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  1. Hi Uwe, could you please try to exit the installation window and try to install it again? Daria
  2. Hi Juha, This is a good point. We will discuss this question today at our team meeting. Kind regards, Daria
  3. This files is located in the Data folder of PostgreSQL. If you a custom installation was selected when installing PostgreSQL, the file can be in a location different to the one described in the article. Please try to locate PostgreSQL data folder Daria
  4. Hi Rene, you can check this instruction Daria
  5. Hi Marisa, Let me please send you an email and ask you to share one sample file with me. The issue you are experiencing sounds familiar, I would like to test it out on your files if possible. Kind regards, Daria
  6. Hi Rene, - Please let me know what Windows version you are using? -Did you try to restart the server machine? - Did you try to kill all Daminion server tasks, restart PostgreSQL and start Daminion server again? Kind regards, Daria
  7. Hi Uwe, This was implemented upon the requests of the Marketing people who needed to see the whole hierarchy of Project tag displayed for a specific file. Besides, only one tag values of the tag Project can be assigned to the files, therefore there is no need to make its behavior correspond to the multi-value tags Kind regards, Daria
  8. Hi Uwe, this is a known issue, it will be fixed in the next release Kind regards, Daria
  9. Hi Uwe, This is not a general issue and it seems only your database got affected at some point. I've sent your catalog backup to Valery so that he could fix it as soon as possible Kind regards, Daria
  10. In some cases, it is needed to have third-party tools installed. Kind regards, Daria
  11. No worries Tschen, it is not so obvious, indeed, if these programs are related or essential to Daminion Daria
  12. If you would like to test out this feature, then yes 🙂 Daria
  13. These applications are installed to make Face recognition function properly. Daria.
  14. Hi Uwe, Your database is quite large and contains a significant number of pictures with people. The load will drop when all pictures will be analyzed. The statistics of how many files are left to be organized cannot be displayed yet. You can run the following database queries to check it out: select count(*) from processedfaces where time is not null; ---- shows the number of processed files select count(*) from processedfaces where time is null; ------ shows the number of files in the queue but not processed yet
  15. Hi Uwe, Not all PDF files have the tag XMP:Date/Time Original. Therefore it should not be prioritized when reading the tags from the file. There is an issue, though. If, say, I edit Creation DateTime in Daminion and write it to the metadata of the files, it is written to XMP: Date/Time Original But if the metadata is read from the file, Daminion reads XMP: Create Date. I will ask my colleagues when can be done about the discrepancy Kind regards, Daria
  16. Yes, if it is not installed yet Daria
  17. Hi Uwe, yes it is normal, Daminion is re-indexing your files, the load will be significant for some time after activating Face Recognition Daria
  18. Hello Serge, Daminion 7.2 has not officially been released yet. The features and the bug fixes you can read about and test are related to the upcoming 7.2 version, but since the official release has not yet been published, the downloaded version stats 7.0.1 Kind regards, Daria
  19. Hello Tschens, Daminion is showing a correct information about your version now. Your current version 7.0.1 is not an official release. The latest official release still stays which is shown in the Search for Updates window. Daria
  20. Hi Alain, Starting with v7.0, ImageMagick should be installed to support previews of HEIC files Kind regards, Daria
  21. Hi Juha and Uwe, Thank you for reporting! The issue is reproduced and registered Kind regards, Daria
  22. Hi Bobb Could you please tell me your version of PostgreSQL and whether you are using Active Directory groups authentication scheme? Kind regards, Daria
  23. Hi Uwe, please confirm that this happens in one catalog only? Kind regards, Daria
  24. Hi Uwe, when did you notice this for the first time? Kind regards, Daria
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