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[2033] Read tags from file clears all metadata


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Windows Server 2019
Daminion Server 6.3

Handling of XMP files seems to be totally broken.

1. In Daminion, I've assigned a title, description, colour tag and rating to a file
2. Right clicked the file and selected 'Actions -> Write tags to file'
3. A sidecar XMP is created as expected
4. Right clicked the file and selected 'Actions -> Read tags from file'
5. The title, description, colour tag and rating are wiped out in the Daminion catalog
6. 'Actions -> Show all metadata' and the '.xmp' button continues to show the metadata as expected.

Any ideas?

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Hi there,

I am encountering the same problem from version 6.4 throgh 6.8 for .RW2 files with an attached XMP

In 6.2 everything seemed to work fine but starting 6.4 if I click read metadata from file keywords etc are cleared.

Is this a user error or can anyone confirm this?

Kind regards from Holland

Germ Wind


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Thanks for the qauick replies. Will you let me know when a fixed version is available?
There is another side to this matter: It does create or update .xmp files for RW2 file when write metadata.

Another quick question: Version 6.2 (now in use for the above reason) does not read CR3 files for the  Canon G5X mark II. Do the newer Daminion versions support this format or can I add this myself someway?

Kind regards from Holland


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Hi Germie, unfortunately, only the file information will be read. For all unknow file formats. Daminion cannot generate thumbnails or read tags from file. You can still assign tags to the files, and export them to CSV to backup them. As a temporary solution, you can add custom thumbnails to the files


kind regards, 


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