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  1. Hi Murat, thanks for the answer. Please send a message when ready to test it. Regards, Uwe
  2. Uwe

    6.2 Release

    Hi xeta, here: https://daminion.net/download-server?showbuttons Regards, Uwe
  3. Still not fixed in official version 6.2 build 1997 Regards, Uwe
  4. Still not fixed in offcial version 6.2 build 1997. Regards, Uwe
  5. Still not fixed in official version 6.2 build 1997 Regards, Uwe
  6. It's still existing in version 6.2 build 1997. The "file.CR2.dop" remains on the disc if the "file.CR2" is deleted Regards, Uwe
  7. Not yet fixed in official build 1997. regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, PostgreSQL is officially released. Will this version be part of the next Daminion release? Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, there is the file "history.bin" in the folder: c:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Daminion Software\Daminion\1.0\ It seems that there ist the history of your input in the Title and Description tag. Not sure - please check it. regards, Uwe
  10. check the preferences in the Admin panel please or is there any "filter " active for the Editor?
  11. Hello Rene, do all user have the same rights in Daminion? Which security mode do you use? Regards, Uwe
  12. Hello, the bug regarding the deleted folder "drive:\...Thumbnail\name_of_the_catalog\Video\NetCatalogx" is still existing in build 1960. This should be fixed in the official release. Regards, Uwe
  13. Did you try to call the optimize immediately after it was closed? I did it and the window came back and it took some time to go step by step through the activities. Regards, Uwe
  14. I can't confirm this. I've tested the following using pgAdmin and this request: SELECT * FROM mediaitems where deleted = true 1. delete a file from catalog. 2. For this mediaitem: the field mediaitem-deleted is set to true in the table mediaitems, the default value = false. 3. Optimize Catalog: the record is deleted from the table mediaitems Regards, Uwe
  15. Hello, the "Open with..." action doesn't substitute the variables "FileNameWithout>Path" and "FilenameWithoutExt" by the file name/file name without extension. Please check the screenshots. These are examples of the command line created by Daminion to call darktable. Regards, Uwe
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