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  1. Lenni

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    Hi, Great, sorting is working again, thanks! I'm still worried about the Place tag functioning, it has been broken already for a long time and no feedback on that. Any progress going on to correct it? Lenni
  2. Lenni

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    Hi, No change, version 2095 Client seems to have the same problem with sorting. So, not yet fixed. Lenni
  3. Lenni

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    Hi, Members 0 2 posts Report post Posted Thursday at 11:54 PM Hi, Unfortunately the new Stand alone version does not fix the sorting issue, this function is still totally broken. Lenni
  4. Lenni

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    Hi, For me, Sort by... seems to be broken in Stand alone version. How about you? For example by Filename, Creation datetime, File size and so on. Here an example about File size Lenni
  5. Hi, I absolutely support Juha's request. It is needed. I'm also happy about Murat's reply, I'm looking forward to see who it works in praxis. But, I have also one more request for GPS tracks: I would love to have an option to show the track in the map, when the folder view is selected. When I'm looking one folder only, I could see the GPS track file (.gpx) which is located in the same folder, in the map, in addition to photo location markers as it is today. Lenni
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