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  1. I have already done it. Same message no matter how many times I try to install.
  2. This bug is still there in build 2599. Is it really difficult to use an unique tag of the Exif metadata to avoid four different tags for the same camera model, depending on the action that was used to create/update - Import/Rescan Folders/Read Tags from File...? In the Daminion Mapping Rules: EXIF:Model This is the right tag - please use it in any case!!! Please check the screenshot below - it's the same camera and this is the tag in all of the files: regards, Uwe
  3. update: I found new cases. E.g., there is a record (id = 295526) in the table mediaitems but no corresnponding record in the table files. The file with the same name exists in the database but other id (id = 295860) regards, Uwe
  4. the default is "postgres" - did you change it?
  5. Hi Steve P, the local catalog is/was a function of the Daminion client and uses its own SQLiteDB. That means: if you open a local catalog the client uses its SQLite DB but if you open a shared catalog the client is connected to the PostgreSQL database. Now (7.0) you can't open a new local catalog by the Daminion client (except there is an entry in the "last used catalogs" pull down menu of the client) but you can still open it by double click on the *.dmc file. I can really recommend to switch to the server version of Daminion. I'm not sure but I think that the face recognition is for the server version only. regards, Uwe
  6. @Juha thanks for the information and please send the link to the post in the ExifTool forum here in this post. I used the DNG format in the past (until 5 years ago) and went back to/keep the original RAW formats (e.g. CR2, ARW) Regards, Uwe
  7. this was I forgot to ask if you want to delete the face recognition table records too. At the moment I see only three ways: manual delete the tables by SQL statements OR restore a backup before you started the face recognition OR wait until Daminion publishes a new build that includes the face recognition remove
  8. Hello, select all tags in the catalog panel and press delete. Then the tags from the catalog and from the files will be deleted. Regards, Uwe
  9. Hello, there are four entries in the database whose status I can't explain. They have the status "deleted = false", but have no other relevant attributes. In the Daminion client they are not visible, but can be displayed as offline or non-existent via the ID. By the function "optimize catalog" the entries are not deleted, because they are not marked accordingly. They can be removed from the catalog. Regards, Uwe
  10. Hello, while in the Catalog Panel and in the File Metadata the syntax is similar to that of other hierarchical tags, the representation in the Properties Panel is different. However, when entering a tag, as you can see, the hierarchy is displayed correctly. Works as designed or bug? regards, Uwe
  11. Hi Juha, I used a DNG taken by the Samsung Galaxy S6 (original format, not converted by DNG converter) and can save the metadata above to the file in the XMP section. Regards, Uwe
  12. Hi Juha, which tags are not in the metadata of the file? regards, Uwe
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