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  1. IMO the key is consistency; decide your method and try to stick to that. Then it is easier to tag new images and find the old ones. I have used the same principles as Uwe and Wilfried. I have decided, that in my collections City is the municipality where the location is. The place is then the village, or district/borough of the city (arrondisément). Also like Wilfried, I have been here more flexible. Uwe's suggestion of creating a parallel structure is also a good one, you could have a keyword tree National parks/Canada/Ontario/Algonquin Park. In this structure you could also leave s
  2. Hi, commenting on your first issue. Every RAW file contains the raw data and a preview image (in JPG). When you add RAWs to your catalog, Daminion shows the embedded JPG. Some RAW processors leave the embedded image as-is (i.e. as out of camera JPG) some replace it to reflect your edits. When exporting your image Daminion it reads your raw data and converts that to JPG. As Daminion doesn't have the Lightroom "engine", it cannot interpret your Lightroom edits in the DNG file and exports it unprocessed. You need to convert the DNGs to JPGs alredy in Lightroom. -Juha
  3. Maybe this a Deep State conspiracy to make us all buy 4K monitors. 😉🤣 Could the spacing be a configuration option/parameter. Maybe someone likes the space and easy readability. Personally I prefer in tools like this efficient use of the real estate.
  4. Hi, My simple suggestion would use Excel/LibreOffice Calc/Google Calc for this? Have one sheet with three columns: Software, Person, Is Admin. Then in another tab, you can create a Pivot table and organize your information by user or by software in the Pivot. -Juha
  5. One reason for using GeoSetter only for coordinates has been that I have wanted to put the GPS coordinates in my RAWs, but the leave the place names in .xmps. Tagging the places in Daminion is fast and, as you said, you can use also your own names where needed. -Juha
  6. Thank you for all your tips and tricks. I need to try them. I have normally tagged the places in Daminion.
  7. Hi Wilfried, I'm doing well. I haven't been active hear lately. I need to be better 🙂 I didn't know the possibility of selecting multiple images. Favorites I have used, that's nice for places where go photographing often. I was more thinking of use case where you have been on a short trip, and you have 100 images taken in different places. You first match you gpx file with your images and get GPS coordinates in place. What then? Can I select all the 100 images, that were taken in 5 different cities and 20 different suburbs/villages and get them reverse geotagged in one go? Or do I ha
  8. I don't know if it depends on your UI language, but I get the place names in English (as I'm running Windows in English), so my images would be in Finland, not in Suomi. Also, I have only found how you can do it to a single image, but I haven't found a way to assign the place names to a group of images. Maybe @WilfriedB or @Uwe can help here.
  9. One option could be to use the predefined Tags views. If you click the cog in the left hand pane you can see a list of views to the tag hierarchy. If you select Customize, you can create a new preset simply by writing a new name for the tag group and then selecting the tag hierarchies you want to show. E.g., your example on person and year, you would only select the People and Creation datetime tags. This is not exactly fulfilling your specs as the user can select the year and person independently.
  10. I think the logic here is that you can assign multiple values for those tags where the union feature is available. For other tags like place, you can only assign a single value. Juha
  11. Do you have the problem when importing the ORFs or is the problem also when you have the ORFs in your catalogue? I don't see the previews when importing the images, but when the images are imported they are visible in Daminion.
  12. Thank you Uwe. I have now added the permissions, let's see if I get a more detailed error message next time.
  13. I have receved few times an .NET error complaining about performing operation not allowed by the security policy. I cannot understand what policy I'm breaking, because all my items reside in my NAS with equal permissions. I viewed my images full screen, when I got the error, and the previous image before the error was in the same folder with same permissions. I have viewed a series of items full screen, added some of them to tray, browsed the thumbnails, viewed again some in full screen etc. At some point I get the error, when I'm in full screen mode. I haven't been able to find any patte
  14. There is a minor UI issue, when re-organizing folders in the Folders pane. Steps to reproduce 1) create a new sub-folder 2) drag existing folder to the new sub-folder 3) item count is correctly updated 4) drag a second etc. folder to the new sub-folder 5) item count is not updated When I select the new folder then the count is updated.
  15. I'm trying the first time the web-client properly. Is the web-client supporting grouped images and linking images? Or am I just missing some settings? I'm running server version 2250 and the web-client shows the same version number.
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