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Feature Request: Copy Paste Geo Tags


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Am I the only one who is interested in copying also the geo tags with Copy Tags command? I think it's little strange that all other tags can be copy pasted except geo tags.





I copy/paste tags quite often and did not see this error so far. Bad news, a lot of work to redo.

MURAT, please FIX this issue ASAP!!!


-- M.

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Hello Juha,

I like your feature request.


I might even take it to another level.


I would lie to assign the GEO Location to a Place.


Right now, I can enter a Country, Province, City and Place to a Picture even by batch.


Now my idea would be to assign the Geo Location to the Place-Tag like the Synonyms with the Persons Tag. The Geo Location would than be assigned to all images in this Place tag.

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GEO Location is a point on a map while Place is an area. So a Place might have a lot of GEO Locations. So it will be possible to fill in Place after assigning a GEO location to an image. But not visa-verse. We think about automating some image classification tasks including automatic geo-tagging (assigning places based on geo coordinates)

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I absolutely support Juha's request. It is needed.

I'm also happy about Murat's reply, I'm looking forward to see who it works in praxis.


But, I have also one more request for GPS tracks:

I would love to have an option to show the track in the map, when the folder view is selected.

When I'm looking one folder only, I could see the GPS track file (.gpx) which is located in the same folder, in the map, in addition to photo location markers as it is today.


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