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New lay-out - lost line in Tag window - Standalone 7.0 (2327)


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With the new interface I got a nasty feature as below, here missing year 1990.
In Tags window there is a line, which is just light gray, causing the text to disappear. If I click the place where the circle should be visible, to select in this case year 1990 photos, corresponding photos will be selected and visible correctly. 
I can have focus somewhere else, as in the screen shot, but the gray label will stay there anyway in the same place.
The same behavior will be there, if I open some other Tag section, Keywords, People etc., the gray label sits always there.  

I'm using here Standalone version, I have not installed the latest Śerver version because of the new layout reasons.

Anybody else having the same behavior?


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Hi Daria,
As above, I have 2444 installed, behavior the same.
The functionality behind the gray area is there  -  if I have Folders selected as above in the screen capture,  and I click the place where the circle used to be to view the photos, it works - corresponding photos will be visible. So there is just like gray label on the top of the line, hiding the text.
In versions prior 7.x I do not have this problem.

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For me as well, line 33 in the visible portion of the tags window is grey. Build 2449. On my 1200x1920 landscape monitor with tag panel docked, it is the bottom line which is adjacent to the status line in the thumbnails panel. On my portrait monitor it is much more obvious.


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