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  1. Thank you for the details. I understand your request. I'll send it to our feature backlog. Regards, Kate
  2. Hello, Could you please describe what exact way do you edit the linked files? The current version allows you to select several items and edit tags by the Properties panel. Regards, Kate
  3. Hello Uwe, It seems we found the cause of the problem. We'll try to fix it in one of the nearest builds. Regards, Kate
  4. Hello, Thank you for the reporting. I'll register the problem in our bug tracking system. Regards, Kate
  5. User with permissons "Import" and "Manage Access Control Settings" can import files and assign Access control groups to the files. With that permission user also can create, edit and delete AC groups if this user is a member of the AC groups. Regards, Kate
  6. Hello Uwe, Thank you for your reporting. I've just tested that. The AC groups are still in metadata when I write tags to the file and then read tags from file. Please, send me video or back up to investigate the problem. Regards, Kate
  7. Hello, Uwe You are right, if the file is assigned to AC group that daoesn't contain the user "friend" that user cannot see the file. Regards, Kate
  8. Hello, Could you please send me the sample of your RAW file to reproduce the problem? The label and rating were not deleted after writing/reading metadata when I was checking with my CR2 files. I use Daminion 6.8. too. Regards, Kate.
  9. I'm working with the same version. What user are you using for work? Could you please send me a screenshot or video where you select any item and open the right-click menu in Tag Panel? Regards
  10. Hello, To remove auto-tag from an image you can click the x-button on the wrong tag in the Properties panel. It's also the way to remove auto-tags in the web client. (screen 1) Or you can select an item and choose "Remove "Wrong auto-tag" from (X) selected items" in the menu in the Tags Panel. (screen2) Kind Regards, Kate
  11. Daminion 6.8.2344 Bug fixes (export large .tiff files, translations in the web-client) Rendering large .tiff files Daminion Server installation file is here
  12. Could you please send me your backup file? And version is available now. You can find it by the link https://daminion.net/download-server?showbuttons We'll update the version in "Help - Check for updates Online" soon.
  13. Hello, Yes, that is correct: to update the folder structure in Daminion according to your file system you need to activate the option "Remove missing Files from Catalog" in Catalog - Auto Rescan Settings. Regards, Kate.
  14. Hello, Could you please give us more details 1. Are your working with local or shared catalog? 2. What version of Daminion did you update from? Regards, Kate
  15. Hello, The problem with reading and writing to RW2 is registered in our bug tracking system. We'll try to fix it soon. Regards, Kate.
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