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  1. ok, i had to restart my server due to windows updates and again the service is not starting and again i can't use daminion
  2. Hey Daria, after manually killing the task it works now
  3. got the same issue now with the latest builds
  4. Hello, today I wanted to do some heavy work on Daminion and export photos that I wanted to sell on my blog! So I started and suddently i got disconnected, since than when connection Daminion tells me "upgrading Database stay tuned" but after an hour nothing new! The Service "Daminion Server Service" is not starting, it freezes on starting Any idea, I can't work with Daminion right now
  5. I realised a few tif files were shown! I think it's a lack of the thumbnail update feature of Daminion it should do such things in the background
  6. I guess the .au file is corrupt than, if others show up
  7. Hello, is it possible to change the appearance of the login screen for the web client? custom background, logo, etc.? thank you
  8. no it didn't tried it today as well! same issue should it run as localaccount or a specific user?
  9. Hello community, today I noted, that there is an issue with DaminionServer Daminion Server is not starting File Watching and SQL runs restarting the computer doesn't change it We didn't change anything on the machine! It used to run! Thank you
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