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The latest Daminion TEST builds


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Daminion 5.8.1765

- Fixed bug with item selection

- Fixed bug with Daminion Client update. (If you are using Daminion Client version 1758-1764 you need to upgrade manually).

- Fixed bug with import network files.

Daminion Server installation file can be found here

Daminion Client installation file can be found here

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Daminion 5.9.1783


- Daminion now generates previews for all video formats (video will play in the web browser)

- Fixed bug with IE

- Fixed bug with Daminion Web Client Assistant

- Fixed minor bugs


Daminion Server installation file can be found here

Daminion Client installation file can be found here

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Daminion 6.0 (1819)

- Improved web-client (a range of improvements)

- Fixed a bug when video rendering freezed for "problem" video files.

- Fixed bug with folder sorting

- Relink Folder command works for large catalogs

- A range of minor improvements and bug fixes


Download Daminion Server:



Download Daminion Standalone:


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Daminion 6.2.1933 (Beta)

- Synonyms for Custom Tags

- PDF preview (Web Client)

- Upload files to selected folder (Web Client)

- Google vision support (auto tagging images)

- A range of improvements (Web Client)

- Fixed range of minor bugs with roles permissions

- Fixed bug with too many GUI presets of Property Inspector

- Fixed bug with long Shared Collections

- Fixed couple of bugs with Web Client Assistant

- Fixed bug with Permission Editor (Web Client)

- Fixed bug with license manager (Time Zone issue)

Daminion Server installation file is here

Daminion Client installation file is here


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Daminion 6.7.2207 (Pre-Release)



What’s New

  • Waiting Room 
  • AND/OR/NOT - Web 
  • Access Control on Folders 
  • Access Control Web
  • Dominant Colors
  • Export to PDF
  • Added support for 3D formats with generic icons 
  • Web - Import Folder
  • Web - Import to a folder
  • Web - Manage Folders 
  • Web - Added Lightbox
  • Web - Added progress status when making ZIP file
  • Added the ability to restart just one catalog instead of the server 
  • Added an option to Clone a Role in the web client
  • Added the ability to get a file by filename through API
  • Added the ability to display long file Titles by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail
  • Increased import speed on large catalogs
  • New license types with unlimited quests


Bug Fixes

  •  Fixed bug when applying the Place tag containing a comma in Location created a new Place hierarchy with quote marks
  • Fixed bug when Daminion did not allow to enter Chinese characters by typing
  • Fixed bug when Daminion changed the Folder to Store Thumbnails to the default one after the restart
  • Fixed bug when the preset changes in the Filters panel in the web client were saved at the first attempt
  • Fixed bug when Daminion web client allowed to drag and drop a folder into the interface to initiate the import process which led to the error.
  • Fixed bug when unfilled Place tag fields were saved as a new Place tag in the web client after accidentally clicking the Save button.
  • Fixed bug when “Show All Files at this location“ on the Map in the web client did not return the results
  • Fixed bug with the scroll and display of the files in grid view in Web Browser in Firefox 68.8.0esr
  • Fixed bug in Web client when the open\closed status of the Lightbox was not remembered after the full-screen page reload or re-opening
  • Fixed bug in Web client when Login-free access users could import files by drag&drop
  • Fixed issue when assigning tags to 0 items in the Tags panel showed an unhandled exception
  • Fixed bug when Daminion desktop client did not safe Tags panel view for admins after the restart of the application
  • Fixed bug when Editor could create locked tags with the disabled permission “Edit Locked tags“
  • Updated the Forum link in the desktop client in Help > Go to Daminion Forum
  • Fixed bug when the text in the custom long text fields was overlapping the tag’s name
  • Fixed bug when Cyrillic characters in file names were substituted with a question mark symbols when downloading files with presets
  • fixed bug when Daminion incorrectly assigned the Viewev user role to a newly created user when using AD users security mode
  • Fixed bug when the Folder tag was not exported to CSV
  • Fixed bug when access permissions to the folders “fileserve“ and “thumbs“ in IIS were lost upon updating the program version
  • Fixed bug when Daminion could not search by linear integer custom tags via API
  • Fixed bug when the Video Preview setup window did not show the button to set up the folder to store video previews
  • Fixed bug when Daminion assigned unapproved tags to the files via the right-click > assign tags to selected files
  • Fixed bug with the search of files on the Internet
  • Fixed bug when the Flag tag was not assigned during the import process with Tag Presets


Please backup all your catalogs before update.

Daminion Server installation file is here

Daminion Client installation file will available soon.

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Daminion 7.0.2416 (Pre-Release)


Please make a backup of your catalogs before the installation


What's new

1. Brand new interface of Daminion desktop client.

2. Designers and marketers can now collaborate when working on new projects using commenting in the web client.

3. Integrate Daminion with CMS and other systems via embedede links (web client).

4. Rename Custom tags.

5. Added support for new formats: CR3, OpenEXR, WEBP, HEIC, CAL,CDR (some formats require to install third party tools).

6. Ability to search in the Folder tag in the Filter panel (web client).


Bug fixes

  • Daminion can not search by integer indexed tag in the Filter panel
  • Closing the Properties panel leaves a grey area 


Daminion Server installation file is here

Daminion Client installation is here

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