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  2. , have you tried right clicking on an Item and from the Menu, at the bottom, select update Thumbnail, and see if that works? If so you can select multiple copies of file type and sit back and wait.
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  4. Hello, which version do you use: server or standalone? I don't have a problem with tiff thumbnails in the server version. I don't have PSD in my catalog. Regards, Uwe
  5. Since I got absolutely no reply on 2 Emails that I wrote directly to daminion!!!!! Has anybody experienced the same? The software is unusable for me, as I get no thumbnails on any graphics format besides jpg...
  6. Hello, a short explanation of my workflow and a note: the problem concerns only the database. All files are present on the disk. The problem seems to affect only version 7.0, because before I never had this error. 1. e.g. RAW file "20210912_120000.CR2" in folder "01_Photos\2021\...\2021_09_12" 2. command "V" opens Affinity Photo and the photo is edited, cropped and saved in folder "07_PhotoBook\2021_09_12" as "20210912_120000.tiff". 3. the photo book subfolder "2021" is marked as "Auto-Rescan ON" so all edited photo book files are imported automatically. 4. everything was ok until I
  7. Hi Uwe, thank you for reporting, we will get back to you asap Daria
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  9. Hello, after some time of working: select files in e.g. folder01, develop them by external programs, save as TIFF in e.g. folder02 I get duplicate entries of the folder02. Please check the screenshot. I've sent the database dump to Daria and hope to get help to repair the database asap. regards, Uwe
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  11. I never felt confident in logging in via server, seemed like one option too many.
  12. Ops, found... Auto rescan was accidentally ON. My bet, post can be removed...
  13. Why icon for one folder is different than for the rest? Folder exists, Locate in Explorer is working fine. File are there too. Rescan this folder and parent folder was not helpful. Relink folder also did not help. I know, some people do believe in magic numbers, but for me it does not make good reason to change icon only due to 13 files there... 🙂
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  15. Correct Yvan. I moved from stand alone to home server about 3 years ago. The only difficulty was that I already had more than 100,000 images and it took me more than a week to import those into the server catalog, but having done so, I experienced a much better performance on this single laptop. If you you own more than one PC, it makes sense to purchase the license for two users though. I do rarely use it, but it is helpful some times. Cheers Wilfried
  16. Hello, I work with Daminion Server since about 10 years. Server and client on the same PC (first W7, now W10). The reason to do it was: I have one central database for all clients on the different PC, Laptop, Tablet, mobile phone in the family compared to different databases on each PC or Laptop and no chance to connect via Tablet or Smartphone to the catalog by the web client. Regards, Uwe
  17. Hi Len For my information, what was wrong ? Regards Yvan
  18. Interesting. In my case, I have only to install the serveur and client on the same computer (W10) And that's fine. Correct ? If Yes I will make a test. Regards
  19. And yes that`s true cos it was done for me but I didn`t like using it . So changed back to standalone and Upgraded.
  20. Hi Yvan, Switching to Home server is an option. We encourage our clients to do so but it is not obligatory. Because the main development efforts are going to the server version, many new features will be available only there and the bug are fixed much quicker in the server version as well. The transition will be free of charge, we will help with the installation of Daminion Home server of you decide to accept the offer. Kind regards, Daria
  21. Uwe

    Tags List

    Hello, where is the problem. I've created a standalone catalog and imported this example file - no problem. Regards, Uwe
  22. Sorry posted Video twice and couldn't work out how to delete one?
  23. 20210908_071339.mp4 20210908_071339.mp4
  24. Hi Uwe, The example file didn't come thru, and I am on Standalone 7. Beth
  25. Uwe

    Tags List

    Hello, I used this example file to import the self defined Author "xyz" and it worked. I use the server version. regards, Uwe daminion-tags.txt
  26. Hi Daria, Not sure to undersand. You mean that for now the way for me is to switch from my Standalone version (with standard licence. I got 37K image) to Home server ? Regards. Yvan
  27. I have the same question, how does one edit the tag list? I have exported the tags for "author", it created a .txt file called "Daminion-tags.txt" then edited it, saved, closed the .txt document, and uploaded it to Daminion Standalone 7. I then did the "Import tags" and tried both methods to import them, I then shut down Daminion on each attempt, and then restarted the program, then checked the list I edited, and no change. Suggestions? Advice? Walkthru? Help 🙂 Thanks Beth
  28. Hi Yvan and Wilfried, We will fix the critical bugs in the Standalone version but we are not inclining to transferring the Standalone clients to Daminion Home server - it will be done at no additional costs for all who decide to accept the offer. Kind regards Daria
  29. Yvan, I don't know the plan of the Daminion team, but what I was reading here in the forum was always the recommendation to move to a server version.
  30. Thanks. So no solution now or later in standalone version ? Regards. Yvan
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