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  1. Hi Uwe, I've sent this question to our developers and waiting a reply from them. It's not the part of Daminion 6.2, but I'm sure will be the part of the future releases Kind regards, Daria
  2. Hi Steven, I reproduced the issue, I will register it as a bug, Thank you for reporting! Kind regards, Daria
  3. Hi Rene, please select all the files that are assigned to strange entries via CTRL+A > right click > Set Access pemissions > Public. After that you can delete that enries. These look like the traces of the old users that have been deleted from the panel but got stuck in the database Kind regards, Daria
  4. Hi Steven, what Daminion version are you using? Kind regards, Daria
  5. Hi Rene, seems like you are using access control. Please log in as admin, go to teh tags panel > display Acess control tag and check how many items are assigned to admin only and how many are set to public kind regards, Daria
  6. Wilfried, can you please send me your json file? I will test it out Daria
  7. mmm Wilfried where are you looking for the generated labels? the thing is, I thought it was not working for me either and then found out the labels are not put under Keywords but under AI labels tag 😄 was not very obvious for me
  8. yes, if you are generating new AI labels 🙂
  9. Hi Wilfried, registered, thank you for reporting Daria
  10. Thank you Mike, I will ask the developers to take a look into tthis Kind regards, Daria
  11. Just drag and drop them into Daminion - in this way the HEIC format will be imported if it is added to import filters Daria
  12. Hello Rene, sorry auto-rescan is not working with unsupported file formats at this moment. This functionality will be added in the future. Please import manually your HEIC file so far regards, Daria
  13. Hi Rene, please try to restart Daminion server with File watching service and add one more file to the auto-rescan folder to see if this makes changes
  14. Hi Wilfried, Yes, I've registered this issue as a bug because unsynced tags are deleted from the originals (not only comment, any unsynced tag - tested with Event and Place) Kind regards, Daria
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