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  2. Do you have the problem when importing the ORFs or is the problem also when you have the ORFs in your catalogue? I don't see the previews when importing the images, but when the images are imported they are visible in Daminion.
  3. cr2 are loaded on my server but ORF files are still unsupportet
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  5. Been away from Daminion for a while. Wanted to use it again and renew my Home license. Why do make it so hard to find the Standalone Version? Do you want no Standalone users? And where do I find information on the pricing for the Standalone version. Hmmm.
  6. Hello, Daminion truncates the length of the tag IPTC:By-line. This results in the tag XMP-dc:Creator, for example, containing the author in the correct length, while the tag IPTC:By-line only contains part of it. Example, entered in Daminion in the Properties Panel: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady Sunshine" Result: IPTC:By-line: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady" XMP-dc:Creator: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady Sunshine". The action "Read tag from file" for now results in two entries for the author. One is the value from IPTC-By-line and the other is the value from XM
  7. Thank you Uwe. I have now added the permissions, let's see if I get a more detailed error message next time.
  8. Hi Juha, did you see this: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/676549f5-1c02-49a1-a897-87605ba9a7f6/systemsecuritysecurityexception-the-source-was-not-found-but-some-or-all-event-logs-could-not-be?forum=SP2016 regards, Uwe
  9. I have receved few times an .NET error complaining about performing operation not allowed by the security policy. I cannot understand what policy I'm breaking, because all my items reside in my NAS with equal permissions. I viewed my images full screen, when I got the error, and the previous image before the error was in the same folder with same permissions. I have viewed a series of items full screen, added some of them to tray, browsed the thumbnails, viewed again some in full screen etc. At some point I get the error, when I'm in full screen mode. I haven't been able to find any patte
  10. Would it be possible to have the rescan function for the standalone version. I extract and edit files typically using photoshop and there by create at least two new files a photoshop file and a jpeg for printing/distribution. The extra files are not tagged or included in the database. A manual rescan is necessary. Perhaps there is a way of doing this at the moment? Thanks Mark
  11. Hi Uwe, Thank you for the video, this is very weird! We will register this issue Daria
  12. Hi Erwin, Unfortunately, Open Street map is available in the web client only. Kind regards, Daria
  13. Hello, I have always wondered why I have many entries for "Camera lens" that start with "Apple Apple Apple...". Here is the explanation and an example: initial entry for Camera Lens = iPhone 6 Plus back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 Every time I add a keyword, the tag content of "Camera Lens" is prefixed with the text "Apple". This is how these nonsense entries come about. I have only noticed this behaviour with iPhone entries and not with any other camera/lens combination. You'll get a recorded video by Skype. regards, Uwe
  14. Hi FlyNBike, this seems to be just a programme that uploads CR* File to the Computer!! I have no problem uploading , it`s just Daminion that does not display Raw Files, all other Software sees them OK.
  15. Thank you for the details. I understand your request. I'll send it to our feature backlog. Regards, Kate
  16. Hello, Thanks for the hint that selected items in the Link Window can now be changed in the Properties Panel. What does not work (yet): No external editing (e.g. Affinity Photo) can be started for the selected item(s). The selected item cannot be selected together with the item to which it is linked, only the linked items can be selected together. An example: The RAW original photo (RAW-Photo) is processed externally and exported once as TIF (TIF-Photo) and a second time as JPG (JPG-Photo). The RAW photo is linked (what is linked to this item) with: TIF-Photo and JPG-Photo. The keyword
  17. Hello, Could you please describe what exact way do you edit the linked files? The current version allows you to select several items and edit tags by the Properties panel. Regards, Kate
  18. Hi, the help says: You can use Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo or Open Streetmap. In the server version, however, Open Streetmap and Yahoo are not available. How can I use Open Streetmap? In the client not in the web client. Daminion Server 6.8.2344 greetings Erwin
  19. I strongly agree with Uwe. In fact for me this is exactly the reason for not to use links.
  20. Hello, there are different entries in the tag "Camera Lens" for the same lens. Here is the explanation and a request: 1. a RAW photo is imported (e.g. Canon CR2 format). Daminion first reads the tag "LensType" from the "MakerNote". This leads to the following tag content of Camera Lens in Daminion: "Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM".The tag "Exif:LensModel" with the content "EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM" is also present, but is not considered because of the priority when reading (see Daminion Mapping Rules). 2. The RAW photo is opened with the RAW converter in Photoshop CS6 and only the lens co
  21. Hi Bobb, This sounds very weird. It might have been an issue in 6.7. Should we please upgrade to 6.8? Please let me know if my help is needed Kind regards Daria
  22. We're running server 6.7.0/2312 and our admin user is having issues with the presets for her general tags presets. When she attempts to customize them she sees only "Folders, Media Format, Software". She used to have "File name and media format" available. Also each time she opens the client her customized list of presets has to be rebuilt from scratch. Is there somewhere on the client pc that could be causing this behavior? Thanks Bobb Menk MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library
  23. My apologies Uwe, I watched the video you sent to Kate, now I can reproduce it. Kate has registered the issue Daria
  24. Hi Uwe, can you please tell me your build number? I'm on 2356 and it works Kind regards, Daria
  25. Sure Brooke, just let me know if my help is needed Kind regards, Daria
  26. But is doesn't work with shared catalog now!!! Katerina got a video.
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