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  1. Hello Daminion team, any positive answer? regards, Uwe
  2. Uwe

    PostgreSQL 12

    and the version 13 is already as Beta 1 to test. Daminion should check for an already existing installation of PostgreSQL equal or newer as the version delivered by Daminion. Regards, Uwe
  3. Hello, please check the screenshots in the attached ZIP file. The substitution of the variable %place works as long as there is a Place defined in the Places Tag. If not: no entry in the Command Tag and wrong entries for the Place and the Location in the Keywords Tag and Collection Tags (just an example). Regards, Uwe Assign_places_tag.zip
  4. Hello Jelgan, sometime ago Daria wrote a hint to save the last used sorting but I can't find it at the moment in the forum. Please try to check this setting in the Settings.XML (CTRL-F12->1.0-Settings.xml): <setting name="RestoreSorting" serializeAs="String"> <value>True</value> </setting> You can't sort by multiple criteria. Regarding the Tags: Why not using other tags, e.g. A Collection Tag "FavouritePlace01" and as subtags the Places you would like to assign to this main tag. regards, Uwe
  5. Hello, now I'm really "confused". The problem exists only if I work with my default catalog "NetCatalog", not with a local catalog or other shared catalogs (NetCatalog1...n). But this is not the end of the story - it is much stranger. The NetCatalog manages the files in the the folders 01_Foto_00, 05_Foto_01, 07_Foto_02. All folders are on the same drive F: on the NAS. The bug exists only for files in the folder 01_Foto_00. It works with the other folders - they are in the same catalog and I work as Admin with the same user in Daminion. Daria has the backup of the NetCatalog, the NetCatalog.log file and the errors.txt file. There are some strange ERROR and WARN information. Regards, Uwe
  6. Hi daria, it's the same - empty FilePath column and lost server connection. Regards, Uwe
  7. Hello, I made a new test. It works with a local catalog but not with a shared catalog. I'll send another video by Skype to you. Regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, as already sent by Skype regarding build 2099 the column FilePath of the exported CSV file is still empty in build 2120. Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, the bug is still there in build 2120. regards, Uwe
  10. Hello kalain, the only chance to get it now is: write the QuickTime:MediaLanguageCode (by Open with>ExifTool) to an existing tag or custom tag that you don't use now. Here an example of the command line to write the tag from the MP4 file to the Decription tag of the sidecar file: -tagsfromfile {Filename} "-QuickTime:MediaLanguageCode>XMP:Description" {FilenameWithoutExt}.xmp The problem at the moment is: the place holder {FilenameWithoutExt} doesn't work - it's a bug. As long as the bug exists you have to use e.g. a batch file to set the name of the files there. regards, Uwe
  11. Hello, now a half year later, build 2120 and this bug is not yet fixed. Any chance to get it working? Regards, Uwe
  12. Hi Daria, I have the build 2120 and the bug is there. regards, Uwe
  13. Hello, the same wrong behaviour for 1920x1200. Regards, Uwe
  14. Uwe

    Sort by

    Hi Daria, you are right regarding the sort of keywords in the Katalog Tags Panel. Please check the sort of the keywords of your example in the Properties Panel. Regards, Uwe
  15. Uwe

    Sort by

    hello, Example: there is a hierarchy of keywords like. Which level is used to sort? Nature->Plant->Flower->Tulip->Yellow; Nature->Plant->Flower->Rose-Yellow; Nature->Plant->Flower->Dalie->Yellow; Nature->Plant->Flower->Begonia->Yellow; original; Garden; At the moment is seems the sort works in pairs but different. The result is: Garden: Pair 01: Nature->Plant->Flower->Rose-Yellow; Nature->Plant->Flower->Tulip->Yellow; Pair 02: Nature->Plant->Flower->Dalie->Yellow; Nature->Plant->Flower->Begonia->Yellow; original; The pair 01 is ascending sorted but the pair 02 is descending sorted. Coincidence? In the Properties Panel you can see it this way: Garden; Yellow; Yellow; Yellow; Yellow; original Regards, Uwe
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