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  1. hello, the action "Menu->Catalog->Optimize..." deletes the folder "drive:\...Thumbnail\name_of_the_catalog\Video\NetCatalogx". As log as you don't stop the server Daminion works. But if you stop the server and want to restart you get this error message: You'll get a video by Skype. Regards, Uwe
  2. Hi Bobb, I didn't take care of other settings except the ClientCommon.EditWithSettings . If you don't have this section means, that there was no customizing for the "Open with..." action to manage items/files with external applications. Regarding the the other sections I'm not sure if you can copy them 1:1 because there are some "Guid, UniqueID etc" and I don't know if they are valid for any Daminion version or if a new installation creates new identifier. There are Daminion internal client settings and user specific in the settings.xml I guess you want to have a global client settings.xml file to rollout this file to each client? Regards, Uwe
  3. Hello, the Daminion client shows a wrong value of a custom tag of the type decimal in the Properties Panel. The value in the database is 11,11 as you can see in the screenshot of PgAdmin. Regards, Uwe
  4. Hello, the currency is not saved to the custom tag. Regards, Uwe
  5. Many other settings (e.g. user defined import filter) are located in the table "params" of the catalog database. Regards, Uwe
  6. If I had to make a new setup I copied the content of the Tag <PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.EditWithSettings> .... </PicaJet.Daminion.ClientCommon.EditWithSettings> from the old settings.xml to the new one and not the "old" settings.xml file to the new installation. These are the "open with..." settings. Regards, Uwe
  7. Hi rene, did you check the EXIF metadata of the "Apple" file? I have some items taken by an Apple iPhome and there is this Exif lens tag: Lens Model Apple Apple Apple Apple iPhone X back dual camera 4mm f/1.8 Regarding the camera tag there is the following post: regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, there are the files File1.CR2 File1.XMP File1.JPG in the folder. If I export (Copy to folder) the File1.JPG also File1.XMP is exported. Does it make sense? Together with File1.CR2 yes, but not together with the JPG file. Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, I don't have the option to work with the Goolge maps in the web client: If I close the map window and open it by ressing the icon agais I get a black window. regards, Uwe
  10. Hello, I use Linux Mint and Firefox on a client laptop. How can I play videos in this Linux system called from the web client? Photos are shown in the Daminion full screen view but for videos the VLC player is started on the Daminion Windows server and not on the Linux client. Regards, Uwe
  11. ok, I'm not at home this week and I'm working now on an old laptop (Thinkpad T61p, 1920x1200, Nvidia Quadro FX570M) and docked panel. At home I'm working with free floating panels which are on a second screen. regards, Uwe
  12. Win10Pro version 1809
  13. I dont have this problem with the Properties Panel in the 1934 build (Team Server version). If I close the panel using the cross the Thumbnail Window expands to the end of the client window. regards, Uwe
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