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  1. check the preferences in the Admin panel please or is there any "filter " active for the Editor?
  2. Hello Rene, do all user have the same rights in Daminion? Which security mode do you use? Regards, Uwe
  3. Hello, the bug regarding the deleted folder "drive:\...Thumbnail\name_of_the_catalog\Video\NetCatalogx" is still existing in build 1960. This should be fixed in the official release. Regards, Uwe
  4. Did you try to call the optimize immediately after it was closed? I did it and the window came back and it took some time to go step by step through the activities. Regards, Uwe
  5. I can't confirm this. I've tested the following using pgAdmin and this request: SELECT * FROM mediaitems where deleted = true 1. delete a file from catalog. 2. For this mediaitem: the field mediaitem-deleted is set to true in the table mediaitems, the default value = false. 3. Optimize Catalog: the record is deleted from the table mediaitems Regards, Uwe
  6. Hello, the "Open with..." action doesn't substitute the variables "FileNameWithout>Path" and "FilenameWithoutExt" by the file name/file name without extension. Please check the screenshots. These are examples of the command line created by Daminion to call darktable. Regards, Uwe
  7. Hello, I tested the same workflow Rene described above with one TIF file. No problem with Windows 10 1903. regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, Wilfried is right. The "Preserve file modified..." of the Preferences belongs to the Windows File system management and not to any "internal" metadata of the file. It is changed if anything of the file was modified. That also means that if you change matadata (e.g. keyword) save the changes and remove them again, the date corresponds to your last action: the remove. The "internal" dates of the metadata (EXIF/XMP) are adjusted by the Adobe XMP toolkit that is used by Daminion to manage the metadata. If you are working with RAW files and its sidecar files the RAW file is not changed (depends on you settings in the Preferences - see screenshot in Wilfrieds post) but the XMP sidecar. That mean that the RAW file keeps its modify date and the XMP sidecar file gets a new one - the date of the last modification. Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, at fist I thought: why does Daminion post it on Facebook and not on their own homepage? I'm not member of Facebook and any other "social" network. My fault. It's there: https://daminion.net/articles/category/exciting/ My conclusion: not relevant for me - I'm not a professional photographer - it's my hobby. 1. I don't want to send private photos to the public - and Google is public for me. I don't know what they are doing with my photos if the suggestion of tags is finished. 2. What happens with all other mediaformats? I have to tag them by myself. 3. The current restrictions: less than 10MB, limited formats don't fit my requirements: RAW photos, 10 - 30MB 4. Language. I use German tags Regards, Uwe
  10. this way doesn't work for RAW file with XMP sidecar files. There are the GPS date in the XMP file and not attributes of a file. regards, Uwe
  11. I don't see a chance to remove the coordinates in one step except an "Open with..." action for the ExifTool regards, Uwe
  12. Are you sure that they really have the same coordinates? regards, Uwe
  13. Hello Wilfried, thank you for the script. It helps to have a better overview to all of the "unknown" formats. I hope that Daminion will support more than the existing file types. It would help to have a global folder to save e.g. "ext.thumb.jpg" files there and Daminion reads this folder to substitute the "unknown mediatype" by the icon defined in this folder. If there is as today an existing "file_name.ext.thumb.jpg" it will be used. Regards, Uwe
  14. hello, the action "Menu->Catalog->Optimize..." deletes the folder "drive:\...Thumbnail\name_of_the_catalog\Video\NetCatalogx". As log as you don't stop the server Daminion works. But if you stop the server and want to restart you get this error message: You'll get a video by Skype. Regards, Uwe
  15. Hi Bobb, I didn't take care of other settings except the ClientCommon.EditWithSettings . If you don't have this section means, that there was no customizing for the "Open with..." action to manage items/files with external applications. Regarding the the other sections I'm not sure if you can copy them 1:1 because there are some "Guid, UniqueID etc" and I don't know if they are valid for any Daminion version or if a new installation creates new identifier. There are Daminion internal client settings and user specific in the settings.xml I guess you want to have a global client settings.xml file to rollout this file to each client? Regards, Uwe
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