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  1. Yes, you're right except if you choose (like me) to write into Raw file and not inside XMP sidecar file.
  2. Ok, I have found another solution outside daminion (with window explorer) : * Open folder where items are located. (right clic and 'Locate in explorer') * select all thumbnail you want to remove GPS coordinates (or other Exif value) * Right clic and then select 'Properties' * Select 'Details' tab * Select 'remove properties and personnal infos' * Select 'remove selected files properties * Select : Lat/Long properties Then apply and validate. Anyway, This would be nice if Daminion could display Lat/long field in Properties panel when several thumbnails are selected and have same coordinates. (Lat/Long) Like this, you could remove GPS coordinates on selected thumbnails, same as you can do actually when only one thumbnail is selected.
  3. Yes, they have same Lat/Long. (Dropped previously on map and saved by Daminion) but Altitude is different and has original value. This is may be why Lat/long is not displayed in Properties panel when several thumbnails are selected!!!
  4. Hi, I didn't find how to remove GPS coordinates on thumbnail selection (over 50 selected) You can remove GPS coordinates on one thumbnial (Clic on Lat field and select 'Remove GPS coordinates') but this option is not available with a selection. what I did : * select 50 thumbnails, * put them in one place in map window. Like this all thumbnails have same GPS coordinates. Then, I expected, when I selected these 50 thumbnails to see Lat/Long field displayed in properties panel (because Lat and Long are the same for all of them : dropped previously in same spot in map) Then I could select 'Remove GPS coordinates'. But, Lat/Long are not displayed in properties panel when several thunbnails are selected (even if they have same GPS coordinates) !! Is there a way to do this with Daminion ?
  5. @Juha ExifTool display this correctly. looks like win 8.1 has some trouble to read correctly keywords on Raw Nef file. @Wilfried I didn't know about corrupted Raw Nef files but my old camera (D80) is not in camera list and I also do not use any Nikon software ( Nikon Transfer 1 or older versions of ViewNX 2) for transferring my files. So probably win 8.1 do not read correctly keywords from Nef file in explorer.
  6. State and City has the same problem on my laptop (win 8.1 / build 1934) Country is ok.
  7. On my laptop (win 8.1) and build 1934 this doesn't not work ! No Location list available even after several location saved on several pictures.
  8. Hi, In preferences, I have these settings : When I assign several keywords at Jpeg, I can also see them in explorer window when keywords are selected for display. (Ok) Several keywords are separated with a semiolon (;) (Ok) With raw file (Nef) and same Daminion settings, I can see only one keyword in keyword explorer keyword column !! Is that a win 8.1 bug with NEF file and assigned keyword or a Daminion bug ?
  9. Same for me, 1920*1080.
  10. Here is another try with Map panel and Properties panel displayed (and docked) If you close Properties panel (with closing cross) you get this (ok, no empty space) : Now, if you close Map panel, you get this (with empty space : not ok) : Looks like this empty space is linked after closing properties panel (with closing cross). Regards
  11. Strange. Build 1934 Standalone and Win 8.1
  12. Hi, If you close Properties panel by closing cross You get this, and it's not possible to reduce empty space to display more thumbnails When you display map and close it with closing cross You get this (which is ok) would be nice to have same behaviour (as closing window panel) when you close properties panel
  13. You're right, with free floating Tags and folders panel 'Ctrl+enter' works well. With docking panel, this doesn't work any more and create this error message.
  14. Edited while wilfried wrote answer above. Ok, looks like this is from my side this doesn't work !!!! At first Ctrl+enter I got this error message !! May be a Win 8.1 singularity or my laptop configuration !?!!?
  15. Did you tried with 'Ctrl + enter' in list view ?
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