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[1864] - missing Thumbnails


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Hello Daminion Community,

I just realized that my Daminion is missing a lot of Thumbnails, probably due to the fact, that I didn't copy all Thumbnail Cache Folders. 



Is there a way to let Daminion Show me all Files with missing Thumbnails? Or to Show all files with Thumbnails bigger or smaller than the Ratio I entered in the ADMIN Server Panel?


Thank you!

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8 hours ago, rene said:

Or is it better to just create a new catalog and have all files scanned by the new ccatalogue?

I guess, creating a new catalog, takes very much longer, than selecting all items and perform a Ctrl+B.

Besides that, creating a new catalog, you may loose certain information. So far I found these:

  • Custom tags
  • Comment tag
  • Checkout history
  • ... possibly the content of some random tags, which can be identified using Juha's tool.
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