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  1. Thanks for your answer, Daria. I'm sorry to hear there will be no native support for this camera in the near future. For a photographer like me this gets quite impractical. Kind regards from Holland Germ Wind
  2. Hi Daria, Thanks for your reply. If I would do the adjustment of the import filters, would Daminion also read the metadata, and build the thumbnail and previews of these files? Kind regards from Holland Germ Wind
  3. Thanks for the qauick replies. Will you let me know when a fixed version is available? There is another side to this matter: It does create or update .xmp files for RW2 file when write metadata. Another quick question: Version 6.2 (now in use for the above reason) does not read CR3 files for the Canon G5X mark II. Do the newer Daminion versions support this format or can I add this myself someway? Kind regards from Holland Germie
  4. Hi Uwe, Thaanks for your reply. A sample file? Sure. Thy the attached files. Kind regards from Holland Germ Wind P1000006.xmp P1000006.RW2
  5. Hi there, I am encountering the same problem from version 6.4 throgh 6.8 for .RW2 files with an attached XMP In 6.2 everything seemed to work fine but starting 6.4 if I click read metadata from file keywords etc are cleared. Is this a user error or can anyone confirm this? Kind regards from Holland Germ Wind
  6. Hi Uwe, Got the file. You have to be logged in to the forum in order to access. Thanks for the quick reply. Kind regards from Holland Germie
  7. Hi Folks, Ik wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020! Kind regards from the Netherlands Germ Wind
  8. Hi Uwe, The link you provided with the following article doe not seem to be valid. Can you provide a new one? Kind regards from Holland, Germie
  9. Hi folks, A quick question: is there a way to automatically group RAW and JPG together or is this still a fully manual job? Many thanks for you answer! Kind regards from the Netherlands Germie
  10. Its all working now. Thanks for the quick fix, Murat,
  11. Hi Murat, Sorry to trouble you again. On my tablet the link work perfectly now. On my pc (I use firefox) not. Even after clearing the cache it still links to https://daminion.net/forum/ Kind regards from Holland Germ
  12. To the moderators. Hi Folks, FYI. If you're on daminion.net and go from the menu to support / user forum then you end up on a blank page on this adress: https://daminion.net/forum/ instead of this one that works: https://forum.daminion.net/ Kind regards from Holland Germ
  13. Thanks Paul, That was what I've been looking for. Regads from Holland Germ Wind
  14. Hi Folks, I'm just wondering about Daminion. I used to use it a couple of years ago. Now pricing for sonsumers seems to have disappeared from the website. Is Daminion no longer meant for cosumers? If it is, what is a license for an unlimited number of photo'S costing and how to obtain it? Regards from Holland Germ Wind
  15. I too have a G16 and encountering the same problem. Will thuis be solved?
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