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  1. Thanks Uwe, it works. But if I try to do it with more photos, unfortunately the Country tag disappear from them. So I have to do this process one by one 😞 Miklos
  2. Hi all, Here I send two images. If I import these to a catalog, there will be a "Belgium" tag under the Place, and TWO "state" tags under "Belgium", one i s grey and one is black. What is the difference between them? Thanks Miklos
  3. In Window menu there is a Preview window which you can put on the secondary monitor. Miklos
  4. Yes, I was talking about web client. In build 1924 there was a map icon but it worked wrongly. In the build 1960 there is no map icon and Ican't find any setting to switch it on. Miklos
  5. Is there a chance that the map function will appear again? Thanks Miklos
  6. In web client I can create shared collections, to publish some photos outside my company. But will they need a connection licese as well? Thanks Miklos
  7. Let me re-fine the problem: if the security mode is Active Directory (user mapping), it works fine. if the security mode is Active Directory (group mapping), I get the above error. Miklos
  8. Hi all, in build 1934, I switch the security mode to AD, it works well with desktop client and web client as well. But when I set web acces with "Login is not required", the web client produces the attached error. I think it is not normal.... Thanks Miklos
  9. Thank you Daria, it works now 🙂 Miklos
  10. In 1819 build the guest user can download again. Miklos
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