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The latest Daminion TEST builds


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Daminion 5.0 (1542)


- Fixed a bug with reading/writing XMP in PDF/AI and XMP sidecars

- Updated locations for desktop and web clients. Many thanks to our contributors:

DE: Sedat Yakisir, Uwe Noack

SP: Jose Angel Calvo (SP)

NL: Kees Hessels, Peter Gebruers

IT: Alessandro Amodio


- Minor improvements mainly in web-client


Download Daminion 5.0 (1542)

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Daminion 5.0 (1608)


-fixed bug with missing Save button when exit Full screen view

-folders moved within Daminion don't get missing anymore

-fixed bug with automatically refreshed the Thumbnail view when the item is deleted and the Map panel opened

-fixed Rename and Merge People Tag issue

-disabled option "Add Compatibility with Windows explorer" because of damaging files imported by network paths

-custom tags are new displayed in the Tags panel in Web Client

-fixed the issue "Copy Tags (Alt+Shift+C) or Previous Set of Tags (Alt+Shift+F) and Paste Tags (Alt+Sh+V) by Shortcut"




Download Daminion 5.0. (1608)

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Daminion 5.0.1660


- Fixed bug with clearing the tray

- Fixed bug with reading tags from file

- Fixed bug when web client didn't dispay more that 1000 images

- Fixed bug when the "Show Selected Files" option didn't work in web client

- Fixed bug with the place tag in web client when only "Country" was saved in the database and metadata

- Added an option to display tag values by scrolling in the Browse area without having to click "Show more"




Daminion 5.0.1660 server can be downloaded here


Daminion 5.0.1660 client can be downloaded here

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