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  1. Hello, which version do you use: server or standalone? I don't have a problem with tiff thumbnails in the server version. I don't have PSD in my catalog. Regards, Uwe
  2. Hello, a short explanation of my workflow and a note: the problem concerns only the database. All files are present on the disk. The problem seems to affect only version 7.0, because before I never had this error. 1. e.g. RAW file "20210912_120000.CR2" in folder "01_Photos\2021\...\2021_09_12" 2. command "V" opens Affinity Photo and the photo is edited, cropped and saved in folder "07_PhotoBook\2021_09_12" as "20210912_120000.tiff". 3. the photo book subfolder "2021" is marked as "Auto-Rescan ON" so all edited photo book files are imported automatically. 4. everything was ok until I
  3. Hello, after some time of working: select files in e.g. folder01, develop them by external programs, save as TIFF in e.g. folder02 I get duplicate entries of the folder02. Please check the screenshot. I've sent the database dump to Daria and hope to get help to repair the database asap. regards, Uwe
  4. Hello, I work with Daminion Server since about 10 years. Server and client on the same PC (first W7, now W10). The reason to do it was: I have one central database for all clients on the different PC, Laptop, Tablet, mobile phone in the family compared to different databases on each PC or Laptop and no chance to connect via Tablet or Smartphone to the catalog by the web client. Regards, Uwe
  5. Uwe

    Tags List

    Hello, where is the problem. I've created a standalone catalog and imported this example file - no problem. Regards, Uwe
  6. Uwe

    Tags List

    Hello, I used this example file to import the self defined Author "xyz" and it worked. I use the server version. regards, Uwe daminion-tags.txt
  7. Hello, I suggest to publish asap inofficial test builds in the forum to check the new functions and the fixes of the bugs before the offical 7.2 will be shipped. Regards, Uwe
  8. Hello, are there all bugs fixed which are already exist since a long time and the new bugs of version 7.0? Regards, Uwe
  9. Hi Phil, I'm a user like you. Can't say anythink about it. Regards, Uwe
  10. Hello, here is an attempt to represent the Daminion database visually. I have used DBSchema (https://dbschema.com/) for this purpose. Attached is the project file, in case someone wants to customize something, and the PDF in A0 format. As an example, a custom table is also shown. Regards, Uwe Daminion_DB.pdf Daminion_Database_View.dbs
  11. Hi, does it happen with all media formats? Regards, Uwe
  12. Update: 1. I linked two items, the "linkedout" (e.g. a FILE.CR2 file) is in "folder 1" and the "linkedin" (e.g. a FILE.TIF file) is in "folder 2" 2. the "linkedin" item (FILE.TIF) is temporary renamed internal to "FILE.TIF._00_" and marked as "deleted = true" but is still "linked" (mediaitems.linkedincount=1). I don't know the reason of the temporary renaming - assign of keyword tags to the FILE.CR2 and FILE.TIF? 3. the FILE.TIF is still existing (deleted = false) in the database table mediaitems but not linked anymore (mediaitems.linkedincount=0) 4. additionally the FILE.TIF is "re
  13. Yes, it's a bug in the release 7. I never had it before in all previous releases. Regards, Uwe
  14. Hello, how long does it take to publish a new build without creating inconsistent links in the database? Please check the screenshots. Any idea how to fix it - but not manually? I'm not amused. Am I the only user with this bug? Regards, Uwe
  15. Hallo, und willkommen bei der Serverversion. Zusammen mit den Installationsdateien sollte auch eine Datei "Scheduling Daminion Server Backup.zip" vorhanden sein. Schau dir dort die *.bat mal an. Ich habe die so auf meine Verhältnisse angepasst, dass sie alle Kataloge sichern und die bat Datei dann in die Windows Aufgabenplanung eingefügt. D.h. täglich um 22:00Uhr werden alle Kataloge gesichert ohne dass ich das extra anstoßen muss. Ich habe zusätzlich noch die Sicherung der Settings eingefügt und ein paar Python Programme laufen, um Prüfungen durchzuführen bzw. Customtags mit Werten zu ve
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