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  2. I have already done it. Same message no matter how many times I try to install.
  3. Hi Uwe, could you please try to exit the installation window and try to install it again? Daria
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  5. I had the same with last build! Installed it separately
  6. Hi Juha, This is a good point. We will discuss this question today at our team meeting. Kind regards, Daria
  7. This files is located in the Data folder of PostgreSQL. If you a custom installation was selected when installing PostgreSQL, the file can be in a location different to the one described in the article. Please try to locate PostgreSQL data folder Daria
  8. Daminion 7.5 (2599) Please make a backup of your catalogs before the installation Daminion Server installation file is here Face Recognition module (119) file is here - Bug Fixes - Minor improvements
  9. Last week
  10. This bug is still there in build 2599. Is it really difficult to use an unique tag of the Exif metadata to avoid four different tags for the same camera model, depending on the action that was used to create/update - Import/Rescan Folders/Read Tags from File...? In the Daminion Mapping Rules: EXIF:Model This is the right tag - please use it in any case!!! Please check the screenshot below - it's the same camera and this is the tag in all of the files: regards, Uwe
  11. this tutorial is not working, the folder structure is not the same and when searching for file "pg_hba.conf" I can't find it
  12. Branden, don't forget to keep one (or better more) copies of the .DMC file(s) on external media (e.g. USB disk), as well as the install file for the Daminion version you are currently using. Using "all" you work is extremely unlikely (unless the entire catalog is corrupted, which can always happen, therefore Backup!). What can and did happen in the past, that you loose one or more tags, so make sure you can somehow access the old catalog for comparison and possibly manual changes.
  13. If Daminion fails to update the tags in the file, the error message is only written into the log file, but it is not visible in the UI (at least in certain cases). I don't think anyone is actively following the logs, if there are no visible issues. This will lead to a situation, where the problems are not identified, analyzed and corrected and several files will not be in sync with Daminion database. See
  14. I have debugged this issue and the outcome is that an emtpy tag XMP-tiff:ImageDescription creates the problem. When that tag is deleted, Daminion doesn't have problems to update the file. Looking at the commands GeoSetter generates for exiftool, the issue exists only, when the image is "straight our of camera", i.e. only standard EXIF tags defined. You can see the full story in https://exiftool.org/forum/index.php?topic=13056.0. When I analyzed my DNGs, I can see that this problem has been there already for some time. I found images that I have tagged in 2019 where this problem exists. It looks like the same problem can exists also in JPGs (https://geosetter.de/mantis/view.php?id=2122). I haven't experienced it as I shoot RAW, and geotag my images before developing them. (I also updated the title of this thread to highlight this possibility.)
  15. Thanks. I'll make the switch to the server. Hopefully I don't lose all my hard work with tags etc.
  16. In version 7, there is an option File > Import > Daminion Local Catalog (.dmc). I have not tested it, as I have been running the server version a long time, but it sounds like the option you need. I would also assume, that it a lot faster that re-importing the images, and you will avoid the problems with non-synchronized meta data.
  17. Hi Branden, the main difference is the fact you need to install and start the server, even though you can do that on the same computer where you use the client. After installing, you find a new icon Daminion Server Administration, which allows you to start (or stop) the server and create one or more Catalogs - those are called Shared Catalogs. Using the client, instead of Open Catalog (Ctrl+O), you Open Shared Catalog (Ctr+Shift+O). Until Daminion version 6.8, the standalone client and server client were identical, i.e. you can open either a standalone catalog or a shared catalog even concurrently. I did not install version 7 yet, but I read some comments here in this forum stating, a version 7 client cannot create a standalone catalog anymore. Keep in mind, 'transfer' means importing all media items (i.e. the image files, not the catalog content!) into the new shared catalog. This implies, all metadata which were synchronized into the file, will appear as tags in the shared catalog. However some tags (e.g. comments) are not synchronized into embedded meta dat and won't move to the sahred catalog. If I remember correctly, this also applies to some other tags, as well as to linked and grouped items. Some settings cannot be set in the client, but using Server Administration, for example: As I said above, with version 6.8 or earlier, the standalone catalogs could be created or opened concurrently with the shared catalogs with the client, but some users had problems doing so in version 7. ☹ No idea, whether that is a bug or a feature ... Obviously, a Web-client (i.e. a Web Browser) can only open shared catalogs. I looked at the Web client only very briefly and believe its capabilities are very limited compared to the client.
  18. I have a standalone version (purchased lifetime license). Been using Daminion for years with 12K+ images alone. Love the program. Just prompted to update and my only options were to download the Server or web client versions. Checked out the forums and see that the standalone is no longer being supported and while "not obligatory" according to Daria Kotilainen, it is encouraged to move to the server-- which is supposed to be better anyway? Daria stated that "the transition will be free of charge" too? Just want to confirm before I make the switch. I also gathered that from another one of her comments that it is not simple or and would offer "help with the installation." What issues or differences to I need to know about? Are there features or settings that won't transfer? Will my catalog(s) not work with the server version? Please advise. Thanks. Branden
  19. According to Phil's investigations my file has valid XMP block. He checked the file himself and also used two different verification software to validate the contents. I have pointed the thread to Daminion support, as it looks that the issue is in Daminion, not in GeoSetter/exiftool.
  20. update: I found new cases. E.g., there is a record (id = 295526) in the table mediaitems but no corresnponding record in the table files. The file with the same name exists in the database but other id (id = 295860) regards, Uwe
  21. Earlier
  22. It looks like there is an issue with the command file GeoSetter generates for exiftool. I have managed to pinpoint the line that generates the problems. I hope Phil Harvey at exiftool can find the issue.
  23. Here is a link to instructions to reset the postgres password. https://www.postgresqltutorial.com/postgresql-reset-password/ Disclaimer: I haven't tested this myself.
  24. I don't use PhotoShop either, but when I shoot RAW with my mobile, those images are DNGs.
  25. Not sure this helps, Murat: I wrote a couple of Python scripts which are able to search for items in the catalog. The result is a list of item IDs written to the clipboard. When I paste those IDs to the into the quick search field, I normally get the result in less than a second, even pasting hundreds of IDs. However, when I say 'normally' this means, I only check 'Item Id' under 'Look in' and make sure, no other tag is selected. If instead, I select 'Filename' (or forgot to uncheck it after a previous search!), the search takes significantly longer. Furthermore, this method even works fine when you paste thousands of IDs at once, but will timeout, if 'Filename', 'Everywhere' or any other tags is checked.
  26. Thanks for notification, Juha! I don't use PhotoShop and therefore don't have DNGs, but I found other cases where GeoSetter corrupts some tags with German umlauts. Meanwhile I use GeoSetter only once to set the location before importing to Daminion and avoid using it for later updates.
  27. thanks, i will check it out! I can't remember to have one setup! So it must be the default one
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