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  1. Hi Wilfried, Yes, I've registered this issue as a bug because unsynced tags are deleted from the originals (not only comment, any unsynced tag - tested with Event and Place) Kind regards, Daria
  2. Hi Uwe, are you sure that in the previous versions you were able to save the Comment tag to files? this option has been disabled for the server version in Daminion 5.5 However, Daminion should not delete unsynced tags from the originals, it's a bug - I've registered it Kind regards, Daria
  3. Hi Julius, sorry for the delay! Please check the attached video. The generated AI labels will be displayed under a separate tag in the Tags panel (AI labels) AI lables english.wmv
  4. Hi guys, could you please try to troubleshoot using this article? Kind regards, Daria
  5. Hello guys, My apologies for the delay with the reply! We are testing this issue now, I will post an update as soon as we have it Kind regards, Daria
  6. Hi Uwe, registered as a bug Daria
  7. Hi Miklos, Please try the build 1924. Please check your permissions for the guest role via admin panel > administration > Roles > guest. Make sure there are no options like "export files" and "download originals" selected Kind regards, Daria
  8. Sorry Miklos, cannot answer to this question now, will have to try to reproduce. It could happen that the tag was approved and the images got associated with the approved tag but the unapproved appearance of the tag got stuck in the database kind regards, Daria
  9. Hi Miklos, the tags in purple are that tags that came from files metadata and are not approved (you have an option to import tags from files metadata as unapproved activated) The tags in black are the tags created within Daminion database or approved tags. Kind regards, Daria
  10. Hello Uwe, Have you tried to restore the database to a new catalog? I saw that you were doing this in the existing catalog. When you create a new catalog, you will need to restart Postgresql before restoring. Can you please try it? Kind regards, Daria
  11. Thank you Uwe, I will take a look at it Kind regards, Daria
  12. Hello Bobb, You can go to one of the two following ways: - install the v 4.1 on the new PC, move the server with the database and upgrade the version from 4.1 to 6.0 on the new PC - upgrade Daminion from 4.1 to 6.0 on the old PC (the database will be upgraded along with the app itself), then install v 6.0 on the new PC and transfer the server. Unfortunately, we haven't had precedents of upgrading from 4.1 to 6.0 yet (the lowest version was 4.6 - no issues), probably someone here on the forum can share his experience if any. Anyway, we will be happy to offer you our remote assistance with the whole process of upgrade\server transfer and monitor any possible issues during the process. Please let us know if the remote session would be possible and needed. Kind regards, Daria
  13. Hello Rene, there is no way to show all files without thumbnails but you can regenerate thumbs for all files. Please display all the files in the thumb window, then CTRL+A > CTRL+B. It will take time. Or you can do the same for every file without a thumb. Kind regards, Daria
  14. Hello Omicron, What you ahve just described is a bug in Authors tag. I'm very sorry for this and thank you so much for reporting. I'll register it to be fixed. kind regards, Daria
  15. Hi Miklos, Unfortuantely, it is not possoible now. You can use external apps to see pages of TIF other than its preview Kind regards, Daria
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