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  1. With this message the translated new strings in Dutch. Do you have a total Dutch file so i can make some corrections? Daminion-NL.zip
  2. I do not understand. At the right i see a creation datetime. Ok. I can change that to the date the original (paper) photo was taken. But were can i put the date/time the original (paper) photo was digitized? I only see one date/time in the right panel. Where are the other date/times?
  3. Thanks for the quick response. But can you tell me how i can change the Daminion Creation Tags (Daminion Creation Datetime mapping rules) ? And which tag should i change ?
  4. Is "Creation DateTime" the only date-time property Daminion is using? I have many digitized older photo's and would like to give them a "Creation DateTime"-property (the date/time the photo was digitized) but i also want to give them a "DateTime Original"-property (the date/time the original photo was taken) that also is saved as metadata. How can i do this?
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