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    I got so far as to finding the "Generate AI Labels" by clicking under "Actions", I was able to find how to unlock the administrator privilege,, but figuring out how to get a key/Json file..finding a tutorial on setting all THAT up..I am coming up short... I've been attempting to figure it out..searching Google for "Google Vision key" ..."Google Vision" etc.....is this only an option for the folks that know how API and code things work?!? hehπŸ˜… I got pretty excited when I saw the April update had AI labeling,, but now I feel like the kid who got a shiny new toolπŸ˜„, but some assembly is required and the instruction booklet is missing.😰😱😒 FYI, I have spent the morning GTS'ing (Google that S***) πŸ•§ πŸ•™so only now am I hollering for help on the forum as i have not found anything that shows/explains how to get this to work.. Thank you all,
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    Hi, I could finally solve it by blocking Daminion Server by the firewall. Maybe there is a misconfiguration? The firewall is blocking every second 100+ connections!? Remote address: Aim port: 15253 Protocol: UDP Outgoing Does this say anything to anybody? Thank you!!
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