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  1. Hello Daria, my server is pretty old: -Intel Atom CPU d510 @ 1.66GHZ 1.67 GHZ -4GB RAM -Windows 10 Professional 64Bit The backup server has the same hardware Which machine would you recommend?
  2. Hello Daria, the issue was Always there. Maybe our Server is just too weak
  3. rene

    Grouping RAW+JPG

    I'll check that Wilfried. Thanks!
  4. Dear Community, our Daminion Server runs very slow. Is there anyone that could Login via TeamViewer and check on how to improve the Speed of loading full size Images? adjusting the Thumbnail size etc? thank you
  5. rene

    Grouping RAW+JPG

    I could use such a feature for my HDR and Panoramic Images. example: HDR files->Vacation XY SOURCE files -> HDR->Vacation XY I would like to be able to link those prferably automatically via the files names
  6. Hello, wouldn't the Google AI Facial Recognition violate European GDPR Rights by trasmitting the Data (faces, where each Person has it's Right on) to Google Server?
  7. rene

    Download hidden

    I agree Matcho, the download button should Flash up on the frontpage
  8. Hey Daria, I check the Access Control tab in "Properties" and found this: I never created such rule and most of them look very strange. How to undo that? Simply deleting all entries there? thank you!
  9. Hello Uwe, I'm running "Daminion Server Security" Where can I check whether i have a Filter Setup?
  10. Hello Uwe, My Account is the "ADMIN" Account, the others are just "EDITORS" As for the security Mode, I have no idea.I think Windows Security, because i have no Active Directory enabled
  11. Hello Community, not sure if it is a bug or a misconfiguring issue. When I Login via ADMIN User I see all files, though when logging in as NON-ADMIN a lot of files are missing. ADMIN USER NON ADMIN USER The Non Admin User is missing 72459 Media Files! is this a configuring issue? Can I configure User Rights somewhere? thank you!
  12. I automaticlly thought he might talk About the web Client because it is posted in this board.
  13. I just logged in to the Web Client and can't find a map Window as well. Eventhough it is my first time logging in there. Where to setitup?
  14. I just updated to 1903 and did not expect any Errors like that one!
  15. I didn't got that Error Message, but another one. JUst forgot to save a screenshot
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