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[2211] - automatically excluding file types from showing


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Dear Daminion Community,

I just thought, that it would be pretty nice to "apply some settings" to permanently hide certain file types. 


I would, e.g. hide the following file types: PSD, and RAW files.


The idea came up, when I was just searching for files in the places tag. I tagged all even source files etc. with the places tag and others. When searching I don't need all the source files i have for panoramic and HDR photos. 

I know, I can do it in the search, but it would be much more convenient to do such thing in the settings menu


thanks and stay safe


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16 minutes ago, lintujuh said:

Nice idea!

I have stacked my images and have the final JPG on top so I don't have my results cluttered. But stacking the images is one extra step in the process and I have understood that not all do it.


I totaly agree, but doing this now after several years, I'm a bit shy of the work to accomplish that.  therefore, I would really appreciate such a solution.

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I work in the same way described by Juha. How should it work to exlude files if you have e.g. 1000 RAW files and only 10 of them should be exluded? You have to "mark" them which can be done already by: assign a tag/not assign to a tag, stacking etc.

For me the existing stacking is enough to get the funktion you want to have.

regards, Uwe

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