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  1. Hello Frank, yes that's true. The DB _daminion_xxx is not accepted by the input field. I f you leave this field empty you can continue but then the exception happens. regards, Uwe
  2. Hello, I create a backup of the catalog every evening (by batch file). To test the resore I wanted to restore this backup on a second PC. The restore crashed with an exception. I've already send the exception message to Damnion. Is there anybody who tested the backup/restore? regards, Uwe
  3. Hello, this bug is still there in build 1904. regards, Uwe
  4. Hello Daminion Team, it seems to be a difference between Team Server and Home Server regarding the handling of the Comment Tag. Wilfried: Home Server - Comment Tag not saved into the file Uwe: Team Server - Comment Tag saved into the file Local Catalog: Comment Tag not saved into the file Regards, Uwe
  5. Here are my settings. I switched to your settings - it worked too
  6. not in my case. I used the program Metadata++ to modify the User Comment Tag, then Daminion Read Tags from File -> it's updated in the Properties Panel -> modified teh Comment Tag in the Properties Panel and saved -> ok, no problem
  7. Hi Wilfried, can't confirm it with JPG files. The comment entered in Comment Tag of the Properties Panel is saved in the EXIF tag User Comment and after check in it's still there. Regards, Uwe
  8. Hi Wilfried, did you check if the checked-out file has the Comment Tag in the metadata? Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, this is the configuration of the video preview folder in the Catalog Preferences: The menu option Catalog->Optimize... deletes the subfolders \Video\Netcatalog. It's not possible to restart the Daminion Server until I create the subfolders\Video\Nertcatalog manually. Regards, Uwe
  10. group relations link relations
  11. Uwe

    Format INDB

    Hello, the extension INDB is the book format of Adobe Indesign. This is not yet supported by default. Is it possible to add this format to the default? Regards, Uwe
  12. Hello kalain, what was your definition of the Advanced Search for Lat/long? regards, Uwe
  13. Hello Murat, you got a video by Skype that shows the process and the difference between two files depending on the entered tags in the Properties Panel. Made with build 1904. regards, Uwe
  14. Example: Doing the same as described in the post above BUT additionally to the changed DateTime in the Properties Panel I entered tags: Title, Description, Keywords. NOW: the seconds "00" of the EXIF DateTimeOriginal are deleted: Date/Time Original 2019:02:09 20:15: Regards, Uwe
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