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  1. Hi guys, the issue with the catalog is fixed, the new version is here kind regards, Daria
  2. Hi Kalain, you can download the latest standalone version from here but AI lables are only available in the server Daria
  3. Hi guys, please try out a new build - the work with AI labels has been improved kind regards, Daria
  4. Hello guys, my apologies for the delay with the reply. The issue is registered and will be fixed, however, I cannot give you a time frame when, my apologies The sample and advanced search is not working for AI labels now, only the search withing the tags panel. My apologies for the inconveniences! Kind regards, Daria
  5. I will clarify with the guys, but better please create a long text tag without hierarchy and use it for the UNC paths. Kind regards, Daria
  6. Hi Uwe, what tag would you like to save it to? You can do this only in the long text tags. Try to create a custom tag and not to check any of the parameters to display it in the properties panel only. Or just do not check the hierarchical parameter Kind regards Daria
  7. Hi Uwe, how did you manage to assign the tags with the tokens at the end? When I try to do this via the Assign tag preset, I get a .NET error - this one is registered Kind regards, Daria
  8. Hi Uwe, I'm not sure I see a bug in the described behavior. It always functioned like this as far as I'm aware and this is a correct behavior Kind regards, Daria
  9. Hi guys, reproduced and registered, my sincere apologies for this issue, it will be fixed soon Daria
  10. Please install this new build (2017) - the issue is fixed there Kind regards Daria
  11. Hi Nick please try to create a new catalog kind regards, Daria
  12. Hi guys, I will bring my colleagues to this dialog so that they could take a look at it and fix the issue. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you when exactly it will be fixed kind regards, daria
  13. Hi guys, the build with the fix can be downloaded from here, please note that the link is valid for 7 days only. We'll soon publish this version on the web site kind regards daria
  14. Same in my case Uwe. Everything is ok. Do you have just 1 catalog? Do you optimize the NetCatalog? Or any other catalog? If any other, do you have generated previews for any other catalog? Daria
  15. Hi guys, good news, we finally could reproduce the issue and the guys have already fixed it. The build will be available this week, I will send you a link asap Daria
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