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    Hi Yuri, if you don't want to have a backup of the changed file you should use the option "-overwrite_original" in the command line. Here the link to the explanation: https://exiftool.org/exiftool_pod.html Regards, Uwe
  2. Hello, It's now time to spend some time at home with experiments. My experiment was to develop two programs to backup and restore "Link"-relations of a Daminion catalog. If you are interested in this topic feel free to use, to test the programs even if they are not developed like state-of-the-art programs. Any comments/improvements are wellcome. Please read the documentation and download the programs below. Regards, Uwe Backup and Restore Link relations.pdf Backup_Restore_Links.zip
  3. Hi Rene, how many users (same time) has to work with the server? Regards, Uwe
  4. Hello, I get some exceptions if I use actions of the Version Control. Daria got the recorded videos by Skype. Regards, Uwe
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    the client in the server download zip file is 2095
  6. Uwe

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    not confirmed for the Team Server build 2086
  7. Hello, e.g. there is this folder structure (one main folder, some sub folders): 01_Photo --- folder photos ------subfolders YYYY ---------subfolders YYYY_MM ------------subfolders 2020_01_31 (1000 items) --- folder photobooks ------photobook01 ---------photos_photobook01 (100 items) ------photobook02 ---------photos_photobook02 (70 items) --- folder others ------others01 ---------photos_others01 (20 items) ------others02 ---------photos_others02 (400 items) example: there is the "original" item 20200131_120000.tif in the subfolder 2020_01_31 with the People tag = Uwe and Keyword tag = original there is the "child" item 20200131_120000.tif in the folder photos_photobook01 with the People tag = Uwe, no Keyword tag because the "original" item was changed by Photoshop and its "child" is used in the photobook. sort by CreationDateTime or file name If one select the main folder 01_Photo to see all items: only one item (in this case the item 20200131_120000.tif of the folder photos_photobook01) is displayed in the Thumbnail Window. Where is the item 20200131_120000.tif of the subfolder 2020_01_31???? select by People tag = Uwe: both items 20200131_120000 are displayed in the Thumbnail Window Regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, I'm a little bit confused. The following happens: a CR2 file is imported by Rescan folders rename this file by %date_%time-%ms.%ext: it works and the ms are in the file name 20200126_104717-010.CR2 change the Creation DateTime in the Properties Panel rename again this file by %date_%time-%ms.%ext: it doesn't works and the ms are not in the file name 20200126_104717-000.CR2 One can reproduce it by removing the file from catalog and import it again. The rename for this file works only one time and never again until remove and new import. You'll get a recorded video by Skype. Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, I'm using the rename function "%date_%time-%ms.%ext" since a long time. Photos taken at the same second get the miliseconds to have a unique file name. No problems until yesterday evening. I had a crash/exception when I was removing some useless tags from the files in the Properties Panel (already sent to Daminion (Daria) by Skype). Then I wanted to rename some files taken in the same second but the "%ms" parameter didn't work anymore. I get the value "000" and not the value of the tag "Sub Sec Time Original" existing in the metadata of the file. This problem exists with RAW format (CR2 and DNG) but not with JPG taken by a smartphone. Is there anybody who is using the parameter %ms and can check it please in his/her system? My build was 2044 and got yesterday (after the exception happened and the problem appeared) from Daria build 2056 to test something. Also the install of 2056 didn't solve the problem. Regards, uwe
  10. Hi Germie, the PDF document is still there: Please send an info if you don't see it there. I'll send it by PM to you. Regards, Uwe
  11. Uwe

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    "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". - it'a a bug and has to be fixed by Daminion. Relink: If you move a folder outside Daminion to another place without changing the files/metadata inside the folder (the folder can be a new disk drive) Daminion has to update the database (exchange the address of the old folder, e.g. "d:\old_folder\my_photos" with the new folder address, e.g. "x:\this_is_the_new_folder_of_my_photos". Rescan: has more than one option to use: update of changes made outside of Daminion, e.g. by ExifTool. Example: I scan documents and enter the name YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.TIF in the scan program BUT the EXIF:DateTimeOriginal of the scanned document is the date of the scan - today. Then I use in Daminion the "Open with..." action to update the EXIF:DateTimeOriginal with the name of the file (-overwrite_original "-EXIF:datetimeoriginal<filename" "-EXIF:createdate<filename" "-XMP:createdate<filename" "-XMP:datecreated<filename" "-XMP:datetimeoriginal<filename" ). Now I can call either the "Read Tags from File" (if only one document) or the "Rescan Folder" action to update the Daminion database. There is an already existing folder in Daminion and you moved outside Daminion new files into this folder - call "Rescan Folder" to import the new files regards, Uwe
  12. Hi Miklos, there is a strange metadata tag for the State: State %7jnbapuim4$lwk:eb4679c0-4f0b-47a5-96b3-96ffecadab70 in the photo Passerelle_des_Aguesses.jpg not shown by Daminion but somehow handled. The other photo doesn't have a State Tag. That leads to two entries in the Places: one with the State Tag the other without. Try to delete the wrong State Tag or enter some State tag in Daminion save it and delete it. Then both photos are assigned to Belgium, without State Tag, City Liege and the two Locations. Regards, Uwe
  13. Hi Miklos, there aren't any metadata in both JPG photos. Regards, Uwe
  14. Hello, please compare both screenshots made from the same file in the same catalog. One is made on the main PC (1920x200, with search field and close botton on the bottom) the other on a laptop (1366x768, without bottom bar). Regards, Uwe
  15. Hello, if the client works with a shared catalog read of custom tags from the file works. If the same client works with a local catalog the same custom tags are not read from the file. regards, Uwe
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