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  1. If Daminion fails to update the tags in the file, the error message is only written into the log file, but it is not visible in the UI (at least in certain cases). I don't think anyone is actively following the logs, if there are no visible issues. This will lead to a situation, where the problems are not identified, analyzed and corrected and several files will not be in sync with Daminion database. See
  2. I have debugged this issue and the outcome is that an emtpy tag XMP-tiff:ImageDescription creates the problem. When that tag is deleted, Daminion doesn't have problems to update the file. Looking at the commands GeoSetter generates for exiftool, the issue exists only, when the image is "straight our of camera", i.e. only standard EXIF tags defined. You can see the full story in https://exiftool.org/forum/index.php?topic=13056.0. When I analyzed my DNGs, I can see that this problem has been there already for some time. I found images that I have tagged in 2019 where this problem exists. It looks like the same problem can exists also in JPGs (https://geosetter.de/mantis/view.php?id=2122). I haven't experienced it as I shoot RAW, and geotag my images before developing them. (I also updated the title of this thread to highlight this possibility.)
  3. In version 7, there is an option File > Import > Daminion Local Catalog (.dmc). I have not tested it, as I have been running the server version a long time, but it sounds like the option you need. I would also assume, that it a lot faster that re-importing the images, and you will avoid the problems with non-synchronized meta data.
  4. According to Phil's investigations my file has valid XMP block. He checked the file himself and also used two different verification software to validate the contents. I have pointed the thread to Daminion support, as it looks that the issue is in Daminion, not in GeoSetter/exiftool.
  5. It looks like there is an issue with the command file GeoSetter generates for exiftool. I have managed to pinpoint the line that generates the problems. I hope Phil Harvey at exiftool can find the issue.
  6. Here is a link to instructions to reset the postgres password. https://www.postgresqltutorial.com/postgresql-reset-password/ Disclaimer: I haven't tested this myself.
  7. I don't use PhotoShop either, but when I shoot RAW with my mobile, those images are DNGs.
  8. Issue created in exiftool forum https://exiftool.org/forum/index.php?topic=13056.0
  9. I have managed to debug this one step further, thanks to Oleg and the team who debugged my image and found that the XMP block is corrupted. What I have been able to conclude so far is that GeoSetter's (exiftool) updates are not compatible with Adobe's XMP Toolkit used by Daminion. It looks that if you have your DNG straight out of the camera and you update it first in GeoSetter, then it will be incompatible with XMP Toolkit. If there are some XMP Tags written in the file first then there are no problems. I will investigate more and also write a bug report into exiftool's forum. @Uweand @WilfriedB I know you are using GeoSetter, so check your DNGs.
  10. It looks something is wrong with my environment. I checked the log, and there is 2021-11-02 09:09:59,640 [21] ERROR PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.SynchronizeMediaItemCommand [(null)] - mediaItemId: 62726 filePath: '\\\Multimedia\Pictures\2021\10\2021_10_24\IMG_20211024_132542.dng' exception: PicaJet.Daminion.Common.PicaJetException: Message: File didn't updated
  11. Hi Uwe, At least Title Description Location Keywords Categories -Juha
  12. I noticed that after I upgraded to 7.0 (2555) from 6.8 (2358) the tags are not written into DNG files. I'm running Daminion Server, and I have the default setting Write tags into .xmp files (except for DNG). Exiftool/Show all metadata shows the tags in DNG files, that have been tagged with 6.8, but for the new ones, there are only the standard tags. My DNG files are RAW files from a mobile phone, not converted RAW files.
  13. I also experienced the same thing yesterday with 2555. I also shared the info with Support.
  14. I have my persons tagged as Lastname\Firstname, and it looks to me, that the sort order is by the firstname, not according the hierarchical tag.
  15. Thank you for the new feature. It looks very promising, I just played with it quickly yesterday evening. it recognized my son as the same person from a picture where he was around ten years and in another where he is around 20. When the face recognition suggests a group of faces of being a person NN, how can I "reject" some of the images, and acknowledge the rest? The only way I have found is to assign another person to those, but it would be faster/easier to untick those few images and acknowledge the rest. In the options of the thumbnail, there is a possibility to tag the face to a person or tag it as unknown. I have one picture, where the algorithm recognized an ornament on the wall as a face, how can I tell that is not a face? For images where the face has been small and/or unsharp, it would be nice to see the full image and the assigned tags to check if the faces is for suggested person. I have tried to tag all my pictures with names (where relevant), so it would be nice, if the face recognition would use the already assigned tags as basis for suggestions. I understand that in the beginning it cannot name a person from a picture where there are multiple person tags and multiple faces, but I have many images with only one face and one person tag. Using those as a starting point, would speed up the process. I have some 15,000 images that I have tagged with people, do I have to acknowledge them all through also in the Face Recognition module?
  16. I agree, it would be nice to assign the same tags to multiple files without manually selecting them.
  17. You can use my tool to check the consistency between JPG–RAW pairs. https://github.com/juhavlintula/DamScan
  18. I'm now travelling and back to home after one week.
  19. Hi, Resolution is 3840×2160, no scaling in Windows (i.e. full resolution in use). I view images at "Fit to screen" scaling. -Juha
  20. When I'm looking at full screen images on my external 4K display Daminion client crashes after a few images. If I do the same on my laptop's FullHD display, I don't have any issues. Has anyone else experienced the same? I have shared the Windows Event Viewer logs with support.
  21. I don't know if this is valid, as you have been writing the tags in the raws. At least, if you are not writing the tags in raws and changing e.g. creation date/time will write the change into the xmp file, but when Daminion imports the file, the raw has precedence.
  22. I have one pixel size dots, when I view the JPG in full screen on light mode (version 2451). If I turn the dark mode on, the white pixels disappear.
  23. Thank you Kate, I did try the button below [=] and didn't realize there was also a button above. -Juha
  24. The latest build doesn't show the field above the thumbnails. I have selected several alternatives, but none of them is visible. Also I noticed, that Exposure (as a combined field with Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO) is not available as a one-line information below the thumbnails. I had selected that in the earlier version and it works, but if I remove it, I cannot get it back. (added image to clarify)
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