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  1. Yes, of course. It'll be a pleasure as always to collaborate
  2. Hi Murat I don't see any Spanish file. Is it already done or a mistake?
  3. Thanks. I miss that feature so much
  4. JACalvo


    One year later, I review the suggestions I did: >I miss a built-in bulk file renamer Done >I have some problems viewing DNG images Solved >I'd like more a darker environment and a more compact thumb visualization Compact thumb, done. Darker screen, not your fault, as stated (I already hope getting it in the future) >I don't need the intermediate options for the ratings >More precission than 0,1,2,3,4,5 stars is not neccesary >Can we have this as an option? Not done, but not the most important feature. Can live without it (and it's not on your list) >On lots of programs, ctrl+0 is used to fit-image, >so from time to time I touch these keys and get >my ratings away. Can you add a "read only" mode? >Supposed changes are synced immediately, work is lost sometimes I'm already suffering from this. Not really Daminion fault, but... Can, at least, have an undo option? That's been a very busy year for you and a huge improvement on the software. Congrats to the team!
  5. Tested and the catalog recovered. Thanks
  6. Yes, thank you. It worked. Also, creating a completely new catalog and reimporting all the files recovered all metadata. That's something I like on Daminion and didn't found on other software: Metatada always synchronized on the image files. Sent in a private message a link to download the catalog from dropbox
  7. I'm trying to open a catalog last used yesterday and today can't open it. Error is (translated from Spanish, can not be exact) "program stopped working. Please, restart program", and then Daminion closes. I tried to open other catalogs and it works, so I assume catalog got corrupted. Is there anything I could do to try to recover? Is there a way to see a log or something like this? Error initially produced with version and tried to open catalog with and didn't worked either. Windows 8.1 x64
  8. Please, if this feature is implemented, allow not to use it. I like the way Daminion works right now
  9. Sorry, forget it. I started to have problems with more software than Daminion, so did a deep check and found some sectors in HDD are failing. So, not a Daminion problem, just the first program to have data on that sectors
  10. Logs sent. Will wait for your diagnostic
  11. I'm trying to import a new folder into the database, which has 30.000 pictures already. The new operation will add another 15.000 When importing, it starts normally, the countdown starts and, at a random point, it stops. Don't get a crash, it simply stops the count, as if having a problem with a particular file, and gets there. If I try to cancel operation, nothing happens and control is never returned (program doesn't respond). If I wait, I'll wait forever. I suspect of .net as the source of this problem, but I couldn't isolate it. Anyway, I guess the first abrut exit from the application generated some problem into the database and that's the origin of next malfunctions. Can this be true? Is there any way to refresh database structure? (like compact it) I'm using windows 8 (x32) and Daminion standallone
  12. Some scripting, even very simple, will be very useful. Please, think on it for future versions
  13. JACalvo


    Good news! Yes, I do so, but I'd prefer no to have them on the Tag Panel. But I can live without it So, you don't work on DTP ;-D I insist on the "read only mode". Think on it. With Sync on, you don't have Ctrl-Z... Try this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18299578/JA030640.DNG With a heavy crop on, thumbnail is well rendered, but viewing the image doesn't, even it has full size embedded preview OMG! I want it right now! XD Much nicer interface Of course
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