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  1. Thanks Frank, I will continue my research
  2. Hello Daria, thanks. You write there: i7, i9 (Xeon) processor I found this machine: They write XEON E3, would that be ok?
  3. I'm currently researching for servers, though, I'm a bit lost. What do you guys think about this one? HERE
  4. Yes will do. iit used to work on my laptop BUT shall I install it on the server?
  5. I know k1w, but i can't think of any possible way. I mean how should an algrorythm know which is upsite down?
  6. Hello k1w, what you could do: mark them all and than right click and click on turn
  7. ok, I just would be happy to see Daminion supporting this, because the format saves space
  8. Hey Daria, any update on this?
  9. Thanks Daria, sadly that machine does not allow more RAM. Than I have to get a new server. My problem is: The server is residing in the cellar and running 24/7 therefore I need it with much power BUT low energy consumption
  10. so i have to get a new server?
  11. Hello Daria, my server is pretty old: -Intel Atom CPU d510 @ 1.66GHZ 1.67 GHZ -4GB RAM -Windows 10 Professional 64Bit The backup server has the same hardware Which machine would you recommend?
  12. Hello Daria, the issue was Always there. Maybe our Server is just too weak
  13. rene

    Grouping RAW+JPG

    I'll check that Wilfried. Thanks!
  14. Dear Community, our Daminion Server runs very slow. Is there anyone that could Login via TeamViewer and check on how to improve the Speed of loading full size Images? adjusting the Thumbnail size etc? thank you
  15. rene

    Grouping RAW+JPG

    I could use such a feature for my HDR and Panoramic Images. example: HDR files->Vacation XY SOURCE files -> HDR->Vacation XY I would like to be able to link those prferably automatically via the files names
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