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  1. I have a test machine too, and this version works well, only the productive one has this "bug". What can I do with it? Miklos
  2. I use Daminion 6.7.2250, and the problem is the same. I tried to reinstall the IIS server, after it the whole Daminion server, but didn't solve the problem. The previous version on the same machine worked well. Miklos
  3. Hi Len, If you select a folder and press F6 (Rescan folder), there you can see a button "Import filter". By pressing it you can select, which media formats will be imported. Miklos
  4. Hi Daria! 1. I understand. I think there is no need for connecting remotely, thanks. 2. In my earlier topic Murat said: "Is this feature automaticly added to the existing licenses or I have to buy an additional licence? Hello Miklos, These are corporate license types with 10 and unlimited guest users. No action is needed from your side." We have corporate license with 10 concurrent user. So what is the truth? Miklos
  5. Hi all, 1. In 6.7 (2225) version I have only one catalog, and cannot set if Login is required or not. If I create a new empty catalog, this option appears. 2. If I login as guest via web, this connection is counted as Connected user, while in 6.7 version there is a new feature: unlimited guest access. It's a bug or I cannot understand something clearly? Thanks Miklos
  6. In 6.7 version you wrote: ... New license types with unlimited quests ... Is this feature automaticly added to the existing licenses or I have to buy an additional licence? Thanks Miklos
  7. Daria, Uwe, thanks for your answeres ๐Ÿ™‚ Daria, i've got your video too... it's clear now. Miklos
  8. Alexius wrote about : Daminion 6.7.2207 (Pre-Release) Whatโ€™s New Waiting Room AND/OR/NOT - Web Access Control on Folders ... Can you tell me something about this new feature? Thanks Miklos
  9. Thanks Uwe, it works. But if I try to do it with more photos, unfortunately the Country tag disappear from them. So I have to do this process one by one ๐Ÿ˜ž Miklos
  10. Hi all, Here I send two images. If I import these to a catalog, there will be a "Belgium" tag under the Place, and TWO "state" tags under "Belgium", one i s grey and one is black. What is the difference between them? Thanks Miklos
  11. In Window menu there is a Preview window which you can put on the secondary monitor. Miklos
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