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  1. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi Yuri, Our friend and forum administrator Uwe helped me find a solution to this issue. Daminion, indeed, recognizes a wrong Creation DateTime. You need to map the correct Creation DateTime to EXIF metadata section and then read the tags from file. Please find below the message sent to me by Uwe and my video showing how to implement Uwe's instructions: the following command should work for the JPG file: -EXIF:DateTimeOriginal<FileModifyDate fot the MP4 file you have to use this command: -XMP:DateTimeOriginal<FileModifyDate You can preserve the original file-system timestamp with the '-P' option, in the command line of the exiftool For videos, the tags will be mapped to XMP, for jpegs - to EXIF. Then you will need to just read tags from files. I recommend you to do this on a small set of files first, preferably on file copies. Also, before you apply the changes to the files and read tags from files please make sure your files are synced with their metadata - you can check the number of unsynced files via Saved searches > Unsynced. Kind regards, Daria change date for jpeg.wmv change date video.wmv
  2. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi Lenni, My apologies that this issue has not been fixed yet. I cannot give you any time frames because, unfortunately, I'm not participating in developments and cannot influence the decision on when a bug gets fixed. The bug is registered and hopefully the developers will fix it soon. Kind regards Daria
  3. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi Guys, The sort issue and the synonyms issue have been fixed, please download the new build from here Kind regards Daria
  4. Unfortunately, no Kind regards Daria
  5. Hi Egon, these tags are like "Unassigned" for other tags. They can serve if you, for example, fill in only [Ort] without any other tags of the upper level. These tags cannot be deleted. Kind regards Daria
  6. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hello Yuri, Daminion retrieves Creation DateTime from files - if you got the files via, say, social media or the files do not have creation datetime embedded, then Daminion will retrieve File Creation Date and Time which is the day and time when the file was added onto your PC. Can you please send us a sample of the file to support/at/daminion.net so that we could check it I think we can think of an EXIF tool command to create EXIF Creation Date time and map File modification DateTime ther Kind regards, Daria
  7. Hi Uwe, registered, thank you for reporting! Another thing that I found out - when you check out multiple files, and then, having them selected, click on V - the option to check them out is still active. If you just select one - it is grayed out just like you showed in your video. In both cases, right click > Version control > check out is not deactivated. Appreciate your contribution Uwe! kind regards, Daria
  8. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi guys, This issue will be fixed by Monday-Tuesday next week. Daria
  9. Hi Rene, this machine has 8 GB of RAM. We recommend at least 16 and SSD. Apart from that, the machine itself is ok Kind regards Daria
  10. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi guys, My colleague Valery will do his best to fix the issue withing a couple of days. My sincere apologies for the inconveniences! Kind regards Daria
  11. Hi Rene, we've recently updated our system requirements - please check them our for the server machine here Kind regards Daria
  12. I will double check why it has not been fixed yet. My apologies for the inconveniences Daria
  13. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi Pictor, My sincere apologies for this issue! I've raised it's priority and it should be fixed soon. Kind regards Daria
  14. Please try to install it on the server and try to import the files into Daminion Daria
  15. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi guys, My apologies, the issue is registered now Kind regards Daria
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