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  1. Greetings, In some cases, Daminion expects a performance degradation when searching for files via Quick Search on catalogs with more than 100k files per catalog and many tags. It works slow. However, it happens occasionally, and it is tricky to reproduce it in our environment. If someone expects the same problem please kindly contact us. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Rene. The third tab called "Unknown Persons/Faces" is exactly for ignored or unknown people. We need select the best name for it. The facial recognition feature is in a very early beta stage with some glitches and bugs. But we optimize and fix bugs actively.
  3. Hello Uwe, I've discussed yesterday with my colleagues about the bugs that you have reported (author, shutter speed,... ) and asked them change their priority. Thanks for feedback! Katerina might inform about the status of the issue with saving/loading links.
  4. 7.2 version is on the way, with new features (face detection, Adobe InDesign/Photoshop extensions, etc... ) and bug fixes. An official release version should be released in autumn.
  5. Peter, can you reproduce it with any JPEG file. Please check that a file doesn't have readonly attribute. - Murat
  6. Tschens, I appreciate your input and your feedback! We have internal testing team but they are happy with the new GUI yet 😀 We take into account all user feedbacks but it is not possible to implement all of them or implement them ASAP. If we don't react to a comment here it doesn't mean that we don't read it or don't discuss about it internally. > On the other hand, they ignore several bugs I sent them already 2 years ago which could be fixed very easily within a few minutes by a medium skilled programmer. May I ask you to send a brief info about them to support at daminion.net please. Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately, the UI technology that we use allows changing the appearance of any controls except scrollbars. We tried to hack it since Daminion 1.0, but there is no way for this. Therefore we decided to "grey" UI partially )
  8. Hey Wilfried, I appreciate your feedback! We will consider adding an option to switch background of the thumbnail area to grey. But only in 7.1 or 7.2 version. The release of the 7.0 version is scheduled for early April - we will not have time to make changes by this time.
  9. Hey Uwe. Thanks for the feedback! We will add some changes to avoid impacting to thumbnail size when adding new fields.
  10. AI tags are not mapped to any metadata in the current 6.8 version and are saved into the database (catalog) only.
  11. Hello Juha, Do you mean the desktop client/standalone version?
  12. Thank you, Wilfried! You can apply 1000 auto-tags for free without Google Vision.
  13. Hello Miklos, These are corporate license types with 10 and unlimited guest users. No action is needed from your side.
  14. Sorry, here is the Dropbox folder with new strings: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3jfmgoi48es3zqc/AACVe9mFyzdQeh7NDWv8o1EJa?dl=08K4
  15. Greetings! New untranslated strings for Daminion 6.7 version were uploaded (German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish). Any contribution with the localisation are very welcome! Thanks in advance for your time and support!
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