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  1. Agree it is confusing, but also logical in my opinion: You cannot assign a group as tag to an image whereas the root level of a hierarchy can be assigned to images, regardless whether they are also tagged with one or more of the lower levels. I came to the conclusion that the groups don't make much sense to me. Mainly because they are not written into metadata.
  2. Erwin, are you sure, the black tags are all Groups? It seems to me, they are just the lowest level of hierarchical tags.
  3. I think, you shouldn't take the term city literally. It can be a small town or even the closest village. All depending on how many pictures you made in the area at all times. The purpose is to group your images in a consistent way to help finding them again.
  4. Hi Peter, I prefer use one of the cities suggested by GeoSetter (i.e. GeoNames.org). In many cases in the 'middle of nowhere', you see multiple suggestions and I pick the most reasonable, but many times I rename it later, which is quite easy using the Daminion tag tree (not each individual properties panel!) Depends on what you call a state in France: département or région? As far as I know, the départements very rarely did change, but the régions changed drastically several years ago. Anyway, I use the current région - département assignment (using french Wikipedia to understand) and
  5. Good point Erwin and I'm asking it too. There was one .... years ago, but haven't seen any activity since a long time and don't even find that topic in the forum anymore. 😞 Thanks Wilfried
  6. Same here. I have reasons for not to use Auto-Rescan with the upper level folders and for the lowest level, I need to remember to set the option. So it's only a minor improvement compared to pressing F6.
  7. Thanks Daria. I forgot about it, because I normally don't use it, since I usually want to decide, when a scan should happen, but in these kind of situations, it might be helpful.
  8. I am also hoping for the future that the export provides an option to automatically import the exported image. Not only when converting to another format like in Rene's case, but also for duplicating an image as a starting point to create several variations of the original image. (Version Control with check in, check out and Item Audit History does something similar, but it is a bit cumbersome to Save revision as, if you want to keep all versions visible in the catalog) Re-importing manually has the disadvantage to loose those tags, which are not written to metadata. One more thing,
  9. Another good point, Rene! Many times, I notice it when using the suggestions drop-down, but then I forget to go there and rename the false entry (which works great to rename and merge BTW), but many times I do not notice until I wonder, why I cannot find "Hamburg', because in reality it is marked as 'Hambrg'. And I bet, I still have many of those 'fake' tags, but never noticed it.
  10. Good point, Uwe! It would be a great help and state of the art for all modern user interfaces which handle entering text.
  11. 😂 Seriously: For me it is the proof, there is somebody who couldn't care less, how users with many media items really work. 😞 Testing with a handful items certainly looks great that way.
  12. Not sure, I completely understand your point Bob(?). Some thoughts: Not sure it was clear enough: Before you run the export, you must make a selection in Daminion which fits your needs. 'just selecting each user in the tags panel' is the simplest way to make a selection in Daminion, however in most cases you should use Advanced Search and/or <Filter Tags> to refine or extend the search. Advanced Search and/or <Filter Tags> kind of complement each other and can be used in combination. For example, Advanced Search does not allow negation for some tags, but <Fil
  13. Did you try Item (or right mouse click) -> Export -> Export to CSV? It allows to select what tags to be exported. Alternatively you can access the database via SQL.
  14. I assume Uwe means, start the old server and delete the license. If I remember correctly, this indeed what you need to do. You should have license key, a very long string of arbitrary characters, not a file.
  15. I am still using Picasa. Even though it is not supported anymore, it still works fine for face recognition and allows a quick way to export with cropping, scaling down and adding a watermark. A while ago, I did look at DigiKam as an alternative DAM solution, but came to the conclusion it is big monster and not worth it. Does it really make sense to use it just for face recognition only?
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