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  1. My apologies for this issue Uwe, I will ask Cate to discuss this again with the guys as soon as they have an open slot for a call. Kind regards Daria
  2. Hi Facundo, It will not be possible to teach it to recognize people within the AI-labels, but we can see if we can make anything with the labels themselves. Can you please send me the screenshots of your contents by email? Also, the screenshot of a few images showing what tags have been recognized automatically, and what tags you would like to be assigned? Kind regards Daria
  3. Can you please describe your case in more details? What image contents do you use? Google can learn, but we use a general database of tags.
  4. Thank you guys, we will fix it soon Kind regards Daria
  5. Hi Frank, sure I will send you the link by email Kind regards Daria
  6. Please contact me by email to take a look at the issue. Kind regards Daria
  7. Hi Len, I was checking your file on Daminion server, build 2237. Do you have the same build? We can also schedule a remote session to take a look at this issue Kind regards Daria
  8. Hi Len, In my case, the file is displayed Please let me know if the thumb regeneration will work Kind regards Daria
  9. Hi Facundo, Daminion's Auto-Tagging feature automatically recognizes the full contents of the image and tags it respectively. For more specific tags, it would probably be more useful to use manual tagging. We are currently working on facial recognition which will be available approximately in two versions from now. Kind regards Daria
  10. Hi Jacob, We need to get more requests to implement this feature. Unfortunately, right now it is not available and the only way would be to use the advanced search in the desktop client or by filtering\quick search in the web client Kind regards' Daria
  11. Hi Len, Can you please try to regenerate the thumbnails by selecting the files and clicking CTRL+ B? Please send me a sample files as well Kind regards Daria
  12. Hi Wilfried, Please let me know if you are available for a remote session to take a look at this? Please email me your open time slots Kind regards Daria
  13. Hi guys, we have discussed this feature with the guys, unfortunately, this is a complex implementation with lots of "what if's". E.g. what if a custom tag exists is in one catalog and is the part of the saved search, but it does not exist in the rest of the catalogs on the server? If this request gets more votes, we will discuss it further, but right now, unfortunately, we cannot include it on our roadmap. Kind regards Daria
  14. Alain, would you please record a video for me? I guess I'm trying to reproduce it in a wrong way Kind regards Daria
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