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  1. Hello, The current version of the web client does not support grouping and linking images. Perhaps these options will be added, but not in the near future. Regards.
  2. Hello, Thank you for reporting. It will be fixed in one of the next builds. Regards.
  3. Hello, The "Export to pdf" functionality in the web client generates pdf files on the server. In multi-user work, such a name structure provides the uniqueness of the files. I'll make a request to the developers to create a more "normal" name. As a way out, you can use the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" setting in your browser and specify the file name and path. Kind regards, Kate.
  4. Hello, The limitation on the amount of downloaded data is due to the fact that files are converted to an archive on the server. This requires additional free disk space. Usually, this is the C drive, where the operating system is most often installed. Regards, Kate.
  5. Hello, There were some changes in the queries regarding sorting in the build (auto-update is available now). Could you please check the behavior on your side? Regards, Kate
  6. Hello, Frans Could you please make a video (not via software, but via another device i.e. smartphone) when you open images in fullscreen mode? And could you send us (by PM) your file that opens slowly? Kind regards, Kate.
  7. I think there is just one space between the brackets. The rows with such value should be found after the query.
  8. Wilfried, are there any errors in column Error in the cloudvision table for those 19 items?
  9. Hello, To update data in table "cloudvision" you can use this SQL query. It selects problematic rows(with an empty value) and clears info about startdate and enddate. It allows you to generate AI labels again for the items. update cloudvision set startdate = null, enddate = null, error = null where value = '' or value = '[ ]'; Please, make a backup of the catalog before the execution of the query. Please, let us know if it helps you. Regards, Kate.
  10. Hello, the problem is fixed. Plaese, install the new build Regards, Kate.
  11. Daminion 6.7.2245 Bug fixes Daminion Server installation file is here Daminion Client intallation file is here
  12. Hello, Egon, could you please send me your catalog file? Regards, Kate
  13. Hello Wilfried, The problem was fixed in the build Could you please install it and let me know if it is ok now? Regards, Kate
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