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  1. I would appreciate some advice. I often have photos that have a named Location but no associated City. I also have many photos of France, where I do not want to deal with New vs Old "State" definitions. For example if I have a location, not near a city, I could enter the data in two ways: Canada/Ontario/City(blank)/Algonquin Park, or I could enter Canada/Ontario/Algonquin Park/Location(Blank) Is either of these the recommended way to deal with this, or is consistency itself the solution? Thanks, Peter
  2. Thanks WilfreidB. You are making this very easy. I had not initially noticed the Customize option to "Display selected images only."
  3. Assuming that I have GPS data for the relevant photos, is it possible to set the map view to display ONLY the images that are selected? (Edit) Yes newbie: use the Customize button on the top right of Map view, and select "Display found Images only". Sorry for asking questions before taking the time learn the software. Peter (Edit) Say I want to display the locations of Romanesque churches, or acommodations I have stayed at. Or select all the images that do not have Country and State defined, and display their locations. Peter
  4. I checked through all the photos in both sets. There are no place tags at all in either set. If I do an Advanced Search on the Black version for Country, State, City or Location. I get a match . See attached. There is no match for the Gray version. Peter
  5. I have two entries for State and City with zero files shown for both. There are 2707 files tagged France, and all of then have a State entry, so "State" should not show up at all. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? I also have two entries for "Country". Obviously files that have not been tagged, but why two, one black, and one grey with different numbers of files? I added files from a local catalog, and re-read directories to add files that were not in the local catalog, if I recall correctly. A lot of the entries needed to be corrected due to spelling or tagging errors. Tha
  6. Hi Daria; When I used Netcatalog a few days ago, it allowed me to add files without copying them. The source folders are all similar; Same drive, same permissions. I have attached some screen captures for the Catalog setup. and the catalog open dialog. I notice that the catalogs appear twice, and if I open the Localhost version, I can add files without copying, while if I open the version using my system name I have to copy the files. The directories involved are all on the system machine. Is that as expected, or did I slip up somewhere. Peter
  7. Members 3 128 posts Running Home Server. 6.8.0 2333 I have been using standalone for years. Server is a new tool for me. Using a shared catalog, I am unable to import/add files into the catalog without copying them from their current location. Is that not possible, or am I missing something? Peter
  8. Running Home Server. 6.8.0 2333 Server is a new tool for me. Using a shared catalog, I cannot get "Copy files to a shared folder and add to the catalog" to work. It keeps telling me that I have selected an "Invalid destination folder". The server is installed on my desktop with my login credentials, and any folders I tried are shared for everyone Read/Write. What am I missing? Peter
  9. I performed an additional test. It appears that, on my system at least, Auto rescan is not working at all. I used Lightroom to add a tag to a photo, and ensured that it wrote the tag to file. I checked it with exiftool, and windows explorer. The tag is there in the exif data, and the file modified date is updated in the directory. The added tag has not been updated in Daminion. Might this be related to the setup of my Catalog, and Users. I created the (PG Photo) catalog with my computer / network login ID. The "Netcatalog" is not used. The "Admin" user is listed as "Viewer" status, an
  10. Hello Uwe; My system is entirely Windows. The hard drive, with the photos in question, is an external USB3 drive formatted NTFS, and connected to the Server computer. Daminion Server is running and the catalog is open, when the files are copied to the "Auto-Rescan" folder.
  11. (1449) My Server is running on a Windows 10 machine with the files on an attached hard drive. I have Auto Rescan turned on. It is set to "Reflect External Changes Immediately". I have a single directory (2016) set with "Auto Rescan On" If I copy files from a remote (Client) computer, or from the server computer, using windows Explorer or another program, to the "2016" Folder on the Server Hard Drive, the new files are not detected/imported even after several hours. Is there something I am missing, or is this another bug? Import, with copy to server, or Re-sacn Folder are the obvi
  12. Sorry about the first image posted. I missed a character in the first sort group. A revised image is attached, since the problem still appears to exist.
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