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  1. I had the same with last build! Installed it separately
  2. this tutorial is not working, the folder structure is not the same and when searching for file "pg_hba.conf" I can't find it
  3. thanks, i will check it out! I can't remember to have one setup! So it must be the default one
  4. Hello, i can't remember the postgre sql admin password? How can i reset it? thanks
  5. Dear Community, out of the sudden, the Daminion Server Service is stuck in starting period! It was running, and after some Windows Updates it keeps being stuck Thank you
  6. ok! So we have another point to add on the Face Recognition improvements
  7. thanks Uwe, though this is not resetting Face Regocnition and still showing me, what the new feature already assigned
  8. Hello, is there a way to remove all Tags in People's Tag? Asking, because I would then start new with Peoples Tag thank you
  9. what are the specs of your server
  10. it is not working on my temp server, due to an old processor which can't handle that or so! On my faster main server it works
  11. i have a similar issue right now, with my temp server, Daria and Vallery, spent hours checking it, but couldn't find anything! On my main server it works perfectly
  12. yes i do use FritzBox DNS i will try it
  13. Dear Daminion Community, I manage the Daminion Server at my parents place and was wondering for the following! My parents and I both use a AVM FritzBox, so I gave my FritzBox user at my parent's place VPN credentials and can now connect via VPN to my parent's network! On my iPad, I can use the web interface to browse the catalog! When connecting via my Laptop and a VPN to the network, I can not load the catalog with the client software! My question now is, do i need to enable something or allow certain ports to use the client software for that purpose? thank you
  14. in the end, it would be awesome, if everything runs out of daminiion itself
  15. you have to wait a few minutes maybe an hour
  16. i will give it a try, do i have to install it manually for the server as well?
  17. Hello Murat, thank you! I think we should have 2 tabs unmarked here all not yet assigned faces show up because! These can be faces not yet suggested being a person, and ones with persons not assigned yet! ignored only people I ignored, then they don't show up in unmarked, give space there! BTW, will it be in the main windows of Daminion later? Or will it always show up aas a popup? DEmonstration If you like, we can setup and appintment and I show you the issues where i think a better procedure could be assigned!
  18. Hello, here are my first thoughts on using the Face Recognition of Daminion Server! Fullscreen view I would appreceate it, if the windows showing the Face Thumbs would be in Fullscreen view! Tagging process So far the system is pretty good! However, i find, that it would be much more applicapable of doubleclicking thumbs to see full photo! Sometimes it is realy hard to see the difference between different people eg my two grand aunts and my grand mother, they looked very alike as younger women! Further, when the system suggests me thumbs and one is not applicapable it is complicated to make them assigned to another task, hence the window for "Assign specific person" is not working properly, i can type the name, but no results,, instead i have to scroll to the name in the small list of names! Idea The system shows me several blocks of thumbnails for the same name suggestion, why not let me go through the names and see possible thumbnails, like in Picasa? Performance Right now, our server is heavely working on the disks, but that should be normal, hence every file has to be scanned! Therefore, i guess this will settle once done! We currently run a Wortmann Terra MiniServer E3-1225 with 16 GB DDR3-SDRAM., Intel Xeon E3-1225V3 with Windows Server 2019! ignored People We have many photos with persons, we don't want to tag, because we either don't know them, or they are irrelivent for us! In Picasa i could simply click on "IGNORE FACE", such a feature would be nice! if i mark them as unmarked, they keep showing up! I, for that matter created a Person called "IGNORED" but that is in my opinion just a workaround! I surly, will have more suggestions, I started using it a few hours ago! Thank you for having face recognition finaly working!
  19. ok, i had to restart my server due to windows updates and again the service is not starting and again i can't use daminion
  20. Hey Daria, after manually killing the task it works now
  21. got the same issue now with the latest builds
  22. Hello, today I wanted to do some heavy work on Daminion and export photos that I wanted to sell on my blog! So I started and suddently i got disconnected, since than when connection Daminion tells me "upgrading Database stay tuned" but after an hour nothing new! The Service "Daminion Server Service" is not starting, it freezes on starting Any idea, I can't work with Daminion right now
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