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  1. My Google APIS Quotas dashboard doesn't show anything for the Cloud Vision API (other APIs I am using independently from Daminion do work). I am able to enable AI Labels, add the Google Vision key and restart the server, but when I select Actions -> Generate AI Labels, nothing happens, not even an error message. Did you search for some Daminion logs, Julek? There should be something.
  2. I did create the credentials, but was not able to get it working on Home Server, possibly because I did not find how to unlock the administrator privilege .. or what else am I missing?
  3. No idea, why you can't select HEIC format, but it its enough to select (= single click) the folder and then click Add without selecting a particular file:
  4. Rene, the path is certainly not wrong and still works for me, but my Windows is not yet on 1903, so I cannot confirm for that matter. Anyway, Ctrl+I or drag&drop are two alternatives to do the same thing and I have the impression, internally they work slightly different. So it might be worth a try.
  5. Rene, instead of rescan, did you try to Add Files (Ctrl+I) and select that folder or drag the folder onto the thumbnail view?
  6. When you try to open this forum from your Daminion client (Help -> Go to Daminion Forum), you reach only a blank page. It seems the URL is wrong after the format of the forum changed several weeks ago. The client uses https://www.daminion.net/forum/ while the correct link should be https://forum.daminion.net
  7. mediaitems Bobb, you mean you checked "Preserve file modified date when updating metadata"? Not sure this refers to the EXIF modification date, I always believed this is the Change Date maintained by Windows, but I might be wrong. Anyway, watching at all tags I get from ExifTool, I found these results: 'EXIF:ModifyDate': '2019:07:07 22:25:48' 'XMP:MetadataDate': '2019:07:07 22:25:48+02:00' 'XMP:ModifyDate': '2019:07:07 22:25:48+02:00' I wonder, whether you see different dates and time stamps in your case caused by the above setting. I addition, if you are SQL savvy, the files table contains the columns modifiedtime, propertieschangedate and the mediaitems table has lastchange. All these fields can have different time stamps (according to my experience and if I remember correctly). Hope this helps regards Wilfried
  8. Daria, please have a look at my original statement, when I opened this post: "If the Comment Tag contains any text and you use Version Control to check out the item, the Comment Tag is empty after checking in again." I can understand if Daminion avoids to change the Exif Comment (as opposed to IPTC of XMP). My main point is the fact, a comment completely disappears without any way to recover it, after checking out and checking in an item.
  9. So, I hope, it works ... Store the attached script into {myprogrampath} and store all thumbnail models with names in the form {ext}.thumb.jpg in subdirectory {myprogrampath}\Images (this will be your "global folder", but only my script can find it - not Daminion). Note, {myprogrampath} does not need to be the same as the drive/path of your media items. Then you either call the script this way to create thumbnails for .ext1, .ext1 ... py {myprogrampath}\dam_thumbnails.py {mypicturespath} ext1 ext2 ... The fully qualified name of a folder or file needs to be the first argument of the command line. If it is a single file, no further arguments are needed and a thumbnail is created, provided the model as described below(*) exists with the matching extension. However, if a second or more parameters are provided, it can to be "-all" or any valid extension. In that case thumbnails are created for all files in the same folder, if the matching model exists. The 'Open With...' function of the Daminion client always passes the file name to the external program and never only a folder path. If you want to start this script from the Daminion client in order to create thumbnails for all files in a folder, define the external program with: My_program_path\dam_thumbnails.py {Filename} "-all" The parameter -all must be in double quotes, the Executable File = py or python3, My_program_path = the path where your stored the script attached below. Now you can start it by right clicking any item inside that folder on the thumbnail panel of the Daminion client. If you do not specify any extensions in the call, the subdirectory Images will be searched for all valid thumbnail models and thumbnails are created for all files found with those extensions. Note, {mypicturespath} can be a folder with multiple files and all files with appropriate extensions are handled. If {mypicturespath} contains subdirectories, they are all searched too. So in theory, you could created thumbnails for all of your files at once, but I recommend to start with a small folders first. You never know .... Let me know, it it works or when you have questions. No warranty! Please make sure you have a valid backup! 😎 dam_thumbnails.py
  10. I'll have a look at it. Should not be so difficult. So far, it was the first attempt for a "solution" (or better workaround). In my catalog, I have only one unknown type (gpx), but of course it does make sense to extent it to multiple types.
  11. I completely agree and to be honest, it worries me lot that we see comments from the Daminion team less and less frequently here in this forum. And you are right, this is an extremely important issue. Nevertheless, I wonder if anybody already migrated to Windows 10 1903 without having problems with Daminion. To me, this post means, I will not do the Windows update, untill I saw a solution here! Having said that, don't forget, the forum is meant as media to exchange experiences between users, you should also report this problem directly to them.
  12. So, it is certainly a problem caused by the Windows update. I did a Google search for " nativerd.dll" and found several posts from the past, starting with XP and later, bust so far none specifically related to Windows 10 1903.
  13. Did you look into folder %windir%\system32\inetsrv (normally = C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv ), to see whether the file nativerd.dll is there? I found it on mine, but I am still on version 1809. Its change date is 15/09/2018 which probably means it was replaced when Windows Version 1809 was installed. If it does not exist on your system, it might be a bug in Windows 1903.
  14. I hope, we see a response from the Daminion team soon, but since the roll-out for 1903 just started and supposedly will be very slow, they might not even have a test environment .... But you didn't say, whether you use a stand-alone or a shared catalog on the server. I can only respond to your last question: Yes, you can. To switch from German to English, select in the menu Ansicht-â–ºSpracheâ–ºEnglish:
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