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  1. In web client I can create shared collections, to publish some photos outside my company. But will they need a connection licese as well? Thanks Miklos
  2. Hi all, I tried the new map function in web client. If I connect with no authentication (anonymously), the connection builds with guest rights (it's OK), but switching on the map function I can move the pic on the map and the new coordinates will be written back to the image metadata!!! 😞 Miklos
  3. Let me re-fine the problem: if the security mode is Active Directory (user mapping), it works fine. if the security mode is Active Directory (group mapping), I get the above error. Miklos
  4. Hi all, in build 1934, I switch the security mode to AD, it works well with desktop client and web client as well. But when I set web acces with "Login is not required", the web client produces the attached error. I think it is not normal.... Thanks Miklos
  5. Thank you Daria, it works now 🙂 Miklos
  6. In 1819 build the guest user can download again. Miklos
  7. Making different guest users is not an option if I let them via web client. In this case I need i.e. 10 concurrent guests from anywhere. Miklos
  8. Hi all, Teams server 6.0 (1819) I try to login with guest access from different machines concurrently and get the following error: "A user with the same name is already connected to Daminion Server. Users with identical credentials cannot simultaneously connect to Daminion Server in order to prevent possible data loss" Why is it impossible? With guest access there is no possible data loss. In earlier versions I could login (if I remember well.) Thanks Miklos
  9. The catalog on the screen is a totally different one. To be honest, the problematic catalog was converted from a local catalog. Anyway, the mentioned problems were not there, they appeared only after a while.
  10. Hi Daria, I know that but how can happen that an unapproved (purple) tag has 0 elements? And the same tag appears in black with some elements? Miklos
  11. We use Daminion Teams Server 6.0 (1819). I have a database with more than 14000 images. I use the Place(Country, ...) tags for it. The weird things are: 1. as you can see in the attached pic, under "Place" there are two "Country" item and there are 54 element in the first and 2287 in the second item. How can this happened? 2. I.E. in "Bhutan" there are two "State", one of them holds 0 element. Why is it there anyway? At first, it was not there, only appeared it yesterday. (and almost all of the "place" tag holds a lot of sub-tags with 0 elements). What can I do with it? Thanks Miklos
  12. l.miklos

    Multipage tiff

    Hi all, Can I handle multipage tiff images with Daminion somehow? (of course I can see the first page, but...) Thanks Miklos
  13. Hi, I use Daminion Teams server v 6.0 build 1819 Switch on the map window, and try to search something on Google map: doesn't work. If I switch to Bing, the search is fine. Earlier it worked... Miklos
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