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  1. Hi Erwin, Do you still have your local catalog? This seems to be a bug. My colleague Kate will take a look into it. My apologies for the inconveniences! Daria
  2. Hi Brooke, We can still schedule a remote session if you want to. If you decide to build a new server, please write tags into the files metadata or export them to CSV (or create a backup) Kind regards, Daria
  3. Hi Miklos, 1 - Registered as a feature request 2 - Yes, correct. Please try it out and let me know how it works for you kind regards, Daria
  4. Hi Miklos Please find my answers below: 1 - I will register it as a feature request, and if we get more requests, we will add this to our roadmap 2 - Unfortunately, this cannot be done. Please note that anonymous guests are also used when someone connects to the shared collection - in this case, their login and pw are not required. If they are connecting directly to the catalog under AD groups security scheme, the yes, they will need to enter their credentials. Alternatively, you can activate the login-free access on the web catalog and let the users
  5. This issue has been fixed in the latest build (released on January 19, 2021), please find it here Kind regards, Daria
  6. Would you please try to run the optimization again and let me know if there will be any changes in 30 min? Daria
  7. Hi Uwe, I showed this to Valery, he supposes that you started to check the database too early. The optimization runs on the background after the dialog window is closed. Can you please run it once again and check the database in about 20-30 minutes? Daria
  8. Thank you Uwe, I will ask Kate to reproduce it on the latest build and raise the priority of the issue Daria
  9. Brooke, Can you also try to run the Optimization via Catalog > optimize? And please let me know if the files have been imported inspite of the error message. The files might have also been the duplicates Daria
  10. Hi Dean, Could you please tell me if you notified our guys? I don't seem to be able to reproduce it. Can we schedule a session with you or Brooke? Kind regards Daria
  11. Hi Brooke, Can we schedule a remote session to take a look at your settings? Alternatively, can you please send me here a screenshot of your Daminion server admin panel? Daria
  12. Hi Matthias, I've sent you a DM. Please try to uninstall Daminion on your main PC, remove the mediaprocessor folder and then install Daminion again. kind regards, Daria
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