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  1. AI tags are not mapped to any metadata in the current 6.8 version and are saved into the database (catalog) only.
  2. Hello Juha, Do you mean the desktop client/standalone version?
  3. Thank you, Wilfried! You can apply 1000 auto-tags for free without Google Vision.
  4. Hello Miklos, These are corporate license types with 10 and unlimited guest users. No action is needed from your side.
  5. Sorry, here is the Dropbox folder with new strings: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3jfmgoi48es3zqc/AACVe9mFyzdQeh7NDWv8o1EJa?dl=08K4
  6. Greetings! New untranslated strings for Daminion 6.7 version were uploaded (German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish). Any contribution with the localisation are very welcome! Thanks in advance for your time and support!
  7. Thanks! We will investigate into the issue.
  8. Hi Dean! Yep, it looks like an interesting feature. We add new features into the roadmap based on an overall user demand and the complexity. Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Mapping of the comment tag is disabled now (It was mapped to the outdated EXIF:Comment field). You can consider using Description tag instead, or create a Custom Tag.
  10. It does, but we didn't added it into the interface yet (it is in our roadmap altgough).
  11. I've raised this bug in the issue queue. Sorry for the delay with reply.
  12. Ahh. It should work now ) Thank you, Germ!
  13. Hi Bobb, GhostScript is used only for rendering AI and EPS vector images. If your graphic library doesn't contain these 2 formats you can just uninstall GhostScript (via the uninstall programs option). It will not impact on any other product's functionaity. In the future, if you need these format support you can just reinstall Daminion with enabling this option in the installer.
  14. Hello Bobb, Daminion can be bound with 9.18 or 9.19 versions of GhostScript. I suggest to keep it as is. This is not an executive file and you don't have any risks for your system.
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