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  1. Do you have the problem when importing the ORFs or is the problem also when you have the ORFs in your catalogue? I don't see the previews when importing the images, but when the images are imported they are visible in Daminion.
  2. Thank you Uwe. I have now added the permissions, let's see if I get a more detailed error message next time.
  3. I have receved few times an .NET error complaining about performing operation not allowed by the security policy. I cannot understand what policy I'm breaking, because all my items reside in my NAS with equal permissions. I viewed my images full screen, when I got the error, and the previous image before the error was in the same folder with same permissions. I have viewed a series of items full screen, added some of them to tray, browsed the thumbnails, viewed again some in full screen etc. At some point I get the error, when I'm in full screen mode. I haven't been able to find any patte
  4. There is a minor UI issue, when re-organizing folders in the Folders pane. Steps to reproduce 1) create a new sub-folder 2) drag existing folder to the new sub-folder 3) item count is correctly updated 4) drag a second etc. folder to the new sub-folder 5) item count is not updated When I select the new folder then the count is updated.
  5. I'm trying the first time the web-client properly. Is the web-client supporting grouped images and linking images? Or am I just missing some settings? I'm running server version 2250 and the web-client shows the same version number.
  6. Hi Murat, Yes, in desktop. Now, when you asked it, I launched Web Access, and noticed that that is using OpenStreetMap. It would be nice to have it also in the desktop client, I'm not so used to work with the web client.
  7. Is it possible to get support for OpenStreetMap back? In many cases it had more details than the other alternatives. Those details help to tag the images.
  8. I have noticed the same thing. The new layout is more spacious and looks nice, but I would also prefer to see more items in the left panel. The increased space is not only around folders but also other tags that are in the left panel.
  9. Nice idea! I have stacked my images and have the final JPG on top so I don't have my results cluttered. But stacking the images is one extra step in the process and I have understood that not all do it. -Juha
  10. I use Compare Items for selecting which items to keep and which to discard, I guess like most of us. Unfortunately, when trying to select which of the images is the sharpest, I have to open the individual images as the images are not rendered at the full sharpness. You can see the difference looking at the same detail at 100%: the left hand is from Compare Items the right hand one is when viewing the single image. If using lower resolution/higher compression is for performance reasons, it would be nice to have an option, where you could select between speed and precision.
  11. I have also a QNAP, but from the lower end 253A. It has a Celeron processor and 4GB RAM (expandable to 8GB). I think at least in my setup the memory would be the bottleneck. Here is a link to an old thread -Juha
  12. I replied also to Daria, that the problem disappeared when I read tags from one of my images that had exposure time 1/8000s. After that also the image I shared in this thread had the correct exposure in the properties pane. 🤔 -Juha
  13. Tid is of topic, but there has been a lot of discussion earlier in this forum of running Damion server (natively) in a NAS. I tried to install it on Vine as I didn't have a Win Server license, with no success. The argument from Daminion team has been that the performance of a NAS box is not adequate. How does your system perform? Have you noticed performance issues in certain operations? Juha
  14. I have the same issue. These categories are useless. Juha
  15. Hi, I shared an example via Dropbox. -Juha
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