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  1. Hello, it seems to be a problem with RAW files. I used 3 DNG, ARW and CR2 files and imported these files in the Daminion standalone client 6.8 build 2355. The result is: no problems with the Author Tag. Please fix the RAW converter of the 7.0 official version logic asap. Regards, Uwe
  2. not yet fixed in official build 2444. Here the result of "read tags from file" of about 10.000 files: regards, Uwe
  3. I didn't find a use case for groups in the way i use Daminion. And, as Wilfred wrote, groups are not in the metadata of the files. Regards Uwe
  4. Hello, I prefer version one: Canada\Ontario\blank\Alonquin Park I use it it this way if there is e.g. a National Park located in more than one State or City. I understand the Places Tag as a "postal regional structure". One can't use this structure to describe each political, geographical or biological structure/location. This can be done e.g. either by self defined Keyword Tags or Custom Tags additional to the Places Tag. Regards, Uwe
  5. Hello, I assign a keyword by Assign Tag preset to 16000 items by "Folder_A\Folder_B\%folder". The pop up asked if I want to do the action for 5000 items or to all items. I select "Apply to all found files (16000)". The next pop-up shows taht the assign action is started. After some time the pop-up appears again to enter "Apply to selected files (5000) or Apply to all found files (16000). I can't stop or cancel it and have to terminate the client by the Task Manager. Regards, Uwe
  6. Hello, I followed the instruchtions and had no problems. pd_dump is part of the PostgreSQL installation and should be updated automatically. regards, Uwe
  7. Hello, I don't understand what happens. I had to remov the wrong Author tags (see I get the info of the current number of remaining items to synch on top of the window but on the bottom everything is "Done". After some time it seems that the synch stopped (16) but in the Tags Panel and the bottom line: unsyched = 0 and status = Done. A little bit confusing. I pressed refresh some time but then I restarted the client. regards, Uwe
  8. not yet fixed in official build 2440
  9. Yes, the "-" corresponds to the menu->View->Show Brief Info. From my point of view: Show Brief Info is marked: show icons... If not marked: don't show icons...
  10. Hello, why is this such a problem and creates multiple entries? Example Focal Lenght: These are the records in the database. Why is not rounded to one decimal place after the comma in the database? The result in the client is: This is not a new bug/works as designed. Please fix it asap. Please round only at a central point, from my point of view at the import or rescan, i.e. where the entry is made in the database. The client should only display what is in the database. Regards, Uwe
  11. Hello, If in the menu View->Show Brief Info(...) is activ all infos/icons/select options on top of the Thumbnail are not displayed. If I switch the view option off the previously existing options... are back again. This status is exactly the opposite of the previous versions. I'll send a video to Katerina by Skype. regards, Uwe
  12. Hello, is there any plan to implement a dictionary to check the spelling - e.g. the tags Description, Title etc. regards, Uwe
  13. stay lively, don't lose your sense of humour +1
  14. Hello, so, somehow it will work. But it seems to me not practical to map it in Daminion. In Daminion the single object to which everything refers to is the item. This item has attibutes like keywords, persons, Custom Tags etc., which all describe the object equally on one level. But what you also need are relations between the attributes. For example, maybe the cost of the software for one person is different from the cost of the software for another person, because there is a difference between e.g. an annual price, the number of concurrent users, the number of licenses and the time limited
  15. I'll think about it. Does it have to be a TXT file or also a CSV file? Now it's after midnight. Time to sleep. Regards, Uwe
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