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  1. Hello, Daminion truncates the length of the tag IPTC:By-line. This results in the tag XMP-dc:Creator, for example, containing the author in the correct length, while the tag IPTC:By-line only contains part of it. Example, entered in Daminion in the Properties Panel: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady Sunshine" Result: IPTC:By-line: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady" XMP-dc:Creator: "Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann & Lady Sunshine". The action "Read tag from file" for now results in two entries for the author. One is the value from IPTC-By-line and the other is the value from XM
  2. Hi Juha, did you see this: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/676549f5-1c02-49a1-a897-87605ba9a7f6/systemsecuritysecurityexception-the-source-was-not-found-but-some-or-all-event-logs-could-not-be?forum=SP2016 regards, Uwe
  3. Hello, I have always wondered why I have many entries for "Camera lens" that start with "Apple Apple Apple...". Here is the explanation and an example: initial entry for Camera Lens = iPhone 6 Plus back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 Every time I add a keyword, the tag content of "Camera Lens" is prefixed with the text "Apple". This is how these nonsense entries come about. I have only noticed this behaviour with iPhone entries and not with any other camera/lens combination. You'll get a recorded video by Skype. regards, Uwe
  4. Hello, Thanks for the hint that selected items in the Link Window can now be changed in the Properties Panel. What does not work (yet): No external editing (e.g. Affinity Photo) can be started for the selected item(s). The selected item cannot be selected together with the item to which it is linked, only the linked items can be selected together. An example: The RAW original photo (RAW-Photo) is processed externally and exported once as TIF (TIF-Photo) and a second time as JPG (JPG-Photo). The RAW photo is linked (what is linked to this item) with: TIF-Photo and JPG-Photo. The keyword
  5. Hello, there are different entries in the tag "Camera Lens" for the same lens. Here is the explanation and a request: 1. a RAW photo is imported (e.g. Canon CR2 format). Daminion first reads the tag "LensType" from the "MakerNote". This leads to the following tag content of Camera Lens in Daminion: "Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM".The tag "Exif:LensModel" with the content "EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM" is also present, but is not considered because of the priority when reading (see Daminion Mapping Rules). 2. The RAW photo is opened with the RAW converter in Photoshop CS6 and only the lens co
  6. But is doesn't work with shared catalog now!!! Katerina got a video.
  7. Hello, In the panel "Links" all linked items are displayed. However, you have to select each item individually to edit it. I would like to have a select option so that all items displayed in the "Link" panel are selected to be displayed in the thumbnail window and can now be edited together (assign tag, change etc.). At the moment I have a "workaround" for this: I have defined a custom tag "Links", using Python script I read daily (as part of the daily backup procedure - automated action in Windows) the table "mediaitems_link" and fill the table of the custom tag "Link". This way I can sel
  8. Hello, as far as I can remember, links and groups have not been in the scope of importing a local into the shared catalogue. Whenever I have worked with local catalogues, I have done the links and groups after the import in the shared catalogue. Of course, I would also like all the settings to be transferred from the local catalogue. In order to be prepared for the case that I have to set up a new catalogue and a restore does not work, I had written two small Python programs that export all the links to a CSV file (runs in the daily backup) in order to import them into the new catalogue
  9. Hmm, but now two days have passed and the entries marked as deleted are still in the database. regards, Uwe
  10. Hello, the action "Catalog optimize" should delete all entries from the tables of the database that are marked as "deleted" (deleted=true). This does not happen for the tables "Files" and "Mediaitems". @Daminion user: to be sure that this is not an individual problem, please check the behaviour as follows: in the Daminion client: call the action "optimise catalogue", then in pgAdmin query tool: "select * from mediaitems where deleted = true". There should be no more entries. @Daminion: Daria has a video showing the situation in my system. Regards, Uwe
  11. Hello, here is a solution: first you have to define a configuration file that contains the tag names of your custom tags. As an example, you can take the attached file e.txt and replace the two tags with yours. Then you can extend the "Open with" action with the following command line (see screenshot). You have to replace the path to the configuration file e.txt with the path in your system and replace the names of the tags with yours. Then you mark all items in which the link should be copied from the previous txt tag into the URL tag. Attention! If there are many files, do this in seve
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