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  1. Haave you checked what exiftool reports? You can e.g. use actions > show all metadata. Juha
  2. Hi Rene, If you create a new catalog, I recommend to use my tool DamCompare (available in GitHub) to verify that your new database is equal to the old one. -Juha
  3. Hi! I don't know if this is related, but when I import DNG images from my mobile phone Daminion reads the exposure information correctly. But when I add geolocation with GeoSetter and re-read the tags from the image the exposure information is no longer visible in Daminion even though exiftool shows the information. I have uploaded an screenshots before and after and the DNG file before and after in my Dropbox. -Juha
  4. Or you can select from the Tags pane the Collections/Events/... and the first entry in the category is Unassigned. -Juha
  5. Hi Wilfried! Do you remember, has it been random also for the top level tags in hierarchical tags? Or could that be the root cause? I have only noticed this single instance. -Juha
  6. You can check which databases are used in your Daminion setup in Daminion Server Admin > Catalogs. There is also possibility to delete a database from disk in the commands. If your database is not listed in Server Admin, then Daminion doesn't know about it and it could be deleted in Postgres. When I got my new PC I copied over only those databases I know I wanted. -Juha
  7. I decided to restructure one branch in Events and create sub-tags. I moved all items from the root to one created branch and added items into another branch. Then I noticed that the top-level name was no longer correct and I renamed it. The change was only reflected in the database, but not written into the items. -Juha
  8. I have a JPEGs that I have generated from DNGs with darktable. exiftool shows exposure and F-number, but Daminion fails to read them. An example is in my Dropbox. -Juha
  9. Did you try to look at the other categories, if there is something? Juha
  10. Hi Rene! Have you checked Windows Event Viewer logs if there is more detailed information, why your Admin panel doesn't start. Start Event Viewer and select Windows Logs > Applications. It might be a good idea to try to start Admin Panel just before you look at logs, it's then easier to find. -Juha
  11. Hi! You can try to see if exiftool reports any errors (or warnings) in your images. According to Phil Harvey, the author, it does more thorough checks when writing, so you could try the following command first, this doesn't write anything (disclaimer: I haven't tried it myself). exiftool -error -warning -a -m -r [Dir] > nul 2> error.txt The command scans your image folder and all subfolders (-r), lists all errors and non-minor warnings (-error -warning -a -m) and redirects the error/warning messages to error.txt. If you want more thorough check you can modify the command to: exiftool -artist=me -o scratch/ -r [Dir] 2> error.txt and then delete the folder scratch. More in exiftool's forum http://u88.n24.queensu.ca/exiftool/forum/index.php?topic=5345.0 There is an exiftool command to fix all metadata, if the image is corrupted (see more in exiftool documentation). exiftool -exif:all= -tagsfromfile @ -all:all -unsafe bad.jpg When the image file is no longer corrupted, then you can use my program to verify is the image metadata and Daminion in sync. -Juha
  12. There is a document of Daminion meta data mapping rules (https://daminion.net/files/daminion-metadata-mapping-rules.pdf). It says Daminion is only reading and writing UserComment field. -Juha
  13. There was some lengthy discussions about this functionality earlier. There is a fix, but it's not available in the UI. See the Daria's post about it https://daminion.net/user-forum/index.php?/topic/3408-build-1623-sort-by-changes-to-none-after-restarting-daminion/page__view__findpost__p__14239 -Juha
  14. Hi Rene! I'm not a Windows expert so I cannot give you definite instructions. I did some quick googling and found the following articles http://hometechhowto.com/how-to-use-windows-10-as-a-home-server/ and https://www.groovypost.com/howto/setup-use-remote-desktop-windows-10/ I hope this will help you further. -Juha
  15. The problem is somehow related to my network. When I'm connected to my home network and don't have connection to corporate networkd/AD, the web catalog doesn't start. When I'm connected to my corporate network the web catalog also on Chrome starts. -Juha
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