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  1. Hi, It would be nice to have a shortcut which open (locate) in Explorer selected folder in Tag panel. Same as you have for thumbnail : Ctrl + Enter.
  2. Hi, It would be nice to add 'green dot' with 'Enter' key on selected folder in Tag panel. Also to exclude selected folder with 'Alt + enter' key (Red dot) (Same behaviour as Alt + Click) If selected folder has already a 'green dot', you can remove it by 'Enter' key. (Same as click) Also include 'Ctrl + Enter' (multiple selection) or 'Shift + Enter' same as you can do with mouse click. This would add great possibility when browsing folder tree with keyboard.
  3. Bug still here (and very annoying) in 2120 build.
  4. Hi, Is there a way or possibiliy to add 'Media Language code' in Properties and Tag lists ? 'Media Language Code' is listed under 'QuickTime' section in 'Metadata viewer (powered by ExifTool)'
  5. In Properties panel, under 'Video' Section it's displayed these 3 datas (at least for MPEG4 file) : - Video Codec - bit rate - Frame rate But in Tag panel, in customize mode, only 'video codec' is available!!! No way to filter or display in tag panel 'bit rate' or 'Frame rate' !! ? I still can do in Advanced search but this doesn't give you a good overview of existing datas. would be nice to have in tag list same datas as in Properties panel list.
  6. Hi, Not sure to understand also the question !
  7. Hi, It would be nice (for keyboard users) to have shortcut to open/close windows like Tag, Properties, Tray..... Something like Shift or Control + number (0..9) or F1..F12. (or anything else) Regards
  8. Here is some more investigations (stand alone 2120). When I close properties panel it closes correctly. Now, if I open Properties panel window, it's still ok. Now, if I undock and redock windows, Properties panel doesn't close correctly (Still an empty grey space displayed) If I click Window > Reset window layout, now properties panel closes correctly.
  9. Ok, 2120 build in Stand Alone version works correctly. I played a bit around and couldn't reproduce anymore the problem. Looks like it's fixed.
  10. Link point to Server version! Is there a link toward stand alone version ?
  11. The only way (I have found) to close correctly properties panel is to undock it and after close it.
  12. kalain

    Sort by

    Yes, you're right. I tried also with 'Authors' but didn't worked. (I didn't realized it was possible to assign several Authors). So, looks like it's not possible to sort tags which can have several entries but Daminion can internaly sort keywords. for example, in this media I assigned keywords in this order V16, V15, v14, V13, V17 (as shown in Details view) but in properties panel keywords are sorted alphabeticaly !! Most of the time sorting by keywords is not very usefull but sometimes it is. So why not sorting them as it's already done in properties panel ?
  13. kalain

    Sort by

    In build 2099, in Details display mode if you add a column (keywords), you can't sort on this added column !!! Sorting works again but only on Daminion default columns. ☹️
  14. when you choose 'is not empty', it's supposed keyword qty is > 0) when you choose 'is empty' it's supposed keyword qty = 0. Adding 'Qty >' or 'Qty <=' would be nice in order to ckeck which item is well documented or which is less documented and needs some more keywords. Having this possibility gives a better way to optimise how your items are described with keywords.
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