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  2. When I refresh the view and go to the last page, the number on the right shows correctly (10001...11504). It seems to me the reason for the difference was changing many tags and paging forward.
  3. One of the recent enhancements is the display of big numbers in an abbreviated form (i.e. 100,5k instead of 100,500). While I appreciate this change, I found a case, where on of the numbers is obviously wrong. I don't know, whether 11,5k or 16513 is correct. (Even if you would assume 1k = 1024; 11,5 * 1024 = 11776). My page size is 5000 and this shows on the last of a four page selection: The selection was: P.S. Apparently, the editor for the forum doesn't delete previously inserted graphics. So, please ignore those below.
  4. Hi Daria, I have send you a video (link) on your web site account.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi guys, we have discussed this feature with the guys, unfortunately, this is a complex implementation with lots of "what if's". E.g. what if a custom tag exists is in one catalog and is the part of the saved search, but it does not exist in the rest of the catalogs on the server? If this request gets more votes, we will discuss it further, but right now, unfortunately, we cannot include it on our roadmap. Kind regards Daria
  7. Last week
  8. Alain, would you please record a video for me? I guess I'm trying to reproduce it in a wrong way Kind regards Daria
  9. Hi Jacob, You can send the bug reports to me by email - this would be the best way. As for feature requests, you can also send them to me or publish them on the forum Kind regards Daria
  10. Hi Dean, Wilfried, I will discuss this with my colleagues tomorrow at our Team meeting. Kind regards Daria
  11. Hello Kate, can you send me your mail adress for the catalog. Greetings Egon
  12. Hello Wilfried, I have waited some minutes. But no changes. The same error. Greetings Egon
  13. Hello, Egon, could you please send me your catalog file? Regards, Kate
  14. I agree with Dean. On more thing regarding saving searches: There should be the possibility to Save, i.e. overwriting the existing saved search without having to key in the complete name again and a Save As, which offers the current name as default that can be changed. Currently, it always shows an empty input field and you need to key in the complete name, risking a typo and you end up have multiple saved searches with slightly similar names and lose track, which is the most recent one.
  15. Egon, did you try again after waiting some minutes? Even though the catalog did open immediately for me,, some functions (tag filtering) only worked correctly after several minutes.
  16. Hello, after mail from Murat I install Daminion 6.7 (2237). The result: Daminion could not open my catalog. SQL logik error, no such table: tagLinks (see attachment) Egon
  17. Hello, Valery found the reason of this behaviour on Tuesday but it is not fixed in the official 6.7 build 2237. Regards, Uwe
  18. Hi there, is there a dedicated location for feature requests or bug reports. Ive browsed through the general forum and its seems they are mixed in with hows tos and other questions. Where is best location to put these. Thanks
  19. Its on my list of bugs too, annoying for drag and drop tag assignment.
  20. It would be great if, when we save searches, we could have the option to save the search only for "this catalog only" or "server-wide." Then we could create searches that apply to the whole server, e.g. "no country" search applied to any catalog on the entire server and another search that only applies only to a specific catalog, e.g. models without age and height in "studio shoots" catalog.
  21. Can you please send me a screenshot of your running processed here or by email? Please check if there are the following processes: Daminion.Server.exe, dmconverter.exe, cvis.exe? Have you tried to restart your PC? Kind regards Daria
  22. Hi Daria, in both cases, I did not see any Daminion task in the Task Manager. However, installation on another client PC, which I rarely use for Daminion, did install the client right away without any problems. 👍
  23. Unfortunately, this has not been fixed yet. I've sent an email to you to regarding the upgrade to the server Kind regards Daria
  24. Hi Uwe and Wilfried, this means that Daminion server processes has not be shut down by the installer. You need to exit the installation and kill the Daminion server tasks manually. We are trying to reproduce this behavior, but it is not reproducible every time. Kind regards Daria
  25. All works fine now, Katerina. It seems, I was a little too quick and some indexes needed to be built in the background.
  26. The same happened to me. When I wanted to install the client on another PC, I also had to boot Windows first. The good news: Installing the server includes also the installation of the client on the server machine. Thanks for that!
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