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  1. Hi Rene, Can you please go to Windows services and check the user that runs Daminion file watching service? Can you please try to start it from there and if you get any message oor it simply takes long to start, please check your Event Viewer and let me know the error message Daria
  2. Hi Marco, For already imported files please try to read tags from files while running Daminion as administrator via right-click > actions > read tags from files Daria
  3. Hallo Udo, ich bitte um Entschuldigung für die Unannehmlichkeiten! Ich habe meinen Kollegen Sedat vom deutschen Tech-Support gebeten, sich mit Ihnen in Verbindung zu setzen und sich die beiden letzten Probleme anzuschauen Daria
  4. Thank you Juha! I've got your file, we will take a look at the issue Kind regards, Daria
  5. Hi, unfortunately, not from within Daminion, but you can try to adjust your display settings and scale it. Kind regards, Daria
  6. Hi Curio, With Daminion 7, you need to run Daminion application as administrator - we are looking into fixing this behavior in the upcoming version. In another thread, I read you have installed v6.7 - please let me know how it works for you in terms of metadata Kind regards, Daria
  7. Hello, our apologies for the inconvenience! We have registered this issue and it will be fixed asap Daria
  8. Hi Juha, Please send me a sample file by email Kind regards Daria
  9. Sure, we will do it. Sorry for the troubles! Daria
  10. Hi Uwe, Unfortunately, no, we cannot make two process run simultaneously and separate the settings on different folders. Kind regards, Daria
  11. Hello Rene, ' Please download LibreOffice from here - it is only needed if you will be working with the documents and full text search in the documents. Kind regards, Daria
  12. Thank you Uwe, we will be working on it Daria
  13. Thank you Uwe, we will try to reproduce it and register it. Kind regards, Daria
  14. I did, thank you Uwe. I forwarded it to the team, they will take a look at it as soon as they are done with other tasks Daria
  15. Hi Uwe, are the files not imported? Unfortunately, I do not see a video addressing this issue in Skype Daria
  16. Hi Uwe, Daminion compares the File Modification date prior and after changes and if it is the same, the error appears. It can happen if the changes are written to the sidecar files Kind regards, Daria
  17. Hi Uwe, the reason might be because Daminion checks what tags are already in the database and should be skipped. Kind regards, Daria
  18. Hi Lenni, Let's wait for Michael's reply on what line is affected in his case. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the behavior on our installations Kind regards Daria
  19. Hi Lenni, I do not seem to be able o reproduce the issue. In my case line 33 is always present, both in the local and shared catalogs Please try to install the latest build: https://daminion.net/downloadstandalone/ Daria
  20. Hi Uwe, Please select the option to assign to 5000 files at once now, we will test out this behavior on a larger set of files Kind regards Daria
  21. Hi Lenni and Michael, Does it always affect the year of 1990? or a certain line depending on the number of lines? If so, which is the number of the affected line in your case? Please try also the latest build: https://daminion.net/downloadstandalone/ Daria
  22. Hi Erwin and Wilfried, All feature requests are registered in our internal system and user votes are added respectfully. I will clarify with my colleagues if we can make it public. Kind regards, Daria
  23. Hi John, Unfortunately, there is no way to regulate the fond size on the user end. I will add this request to the request list. Kind regards, Daria
  24. Kate has registered this inverted behavior as a bug Kind regards, Daria
  25. Hi Uwe, have you clicked these two icons?
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