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  1. Hello Lorenz. Right :) It seems a spammer's post (that was deleted them) raised up this post and I thought that this was a new one. Anyway, we rewrote the code logic that is responsible for automatic recognition of installed Daminion Servers in the local network. It works much faster now (in the internal build now). Instead of constantly pushing small UDP packets by Daminion Server now, a newly opened Daminion Client will send a single UDP packet once. It will be catched by Daminion Server and Daminion Client will be informed about this server.
  2. Lorenz, thanks for the post! Daminion Server sends broadcast packets so Daminion Clients could automatically find it without the necessity to register Daminion Server manually. You can disable this by editing daminion.config file: https://help.daminion.net/en/ I will register this issue (may be we will switch it off by default or change its behavior)
  3. Thanks for the detailed info and my apologies for the delays with resolving this issue. My developer colleagues can't reproduce this issue or maybe they don't completely understand the problem. So I need to consolidate all the information that is required to reproduce and explain them this bug. We will investigate this problem during a short period of time.
  4. Daminion 6.0 version will be available in the upcoming week and allows to play any kind of video format via streaming (via web-client)
  5. Jose, thanks for your reply! We have a Spanish speaking colleague now who translated new strings into Spanish. I've uploaded the entire Spanish localization file to Dropbox so you could take a quick glance.
  6. A new Daminion 6.0 is coming soon! Here are some untranslated xls files that contain both local and web client strings: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3jfmgoi48es3zqc/AACVe9mFyzdQeh7NDWv8o1EJa?dl=0 Thanks in advance! Please also don't hesitate to contact me to update your Daminion licenses!
  7. Hi Murat,

    both links in today's post point to DaminionServerSetup and none to the standalone client.



  8. Daminion 6.0 (1819) - Improved web-client (a range of improvements) - Fixed a bug when video rendering freezed for "problem" video files. - Fixed bug with folder sorting - Relink Folder command works for large catalogs - A range of minor improvements and bug fixes Download Daminion Server: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pg-o3_7ZLJeZwlfc4xJfkx_E5JSMbn2Z/view Download Daminion Standalone: https://drive.google.com/file/u/4/d/1B1paZJZSL3ZOtqnjoonHwYl3HZARO3TQ/view?usp=drive_web
  9. Murat

    Daminion GUI

    Dark Gui will be available in the web-client. What do you mean by the gradient in the icon backgrounds?
  10. Do you use Daminion Team Server to manage your content on a local network or on your web-site (or Daminion cloud)?
  11. Hi Per! The first step is to backup your existing catalog (I guess you use Daminion Server version): "Administration panel > Catalogs > Backup" After that, you can select the root folder in your Tags tree, right click, go to "Relink Folder" menu and point to a new root of your files (on a new server PC) Update: Uwe was faster than me and already answered you )
  12. Thanks for the information. I've passed this info to my colleagues.
  13. It is not available in the current version. However, we could probably add a separate log for deleted files (for admin users).
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