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  1. I will check this on my machine tomorrow as well
  2. I will check this issue tomorrow on my server
  3. Hello, what do I need to do, to get the web-client live aka so i can access it from a different city? I guess I need an SSL certificate and launch it as a website, right Thanks
  4. doesn't work for me, hence i always have to change folder, i installed photoshop on the server and had it running through
  5. Thanks Daria, i was hoping for an automated process but thanks
  6. Hello Community, is it somehow possible to use Daminion Server to Batch convert TIFF files and replace them with JPG files? Thanks!
  7. would it make sense to install a camera codec pack on the server? Which one to choose for Windows Server 2019?
  8. it might be a good idea, to avoid duplicate entries, the system could see, similar text like Hamburg & Hambrg and suggest me to combine them
  9. further i noticed, the server is not starting automatically on windows start
  10. Hello Community, i expierence a strange issue I'm browsing the server throught the client software on the server machine and it repeatedly disconnects and "Daminion Server" & "Web Access" is stopped "File Watching" & "PostGreSQL" are still running! I noticed further, that the server stopped during the nicht and doesn't like to restart now Can someone please connect to my machine and check? it Windows Server 2019 Standard mit 16GB Ram, und einem INtel Xeon E31225 @3,10GHz
  11. but deleting? will it give me a License file to import again?
  12. Well WilfriedB, i agree with you, I just tried it out to see if it work, and it does for me, though, I haven't found out, how i can set it up so it doesn't override other metadata and that Daminion can read it Hence, DigiKam is Open Source, it might be a relatively easy task to use the face detection of DigiKam in Daminion
  13. the thing is, how can i deactivate it? Than I have to go to Hamburg next week and can't work during this, can't you resend it?
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