regards Uwe
  8. Hi, I think that will be my way too. Regards, Erwin
  9. Hi Daria, As above, I have 2444 installed, behavior the same. The functionality behind the gray area is there - if I have Folders selected as above in the screen capture, and I click the place where the circle used to be to view the photos, it works - corresponding photos will be visible. So there is just like gray label on the top of the line, hiding the text. In versions prior 7.x I do not have this problem. Regards Lenni
  10. Agree it is confusing, but also logical in my opinion: You cannot assign a group as tag to an image whereas the root level of a hierarchy can be assigned to images, regardless whether they are also tagged with one or more of the lower levels. I came to the conclusion that the groups don't make much sense to me. Mainly because they are not written into metadata.
  11. Hi Wilfried, You're right, that's the difference. I find it irritating that the elements are not counted in groups. Now I have to decide whether to switch to hierarchical tags. Thanks.
  12. Hi Lenni, I do not seem to be able o reproduce the issue. In my case line 33 is always present, both in the local and shared catalogs Please try to install the latest build: https://daminion.net/downloadstandalone/ Daria
  13. Hi Daria, In my case line number 33 is affected. Regards Lenni
  14. Erwin, are you sure, the black tags are all Groups? It seems to me, they are just the lowest level of hierarchical tags.
  15. Hi Daria, Yes, at the end always the same line is affected, regardless of the tag type. The latest build 2444 behaves in the same way. Regards Lenni
  16. Hi Uwe, Please select the option to assign to 5000 files at once now, we will test out this behavior on a larger set of files Kind regards Daria
  17. Hi Lenni and Michael, Does it always affect the year of 1990? or a certain line depending on the number of lines? If so, which is the number of the affected line in your case? Please try also the latest build: https://daminion.net/downloadstandalone/ Daria
  18. Hi, I created several groups myself. Some have been written in dark others in light gray. The number of elements is displayed for the dark ones. In the case of the light gray, the elements are not counted, it is "0". If i export the Tags, the light gray ones are displayed like this: <<BERGE>> What is the reason? Can i fix this? Is that also the case in version 7? Regards, Erwin Server 6.8.2380
  19. IMO the key is consistency; decide your method and try to stick to that. Then it is easier to tag new images and find the old ones. I have used the same principles as Uwe and Wilfried. I have decided, that in my collections City is the municipality where the location is. The place is then the village, or district/borough of the city (arrondisément). Also like Wilfried, I have been here more flexible. Uwe's suggestion of creating a parallel structure is also a good one, you could have a keyword tree National parks/Canada/Ontario/Algonquin Park. In this structure you could also leave s
  20. Hello, what do I need to do, to get the web-client live aka so i can access it from a different city? I guess I need an SSL certificate and launch it as a website, right Thanks
  21. Hi Peter for me the fourth entry "Location" is the name of a certain place. So like this: botanical garden, train station, on the bridge, etc. However, I do not use a "blank" but a "-" I do it like this: Canada / Ontario / - / Algonquin Park regards Erwin
  22. Earlier
  23. I think, you shouldn't take the term city literally. It can be a small town or even the closest village. All depending on how many pictures you made in the area at all times. The purpose is to group your images in a consistent way to help finding them again.
  24. Hi Peter, I prefer use one of the cities suggested by GeoSetter (i.e. GeoNames.org). In many cases in the 'middle of nowhere', you see multiple suggestions and I pick the most reasonable, but many times I rename it later, which is quite easy using the Daminion tag tree (not each individual properties panel!) Depends on what you call a state in France: département or région? As far as I know, the départements very rarely did change, but the régions changed drastically several years ago. Anyway, I use the current région - département assignment (using french Wikipedia to understand) and
  25. Hello, I prefer version one: Canada\Ontario\blank\Alonquin Park I use it it this way if there is e.g. a National Park located in more than one State or City. I understand the Places Tag as a "postal regional structure". One can't use this structure to describe each political, geographical or biological structure/location. This can be done e.g. either by self defined Keyword Tags or Custom Tags additional to the Places Tag. Regards, Uwe
  26. I would appreciate some advice. I often have photos that have a named Location but no associated City. I also have many photos of France, where I do not want to deal with New vs Old "State" definitions. For example if I have a location, not near a city, I could enter the data in two ways: Canada/Ontario/City(blank)/Algonquin Park, or I could enter Canada/Ontario/Algonquin Park/Location(Blank) Is either of these the recommended way to deal with this, or is consistency itself the solution? Thanks, Peter
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