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  1. I guess the .au file is corrupt than, if others show up
  2. Hello, is it possible to change the appearance of the login screen for the web client? custom background, logo, etc.? thank you
  3. no it didn't tried it today as well! same issue should it run as localaccount or a specific user?
  4. Hello community, today I noted, that there is an issue with DaminionServer Daminion Server is not starting File Watching and SQL runs restarting the computer doesn't change it We didn't change anything on the machine! It used to run! Thank you
  5. I'm meanwhile using this machine terra miniserver e3-1225 Intel Xeon E3 V3 @ 3,10GHz 16 GB RAM
  6. This is still appearing in built 2451
  7. thanks will do it, just thought might be good to change the download link in the setup
  8. Hello, I was uninstalling the old version with the installer of the latest BETA [] during install I have to download LibreOffice, but install says, unsecure connection and stops me from installing daminion server, when deselecting LibreOffice, the installation works
  9. I will check this on my machine tomorrow as well
  10. I will check this issue tomorrow on my server
  11. Hello, what do I need to do, to get the web-client live aka so i can access it from a different city? I guess I need an SSL certificate and launch it as a website, right Thanks
  12. doesn't work for me, hence i always have to change folder, i installed photoshop on the server and had it running through
  13. Thanks Daria, i was hoping for an automated process but thanks
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