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  1. Hi Uwe, Got the file. You have to be logged in to the forum in order to access. Thanks for the quick reply. Kind regards from Holland Germie
  2. Hi Folks, Ik wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020! Kind regards from the Netherlands Germ Wind
  3. Hi Uwe, The link you provided with the following article doe not seem to be valid. Can you provide a new one? Kind regards from Holland, Germie
  4. Germie

    Grouping RAW+JPG

    Hi folks, A quick question: is there a way to automatically group RAW and JPG together or is this still a fully manual job? Many thanks for you answer! Kind regards from the Netherlands Germie
  5. Its all working now. Thanks for the quick fix, Murat,
  6. Hi Murat, Sorry to trouble you again. On my tablet the link work perfectly now. On my pc (I use firefox) not. Even after clearing the cache it still links to https://daminion.net/forum/ Kind regards from Holland Germ
  7. To the moderators. Hi Folks, FYI. If you're on daminion.net and go from the menu to support / user forum then you end up on a blank page on this adress: https://daminion.net/forum/ instead of this one that works: https://forum.daminion.net/ Kind regards from Holland Germ
  8. Thanks Paul, That was what I've been looking for. Regads from Holland Germ Wind
  9. Hi Folks, I'm just wondering about Daminion. I used to use it a couple of years ago. Now pricing for sonsumers seems to have disappeared from the website. Is Daminion no longer meant for cosumers? If it is, what is a license for an unlimited number of photo'S costing and how to obtain it? Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  10. I too have a G16 and encountering the same problem. Will thuis be solved?
  11. Once I have an upload address from you I can upload some of my images tonight. Alternatively you can download pen-f raws from here: http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/olympus_pen_f_review/sample_images/ The bottom half of the samples page are raws Regards from Holland Germ
  12. Can I upload them somewhere? Files are Pen-f faw files. My guess is they are too large to mail.
  13. Hi there, I am using version 1608 server at the moment and I stumbled into a problem. When selecting a folder of ORF files for import the buidling of the thumbnails takes minutes for only about 40 images. And after that the have a strange greenish look. In comparison: if I open this folder in Windows explorer and select big thumbnail, it builds in a fraction of a second and looks normal. After import in Daminion the images look normal again. I use the FastPictureViewer codec pack. Whats going wrong here? Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  14. Thanks for the replies. RightClick - C is a new one to me. I'll use that for now. In a lot of software things like shortcuts and buttons can be user-configured. Hence my question. Germ
  15. Hi folks! Can I make a shortcut or assign a button to "Compare Items" or can I access this command only through the (context) menu? I tried to look in the shortcut list on http://help.daminion.net/hotkeys/ but that has only has [table Ҡnot found /] entries. Any help is very welcome. Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  16. Germie


    Hi Uwe and Murat, I noticed that windows defender took a large chunk of processor capacity. I think (hope) that I've got things going here. Here is what I did: - Uninstall Daminion server and client and postgresql - Delete any existing daminion folders - removed all existing data, thumbs etc - restart pc - reinstall all Daminion server and client - reconfigure server and client - disable Microsoft Search - exclude Image folders, daminion folders and postgresql data folders from visusscanner F-Secure AND windows defender. - excluded daminion executables and postgresql executables from virusscanner At the moment the import is running. Almost 1000 files are imported at variable speeds between say 65 and 125 images per minute. I guess it varies per image type. So I'll keep my fingers crossed and daminion running. Team Daminion, please consider adding instructions to the install program to reconfigure MS Search / Indexer, MS defender / your own virusscanner in case of performance issues. Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  17. Germie


    Hi Uwe, First of all: thanks for your quick response. My images are on a seperate hard drive (e:\photo's) which is a partition on a normal hard drive. My c drive is a 256 GB Samsung SSD. This is where the postgresql database sits (I think). For this catalog I store thumbs and the Daminion Server Files on the E-drive. I cancelled the import (add to database only). I am trying to finish importing through Rescan folders (add files only). I am not at home at the moment so I cannot access the logfile. I'll take a look when I get home at the end of the day. I noticed that -when looking in the processes, there a a lot of pstgresql services (> 10) running. Is that normal? Or should I try a complete uninstall - re-install of the software? Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  18. Germie


    Hi all, I decided to re-import all my images in a new home server catalog. Before going to sleep, I installed the latest version (1449) and let it chew on my DNG files. These are for the most part Sigma X3F files, converted with Adobe DNG converter. About 7 hours later Daminion home server processed some 1700 images. I fear this proces is going to take a long, long time to complete. The complete set is 26000 imgaes, fortunately for the most part non-dng. Any tips on how to speed things up? Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  19. Germie


    Hi people, Some additional information on this matter. In installed 4.1 home server (build 1280) server on my seperate laptop and created a shared database. I imported some RAW images (RW2 type from Panasonic FZ1000). Thumbnail and preview were created perfectly. The I installed 4.5 hove server (build 1443) on this laptop. and opened the shared database. If I now select an image with 4.5 and click rebuild miniature (or thumbnail or so), thumbnail AND preview change into a white sheet of paper. Newly imported images have the same issue. At this point Windows has no way to display the raw files as it does not have the required codecs. Now I installed FastPictureViewer (http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/) and entered the registration key. This includes also a codec pack for image raw formats. Now thumbs of the images can be displayed in the explorer. At this moment if I select an image and right click - rebuild thumnail (of miniature), a thumbnail is created and a SMALL preview. My conclusion is that FastPictureViewer generated thiese, not Daminion. That would also explain the long duration of thumbnail building in this new version. I also noticed that in synchronisation no xmp files are written by daminion. Perhaps this has the same reason? Hope this info helps and speeds up a solution. Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  20. Germie


    Hi Murat, Mine is a Windows 10 64bit dutch version machine. Client and server run on the same machine. Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  21. Germie


    Hi Uwe, Thank for your effort! Regards from the Netherlands Germ Wind
  22. Germie


    Hi Uwe, Thanks for the fast confirmation of the issue. Regards from Holland Germ
  23. Germie


    Hi there Uwe, First of all: thanks for your fast reply. Both on the local and server apps the settings is the same: - accelleratrion enabled - with a max jpeg size of 100 MB With the server database I experimented with various settings (accelleration on and off, max jpeg size enabled or disabled) for accelleration. After "rebuild thumbnails" the result is still and every time the same. I also created a new, empty home server database and imported a few images. The results are allways the same: very small previews. A further test I did was to increase the max jpeg size to 1000000 Megapixels. This also has no effect. I'm out of ideas at the moment. Kind regards from Holland Germ Wind
  24. Hi folks, I find that if I import images in server home, the preview looks like this: I don't seem to be able the get a bigger preview altough the embedded preview in the raw file is 2400 x 3600 pixels. In the local database there is a thumb made in folder ...\~thumbs\5\32 of 53 kb and a preview in folder...\~thumbs\preview\5\32 of 602kb. If I insert the same image in al local database the preview looks like this: In home server there is a thumb made in folder ...\~thumbs\0\00 of 67 kb and a preview in folder...\~thumbs\preview\0\00 of 44kb. Is this a bug, a feature or am I doing something wrong? Regards from Holland Germ Wind
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