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  1. Hello, Valery found the reason of this behaviour on Tuesday but it is not fixed in the official 6.7 build 2237. Regards, Uwe
  2. Hello, I get the error message while installing the new version. Also the option to use the default installation is not possible (light grey) - only the option for experienced users is possible. Regards, Uwe Update: I had to restart Windows to get the installation working
  3. not yet fixed in build 2233 I don't think that this is a specific problem. From my point of view it's a bug of the "Read tags from file" function. Why? - because if I import the same file by the Import workflow, the item is assigned to the already existing Tag: "Camera->Canon->CanoScan LiDE 700F" and doesn't create a new tag like: "Camera->CanoScan LiDE 700F". It happens with all tags added by the "Open with..." ExifTool command: -Exif:Make="Canon" -Exif:Model="CanoScan LiDE 700F" -overwrite_original {Filename} independent from the Make and Model values. I'll send a recorded video to Daria. Regards, Uwe PS, I've updated the table "mediaitems" in pgAdmin to get a right assignment but this should not be a global solution, e.g. UPDATE mediaitems SET id_cameravendor = '6' WHERE id_cameravendor = '295' AND deleted = false
  4. Hello, I got it. Example: There are already e.g. 100 items assigned to the Aperture tag "f/1.7" in the catalog. 1. I've imported files (e.g. 20 JPG photos and 1 GPX file) without GEO metadata to the "upload folder". All 20 items are assigned aditionally to the existing Aperture tag "f/1.7." Now there are 120 assigned items to Apertute tag "f/1.7". 2. Then I called the GeoSetter program to add GEO metadata to the 20 JPG files. 3. By "Rescan folders" of the "upload folder"/"read tags from file" I update the metadata of these items in the catalog. Now I get the 20 additional/multiple entries for the Aperture tag "f/1.7" and the items are not additional assigned to the already existing Aperture tag anymore. Means there is one Aperture tag "f/1.7" value = 100 AND 20 additional Aperture tags "f/1.7" value = 1. Daria got the recorded video by Skype. It would be helpful if any other user can test it in the same way. Regards, Uwe
  5. Hi Daria, I'll try to reproduce it. I made the optimization of the catalog and will watch it and record my activities in the background. Regards, Uwe
  6. Hello, please try following: define an import folder and an upload folder in the catalog settings. Then copy by a file manager files to the import folder. These files are automatically moved to the upload folder. Check if you get multiple entries for Aperture etc. In my case the multiple useless entries are photos taken by a Samsung smartphon and a Canon G16 camera. Regards, Uwe
  7. Status build 2225: the bug is still there. Regards, Uwe
  8. Hallo Daria, thanks for the info. I was of the opinion that in earlier versions the folder structure was taken into account. This was probably a mistake on my part. But there is still the question why, with the same folder selection and sorting, the Web client shows all files correctly and the Desktop client does not. You received a PM and screenshots. Regards, Uwe
  9. Hi Daria, means that the folder structure has no meaning? regards, Uwe
  10. Hello, I don't know when a new build is available but this is from my point of view a bug that has to be fixed immediately. I would like to explain what happens now: The sort for the thumbnails is: Creation Date Time. I select the main folder and get this result for items of the subfolder "1985 Kindertag": Only one item is displayed "19850601_120000.tif". But there are three items in the subfolder. Then I select the subfolder "1985 Kindertag" Now I see the tree items. Two items have a Creation Date Time which doesn't fit to the folder date. It was the result of manipulation of these files. The file with date "03.09.2020 19:49:52" is a AfPub file and the file with date "03.09.2020 19:50:18" is a PDF file. From my point of view: If I select items by folder then the "sort priority" to show items has to be: 1. show all items folder by folder (the first "sort" criteria is the folder name) 2. show all items in the folder sorted by the sort defined in the thumbnail window For all other selections of items (e.g. by Keywords, Author etc.) the folders are not relevant. Only the sort criteria has to be used. Regards, Uwe
  11. Hello, just a question: is it a new feature or a bug? There is an XMP sidecar file next to the PDF file, and the tags are written to the XMP file, not the PDF file. Regards, Uwe
  12. Hi Daria, then the actions "Write tags to File" and Read tags from File" have to ignore the AC Group. This happens in build 2225: 1. There is no AC Group assigned to the item -> the item is assigned to "Anybody" 2. I assign the AC Group "Test" to the item -> in the Properties Panel the item is assigned to the AC Group "Test" but the AC Group is not in the metadata of the file. 3. I call the action "Read Tags from File" -> the AC Group is removed from the item in the Properties Panel and the items is assigned to "Anybody" - > this is a bug Regards, Uwe
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