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  1. Tschens: "In version 6, there was a very subtle but helpful alternating light/dark colouring in the window with the keywords on the right hand side." I do agree! Miklos
  2. I think, these are only cosmetic changes, not "brand new interface" Miklos
  3. WilfriedB: "Can anybody tell me more?" The "Tray" name changed to "Favorites" 🙂 Miklos
  4. Just to clarify this: upgrading the PostgreSQL server from 9.3 to 12 solved the problem. Miklos
  5. Hi Daria, 2. I've already tried it and worked well. Thank you Miklos
  6. Hi Daria, 1. If i remember well, there was similar request earlier... 2. And after the login-free access one can logout, and login again with his/her login name with more privilegs. It can be a good workaround for my problem. Thanks Miklos
  7. Hello, We use Daminion Team server with 10 user (and now with unlimited guests, according to the new licence construction). 1. In Daminion server administration panel I can see the number of users currently online (under Catalog). This number means the licenced users plus the guest users currently logged in, but cannot differenciate between them. It would be great if one could see the number of the licenced users. (even better if could see the NAME of the logged in users) 2. I can select between Daminion server security and Active Directory security modes. Is there a plan to mix
  8. Hi Daria, I tried with admin user only. Miklos
  9. Hi all, There are log files on the next place: C:\ProgramData\Daminion Software\Daminion Server\Logs\Netcatalog In the errors.txt file in it I can see the next: 2021-01-12 15:13:46,093 [STP SmartThreadPool Thread #45] ERROR PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.ReadMetadataCommand [(null)] - Error: (2263462) PicaJet.Daminion.Common.AccessDeniedException: User with current role cannot create new indexed tag value a következő helyen: PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.AccessRightsHelper.CheckCreateIndexedTagValue(Guid indexedTagGuid, Boolean isLocal, IDatabaseEnvironment dbEnviro
  10. In addition to the high proc utilization: The Postgresql server log files in C:\ProgramData\PostgreSQL\Data\pg_log continously growth, in the last month (since 2020.12.11) it's size reaches the 40 GB! A log file contains the next endlessly: on conflict on constraint content_pkey do update set text = $2, fts = to_tsvector($2), modifiedtime = now() 2021-01-01 09:36:09 CET ERROR: syntax error at or near "on" at character 102 2021-01-01 09:36:09 CET STATEMENT: insert into content (id_mediaItem, text, fts, modifiedtime) values ($1, $2, to_tsvector($2), now())
  11. Hi Daria, In my test server I have more than 60K pictures, these are only jpg-s. In productive server there are more than 110 K jpg-s and this works well. Can I switch off the full text search? Miklos
  12. Hi all, We use Daminion Teams server 6.7 2250 in our productive server, it works well. But in the test server we tried the 6.8 2333 version, and it always uses at least 50% of processor time (see attached jpeg file). What is the ftsloader.exe? In 6.7 I cannot see it in the running processes. Happy new year everybody! Miklos
  13. If I press th F12 button in a web browser, I can see the HTML code of the page. If I click on a thumbnail , in the code there is a valid "src=...." line, but with the preview, this "src-..." part is invalid (see the attached screens). What is the solution for this? Reinstalling Daminion didn't help. Miklos
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