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  1. Hi Bobb Could you please tell me your version of PostgreSQL and whether you are using Active Directory groups authentication scheme? Kind regards, Daria
  2. Hi Uwe, please confirm that this happens in one catalog only? Kind regards, Daria
  3. Hi Uwe, when did you notice this for the first time? Kind regards, Daria
  4. Hi Uwe, I don't seem to be able to reproduce the Shutter Speed bug, all non-imagery items got empty Shutter Speed when importing What is your current build? I'm on 2538 Please let me know if I'm doing smth wrong? Daria
  5. Hi Uwe, Please send me a sample here or by Skype Daria
  6. Hi Yvan, Please contact our support to get your Home server license Daria
  7. Hi Rene, What error message do you see? Please contact me in whatsapp to arrange a remote session Daria
  8. alright, thank you for the update on this, Rene. Glad to hear it works. Daria
  9. Hi Rene, when you install the new build, please make sure to install it under the same user that was used to run the previous build. We can schedule a remote session, please drop me a msg by Whatsapp Daria
  10. Hi Rene, please contact me by Whatsapp and send me your hours of availability for a remote session - I will take a look at the issue Daria
  11. Hi Claus, We offer a free migration from Daminion Standard version to Daminion Home server under the active maintenance period. Please let me know if your Daminion maintenance is active now (free upgrade period) If no, we can install Daminion server trial on your machine so that you could check if you like it and if so, you can obtain the Home server license at the price of the maintenance (50% of the original price) Kind regards, Daria
  12. Hello Uwe, I have sent you the script that can be used to fix your database in telegram Kind regards, Daria
  13. Hi Uwe, thank you for reporting, we will get back to you asap Daria
  14. Hi Yvan, Switching to Home server is an option. We encourage our clients to do so but it is not obligatory. Because the main development efforts are going to the server version, many new features will be available only there and the bug are fixed much quicker in the server version as well. The transition will be free of charge, we will help with the installation of Daminion Home server of you decide to accept the offer. Kind regards, Daria
  15. Hi Yvan and Wilfried, We will fix the critical bugs in the Standalone version but we are not inclining to transferring the Standalone clients to Daminion Home server - it will be done at no additional costs for all who decide to accept the offer. Kind regards Daria
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