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  1. One more thing, which could be the reason for your problem: Whenever you select images for import (by drag & drop or Add Files Ctrl+I ), a dialog Choose file import pops up as shown below. Since I always have many windows open and might get interrupted with what I am doing, it happened to me that this dialog was hidden be other windows. After a while, I remembered to continue, but instead of responding to dialog, I start teh import again, which works fine. The previous Choose file import dialog is still waiting in the background! If I click Import on that dialog later on, exactly your situation will happen.
  2. What version if Daminion do you use? Works fine for me on Home Server 6.4 Build 2120. However, when I try to import an item which is already in the catalog, I also get that error message. Possibly this is what happened to you ...? Instead of Show last Import, try Imported Today under Saved Searches.
  3. Not sure, I understand the question Daria 🤔 Anyway, I think I mentioned it above: As my workaround, I never close the Properties panel. Instead, if I need more space for the thumbnails, I move it as free floating panel down to the bottom of the display, so that only the title bar of the Properties panel is visible. The Tags and Maps panels are always floating at the bottom and pulled up only when needed. After that, for the normal work, I pull it up and dock it to the right again. That does work fine for me.
  4. Hi Daria, correction: When I enter the URL http://help.daminion.net/ in Firefox 76.0.1 64-bit here in Italy, I consistently get the Under Construction response, as described above. However, I logged into my laptop at home in Germany remotely, entered the same URL (also Firefox, but 32-bit) and it worked fine! Having done that, I tried a different browser here, Opera 68.0.3618.104 and it also works fine. So, something is wrong with my Firefox. Edit: After booting my PC, the links also work in Firefox! Who knows, what was the reason ....
  5. Hi Daria, as I said above Tutorials can be reached, but Help-> Contents, F1 or Help -> Go to Daminion Blog lead to this:
  6. Link to this forum works in Build 2120 (Home Server client) 👍. Same for Link to Daminion Web-Site and Tutorials, but Help -> Contents (F1), as well as Daminion Blog lead to "Under Construction" symbol.
  7. I correct myself, the short cut for the main menu does work, but it is a little tricky: Press the Alt-key and release it Wait until the File is highlighted Now, you can press W (or E, V, C, I or H) and you see the submenu: When you press the T key now, the Option Tags is highlighted: If you press Enter now, the Tags panel opens (or closes as in my example, when it is already open) Instead, if you press T a second time, Tags #2 (Folders) opens If this faster or more convenient, than clicking the menu with mouse? I doubt it. After all, it is a clumsy user interface.
  8. The German version also shows some underlined menu titles, but not as many as the English:
  9. On my client for Home Server 6.4 (2120) the initial letters in the menu are still underlined, but don't work as a shortcut, as I said above. The context menu also shows underlined titles,which still work in Build 2120. In fact, my screenshot in the previous post above was made with Build 2120.
  10. I strongly agree with Alain, Daminion should support more keyboard shortcuts! Furthermore, the layout of the menu bar with the underlined W suggests, you could open the Windows-submenu by pressing Alt-W (as in many other programs), but unfortunately it does not work (at least for me on Windows 10). However, what does work (only in some other cases, but not to open a new window/panel 😞 ) is: right click on a thumbnail opens the context menu select an option by keying the underlined letter select the next option by keying the underlined letter of a submenu For example, the sequence right click, A, W performs "Write Tags to File" (see my screenshot). I use this heavily also in combination with Open With and custom assigned external tools.
  11. Yes, I can confirm this with 2012 Home Server. As I said before, I need to start the client with Properties panel closed, open it and then follow Alain's sequence.
  12. And by the way, since this morning, I get this error each time, I try to open any Daminion Web site, as well a similar message when I first started the client (Build 2099): This server could not prove that it is www.daminion.net; its security certificate expired in the last day. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer's clock is currently set to Thursday, May 14, 2020. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system's clock and then refresh this page. NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
  13. Seems, Daria, Uwe and Alain are all correct: If you close the client, while the properties panel is closed, then start the client again, it worked fine for me (with build 2120) If you close the client, while the properties panel is docked at the right, then start the client again, I see the same behavior as described above.
  14. Daria, did you verify this with a display size of 1920*1080? I can confirm, this still happens in Build 2099: Starting point, the properties panel takes approximately the same space as one thumbnail: After closing the properties panel, thumbnail increases the size, but does not completely fill the window. So there is unused space on the right: After opening the Properties panel again, it is wider than it was before closing, thus the thumbnail area becomes smaller and the selected thumbnail moves to the next row:
  15. There is still a free standalone client for up to 15,000 media items, you can download here: https://daminion.net/download-server?showbuttons Page down to "Daminion Standalone" and click the Download button.
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