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  1. Hello Wilfried, thanks, so I'm not alone with this. Let's see if there will be a solution
  2. Dear Daminion Community, I just noticed the Camera Models and lenses are not properly assignd and sorted. examples: Camera models: Canon: Apple: Panasonic: How can I merge These Cameras? lenses: the lens "APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE " is strange and I think the lenses should be sorted by manufacturer. Further we should have a heading called "Apple" below this are all apple lenses, same with the cmaera model How can I merge the Cameras into the proper Groups with renaming in order not to have any duplicates? Thank you
  3. Thank you guys. I decided not to create a new catalogue
  4. Hello Daria, yes, I know that way. I was hoping for an easier solution. Or is it better to just create a new catalog and have all files scanned by the new ccatalogue?
  5. Hello Daminion Community, I just realized that my Daminion is missing a lot of Thumbnails, probably due to the fact, that I didn't copy all Thumbnail Cache Folders. Is there a way to let Daminion Show me all Files with missing Thumbnails? Or to Show all files with Thumbnails bigger or smaller than the Ratio I entered in the ADMIN Server Panel? Thank you!
  6. rene

    [1864] - Places

    Thanks Wilfried, that did the trick!
  7. rene

    [1864] - Places

    Thank you Wilfried, I will check my Places for commas, but I don't remember to have them in there
  8. Dear Community, today I'm doing some heavy work on assigning places to my photos and geo Locations: I noted something though. Sometimes Daminion create duplicate Places. e.g. (normal) United States of America Florida Cape Coral Boat House sometimes Daminion creates this: "United States of America Florida Cape Coral Boat House" this means I end up with heaving two places. Am I doing something wrong? How can i avoid it? thank you!
  9. Hello Daminion Community, Is it possible to export the Database to CSV? The reason i ask is this: I would like to see in excel which files are missing which entries. e.g. is COLLECTION, or Copyright placed at every photo, etc thanks
  10. ok thank you guys, the issue was realted to AVG Free antivirus
  11. I opend Event Viewer directly after trying to start Daminion Server. I couldn't find anything. https://ibb.co/vPHTLZL Anyone any idea, right now Daminion is basically useless for me. I have to recreate thumbnails an dhave to change the size bt for that i have to open server admin. thanks
  12. Dear Daminion Users, I ran into a small problem. When opening the Server Admin Dasboard as Admin I get this error: https://ibb.co/SQwDtBR Any idea? thank you!
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