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  1. I will reply to you in Skype Rene
  2. Hello Alain, Because the issue is only reproduced when you undock the Properties panel , then dock it and then close, would it be possible to avoid the floating state of the Properties panel and not undock it? Daria
  3. Hello Alex, Seems that your NetCatalog is disabled. It cannot be disabled in the versions 6.2 or higher. I will contact Sedat so that we could schedule a session to troubleshoot Daria
  4. Sorry Wilfried, the initial question was from Alain, I should have asked him. Kind regards, Daria
  5. Hi Wilfried, I reproduced the issue and registered it. It is possible to keep the Properties panel docked so far? Kind regards, Daria
  6. Hello Wilfried, cannot reproduce this. F1 leads to Daminion Help section. Tutorials leads here: https://daminion.net/tutorials/getting-started-with-daminion-server could you please double-check it? Kind regards daria
  7. Hi guys, could you please try to click Window > Reset window layout and report back to me if it helped. Kind regards, Daria
  8. Please download it from here
  9. Hi guys, Yes, I tried with 1920x1080, this is my default resolution. Would you please try to install 2120?
  10. Daria Kotilainen

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    The properties panel shows only the last level of hierarchy - the tags are sorted alphabetically Is it different in your case, Uwe? Kind regards, Daria
  11. Hi Alain, Unfortunately, cannot reproduce this behavior either in the local, or shared catalog. Kind regards Daria
  12. Hello Rene, please let me know what exactly you are trying to do when you get this error? Please contact me by skype so that we could arrange a remote session and troubleshoot. Kind regards, Daria
  13. Daria Kotilainen

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    Hi Uwe, can you please send me the screenshot of what it looks like in your case? In my case it is always sorted alphabetically, the sort order is ascending in the Tags panel Kind regards, Daria Daria
  14. Hello Kalain, I can suggest you switch to Daminion server - in the latest version we have a feature named Required Metadata. You can activate it and select 2 required keywords. All files that have less keywords will be displayed in a special area. This can be a workaround for now as the change in search parameters is not planned for the nearest future for the desktop version. Kind regards, Daria
  15. Hi Uwe, as discussed by Skype, the only way for now would be using EXIF tool command to clear EXIF:XPKeywords and XMP:Keywords Kind regards, Daria
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