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  1. Has the default behavior changed meanwhile? At least in build 1934 (and also some versions before that), Damion writes custom tags into JPG (I did not test TIFF, though) without creating or modifying the .ExifTool_config file. Btw., at the end of How to Write Daminion Custom Tags with ExifTool is link to this forum thread. It is broken now (probably caused by the new style of the forum). Correct is: https://forum.daminion.net/topic/3369-write-custom-tags-by-the-exiftool/
  2. Bobb, it seems, in Daminion 6, all settings are stored in %APPDATA%\Daminion Software\Daminion\1.0\Settings.xml . I don't know, if it existed in the same place in Daminion 4.x and how you might be able to transfer them to a newer client.
  3. Best would be, if camera model and lens could be changed like manually assigned tags. I believe, there was a discussion on that already long time ago, but I forgot what the reason was, why it is not changeable. They way it is implemented now, simply doesn't make any sense to me.
  4. I can only confirm having the issue that most of the images made with the same camera appear under the group for the vendor (e.g. Sony/SLT-A55V), while some of them appear alone (SLT-A55V). However, the latter applies only to an extremely small number of images (65 out 64,000), so I ignored it, even thought it's ugly anyway. For the lenses, I also realized that Daminion doesn't recognize them correctly and assigns different lens names to images actually taken with the same lens on the same camera. It doesn't look as extreme as your Apple example though, but since I don't own an iPhone, I cannot comment on that.
  5. I am not aware of any place where you can check or uncheck it. It is just another, more common term for what you called "suggestion" in your initial question. My comment above only meant to say, the performance time for autocomplete (= suggestion) with the standalone client was so lousy many times, that I gave up using it and it was often not clear to me whether it was not working at all or just having extremely long response times. The same might be true for your standalone client. I had also the impression, it became worse, the more images were in the catalog.
  6. One thing comes to mind Egon: Before I moved from standalone to home server, I rarely ever used the autocomplete function (what you called "suggestion"). Why? Because many times the autocomplete took so long, I never knew it just didn't find anything or just needed (endlessly) long. Now, using the server, it works much better.
  7. I also used Daminion 6.1 Build 1934, but Windows 10 version 1809
  8. Egon, not sure what exactly you mean with #4692. What I found was the problem not getting any suggestions for the Location, when entering the place, but that works fine for me:
  9. Alain, are you aware this: Fix Corrupted Nikon NEF Images ? I don't have a Nikon camera, but just saw this accidentally. The tool was written by Phil Harvey, the author of ExifTool.
  10. Just to confirm Alain's observation:
  11. This is the usual layout of my display. At the marked area on the bottom, you can the title bars of the Tags, Folders (includes Keywords) and Map panels, which I drag up only when needed.
  12. I noticed this a long ago for the first time and it still happens with Build 1934. I assume it is the depending on the size of the display (mine is 1920x1080). My "solution" is to either keep the properties panel docked, or - when I need more real estate on the screen, to drag the panel free floating to the bottom of the screen. I consider free floating anyway as a better choice for Tags, Folders and Map, but most of the I keep properties docked to the right. Tip: If I quickly want to see the properties of a single image, I open it in full screen with properties hidden, but moving the mouse to right shows the properties temporarily.
  13. Until Build 1933, I often used drag and drop to import new images, by dragging a file or folder onto the thumbnail area. In Build 1934 does doesn't seem to work anymore. Correction: After closing and starting the client, it did work again. No idea, why it didn't before.
  14. The fact that the comment is not saved to the metadata is a different issue. Uwe and I found out, it only happens for standalone and Home Server, but seems to work fine with team server. I reported it in the forum and via a message from the client, but did not get any response from the Daminion team yet.
  15. I was hoping, this could also explain the difference for the short cuts, but they also work for me with the docked panel.
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