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  1. Hello, Could you please send me a sample of the file? (by the link in PM or email e.karpenko@daminion.net) Kind regards, Katerina.
  2. Hello, Could you please send me the files by the link (any filestorage) in PM or by e-mail e.karpenko@daminion.net? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I can not reproduce the problem yet. Could you please show me the process in screenshots or maybe video? Kind regards, Kate.
  4. Hello, Could you please try to choose Above thumbnail (e.g. Filename or ItemID) and then click this button? Regarding the combinations Exposure and Dimension, we have this issue in the backlog. Kind regards, Kate.
  5. Hello, If you use the Daminion Server version please send me logs and Event viewer messages when you get crash. Logs you can find here: 1. Administration panel - Administration - Show logs. 2. Choose your catalog in the folder Logs, copy the folder "NetCatalogXX" and send me an archive. Event Viewer messages you can find here: 1. Administration panel - Help - Tools - Event Viewer. 2. Windows Logs - Application. 3. If there any error messages please copy the Details and send me in .txt. Kimd regards, Kate.
  6. Daminion 7.0.2451 Please make a backup of your catalogs before the installation Bug fixes The problem with import files via the Auto import folder Daminion Server installation file is here
  7. Hello The problem was registered in the bug tracking system. Priority - High. Regards, Kate.
  8. Hello, The problem is registered in the bug tracking system.
  9. Hello, The problem is registered in the bug-tracking system, priority - High. Kind regards, Kate
  10. Hello, Could you please try to launch Daminion as Administrator (right click on the shortcut of Daminion - Run as Administrator). Kind regards, Kate
  11. Hi Wilfried, Yes, Daminion supports PostgreSQL 12. Some of our users have updated PostgreSQL since the 6.8 release. Unfortunately, Daminion does not support version 13 yet. Kind regards, Kate
  12. Hello, Could you please send me one of that files by a link in the PM? Regards, Kate
  13. Yes, you can uninstall it if any other system doesn't use it. But for the Daminion catalogs, you should use only one version of PostgreSQL. Kind regards, Kate
  14. Hello, If you use PostgreSQL lower than v. 10, please update it. To upgrade your PostgreSQL version, please follow these steps: - download PostgreSQL 10 or 12 (https://www.enterprisedb.com/downloads/postgres-postgresql-downloads) - Create backups of your catalogs in the Daminion server admin panel - Stop your current PostgreSQL and manually kill all residual processes if any (in TaskManager) - Run the installation of PostgreSQL and make sure it is being installed to the port 5432 - Once the installation is done, please double-check that only PostgreSQL is running -
  15. Daminion 7.0.2427 (Pre-Release) Please make a backup of your catalogs before the installation Improvements Ability to switch on dark background. View - View Mode The view of the thumbnail area is changed to avoid too small picture when several thumbnail captions are used Bug fixes Creation Date/Time in Raw files The problem with Tag Place Sorting of hierarchical tags in the web client Daminion Server installation file is here Daminion Client installation is here
  16. Daminion 7.0.2416 (Pre-Release) Please make a backup of your catalogs before the installation What's new 1. Brand new interface of Daminion desktop client. 2. Designers and marketers can now collaborate when working on new projects using commenting in the web client. 3. Integrate Daminion with CMS and other systems via embedede links (web client). 4. Rename Custom tags. 5. Added support for new formats: CR3, OpenEXR, WEBP, HEIC, CAL,CDR (some formats require to install third party tools). 6. Ability to search in the Folder tag in the Filter
  17. Hello, Sorry about the inconvenience. All .exe files are highly suspicious for browsers. It is into the .zip archive now. Some tags can not be hierarchical: Authors, Copyright, Scene, Genres, Artists, Composers. It is not a bug. You can create a custom tag with a hierarchy for any purpose. Regards, Kate.
  18. Hello Wilfried, The problem was: extra entry (Group_name\value name) was created if the value was chosen in the Properties panel via the dropdown hint. That problem was reproduced for tags "Scene" and "Author". Please let me know if you have it now in 6.8. Regards, Kate.
  19. Hello, To download new Client version please use the link from the post
  20. Hello, A group is not the same as a hierarchy. They won't be written in the metadata. Groups are for convenient visual presentation of tags in the tags tree (as you can see in the Media format tag). The problem with the tag "Scene" you described in the first post has been solved in version 6.8. If you use the earlier version than 6.8, please, update the Daminion and let me know if it works for you. Kind regards, Kate.
  21. Daminion 6.8.2380 Bug fixes and improvements: 1. No dropdown list for State, City, Location 2. Ability to search by integer indexed tag in the Filters panel (Web-client) Daminion Server installation file is here Daminion Client installation file is here
  22. Thank you for the details. I understand your request. I'll send it to our feature backlog. Regards, Kate
  23. Hello, Could you please describe what exact way do you edit the linked files? The current version allows you to select several items and edit tags by the Properties panel. Regards, Kate
  24. Hello Uwe, It seems we found the cause of the problem. We'll try to fix it in one of the nearest builds. Regards, Kate
  25. Hello, Thank you for the reporting. I'll register the problem in our bug tracking system. Regards, Kate
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