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  1. Hi guys, yes, the file will be treated as empty and places under Unassigned if you remove all AI labels. I'm testing a new build, 2067, but, unfortunately, still noticing some inconsistency. Let me talk tomorrow to my colleagues to clarify when the stable build with this issue fixed will be out. Kind regards, Daria
  2. Hi guys, the build 2067 will be available on the forum soon. As far as I know, my colleagues have addressed some AI labels issues. However, the deleted AI labels cannot be recovered, only regenerated. Kind regards Daria
  3. Hi Rene, please check the requirements here Kind regards, Daria
  4. Hi Uwe, sent you the video by Skype Kind regards Daria
  5. Hi Rene, what are the parameters of your server machine? Daria
  6. Hi Oleg, Seems to be related to your PC and configuration, replied by email Daria
  7. Hi Oleg, replied by email Seems the issue is related to your PC Kind regards Daria
  8. Hello Egon, could you please remind me the build number I've sent you where the custom tags issue has been fixed? The link has expired, I want to make that build publically available but do not remember the build # Daria
  9. Hi Rene, the loading of images in full screen depends on where the files are stored and on the size of the files, thumbnail size has nothing to do with this process, unfortunately What version are you running? Have you noticed such an issue before? have you recently upgraded? Kind regards Daria
  10. Hello, no yet, we are working on this issue. Please use Manual Sync meanwhile Kind regards Daria
  11. Can you please check EXIF metadata of the file? Daminion does not write the tag Altitude to Composite section of metadata and does not read it from there.
  12. That's true 😞 the only way would be to create a backup, turn auto-sync off, select all files (or folder by folder ) and write the tags into the files manually Daria
  13. Hi Uwe, do you have video preview activated? To be able to open the videos on the desktop, you need to install web client assistant which is for windows only, so the only option to play videos on linux and mac is to activate video preview Daria
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