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  1. Hello Rene, Let's arrange a remote session. Please send an email to our support when you are ready Daria
  2. Hi Erwin, Please remove the erroneous Place tags, sync the changes and upgrade to the latest version. Please make sure your maintenance is active. Kind regards, Daria
  3. Rene, please remind me what your license type is Daria
  4. Hi Rene, I will resend you the license key by email Daria
  5. Hi Rene, Please remove the license on PC 1 and activate it on PC2 Kind regards, Daria
  6. Hi Volker, Please restart Daminion server to drop the connections. You can also switch to the dark move via View menu. Please let em know if you created the backup of the catalog prior to the upgrade? In this case, yes, you can revert to the previous version without any issues. Daria
  7. Hi Rene, please check out this instruction: https://daminion.net/docs/topics/setting-up-daminion/how-to-migrate-daminion-server-from-one-computer-to-another-computer/ Kind regards, Daria
  8. Hi Peter, Please go to Daminion server admin panel > Catalogs > Select a catalog > Actions > Backup Then please make sure your auto-sync is turned off and remove the black set of tags. Once the tag is removed from the tags panel, please turn the synchronization on and let Daminion synchronize the change with the metadata of the files. Kind regards, Daria
  9. Hi, this seems to be a bug, let me find out how it can be fixed quickly. Most likely the quickest fix would be an SQL query and upgrade to the most recent build. I will get back to you as soon as I have more information Daria
  10. Please use LocalHost catalogs. You can remove the the list with "Hercules" if you click the Remove button. Kind regards, Daria
  11. Hi Peter, It is possible if you are importing files from a network folder or from a local folder located on the server PC. If you are importing files from a local folder located not on the server PC, the option to import files without copying them will be disabled. Daria
  12. Hi Peter, We can schedule a remote session to take a look at the issue. This message indicates the lack of access rights if the folder exists. Daria
  13. Hi Uwe, thank you for reporting! Kate will take a look at this issue Kind regards Daria
  14. Hi Uwe, We will fix the issue with the progress status, thank you for reporting. Kind regards, Daria
  15. Hi Uwe, Kate will investigate this issue, thank you for reporting! Daria
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