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  1. I just reread your question and I think there are two questions here. 1. How to backup just the server running the Daminion server software? 2. How to backup the photo repository? My system at home is as follows: Drive C:\ has the Windows operating system and the Daminion Home server software installed. On Drive D:\, I have my main photo repository. All of my photos get copied here. This is where I add GPS data and other metadata, etc. To backup my C:\ drive, I use a program called Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows FREE. It can be found here: https://www.veeam.com/windows-endpoint-server-backup-free.html You may have to register to download the program, I don't remember. I set it up to maintain 10 daily backups. It backs up the entire C:\ drive, operating system and everything. As part of the install, it creates a bootable ISO drive that can be used to boot the machine from to recover with in case something happens to your disk. It can also be used to backup the other disks in the machine. I just backup my boot drive. To backup my photos, I use a program called FreeFileSync. See link above. I maintain three backups of my photos just to make sure that I can recover them if something catastrophic happens. Two copies go to a Synology NAS and one copy goes to another server running UnRaid. Here is the main FreeFileSync windows. In the middle pain, you can see I have a path D:\backups\photos\. Below this, I have sorted my photos by year, camera model, etc. In the far right pane, I have \\barney\photos\. This is the destination to where my photos are being backed up. Above this, you can see Synchronize and an arrow pointing to the right-side. This means everything under D:\backups\photos is being mirrored on \\barney\photos. This can be changed if desired. If I want to run a backup manually, I just push the Compare button in the middle. Give it a few minutes and the software determines what files have been changed since the last backup. There will be a window that pops up that allows you to either continue with the backup or to cancel it. When testing my backups, this is what I do. If I want to automate the backup, you can save it as a batch job. Click on File | Save as batch job and give it a name. Here are some additional settings that you can set within the batch job. I use the Windows Task Scheduler to run this batch job a couple of times a day just to make sure my files are getting backed up. I have setup jobs to make backups to the Synology NAS also. Hope this all makes sense. Frank Hahn
  2. I typically use FreeFileSync. It can be found here: https://freefilesync.org/ It can be setup to run several different ways. I typically setup a Task Schedule to run and copy my files to a couple of different computers for backups. Frank
  3. I have done backups and restores in the past. I have followed the directions on this web site on what to backup. What I have seen is that one of the database restores does not work and I think it is the one with users? I'll have to check when I get home. Frank Hahn
  4. I have had issues in the past with Daminion reading metadata after using GeoSetter to enter GPS data. Using various tools, I could see the data but Daminion would not read it and place it into the database. See here: https://forum.daminion.net/topic/3509-issues-writing-metadata/ I stumbled across a work around using a program called called XnView. This program, like others, shows what metadata is written to the files. It verified like other programs have that the metadata was not in the files after telling Daminion to write the data. Anyway, I stumbled across an option called "Rebuild XMP". After rebuilding that data, Daminion could now read and write my metadata directly to the files. At the time, I was dealing with jpg files. Frank Hahn
  5. What I was thinking was that I could enable authentication in the web server and that would bypass any deficiencies in Daminion Home Server. Here is a link that talks about the various authentication methods of IIS: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/324276/how-to-configure-internet-information-services-web-authentication-in-w I just want to enable a user name and password request to the Daminion web client. Are you saying that none of the IIS authentication methods will work with the web client or that the home server web client does not include any authentication built in to it? Thanks. Frank Hahn
  6. I have Daminion 6.0.1836 installed on a Windows 10 machine along with the web-client. I would like to access the web client remotely but I don't want to leave the system open so that anyone who stumbles across the site can view files, etc. As of now, when I connect, I am not prompted for a user name or password. I thought I could install Basic Authentication in IIS so that it would at least require a user name and password of a user on the computer. So far, I have not gotten this to work. I have a two user home server license that may preclude me from doing any kind of authentication. Has anyone else been able to figure this out? Frank Hahn
  7. The machine I was working would not even start IIS. There were two services that would not start no matter what I did. I finally gave up on that machine and have installed Daminion and the web server on another computer.
  8. I have removed Microsoft's web server and reinstalled it several times. Something is either not getting installed or some services are not starting. This is on a Windows 7 64-bit system. I am running Daminion 6.0.0 Build 1836. I have a two-user home server license of Daminion. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  9. I have finally decided to take a look at web access to the Daminion database. I have tried installing and removing the web server components several times and this is as far as I can get: What should I be looking at? Is there some other software that I should install? Thanks. Frank Hahn
  10. In my PostgreSQL database, there are two databases that I want to know if it is safe to remove. Specifically these two: NetCatalog_2017-11-17_19_01_53 _daminion_2017-11-17_19_02_15 I'm guessing it is okay but I want to make sure. I do backup my Daminion database daily but the ones that are being backed up are: NetCatalog _daminion Thanks. Frank Hahn
  11. Have you made sure that you are an administrator or are in the administrator group on that machine? Do you have an anti-virus program that may be blocking access to the file? You might try right-clicking on that file and from the menu select "Run as administrator." If this is running as a service and is not starting, check to see what user is trying to start the service. Try running with an account that has administrative privileges. Frank Hahn
  12. I saw a couple of videos on Youtube where people had power issues with fairly new Synology devices (home/small business sized). Because of that and how they seem to be under powered, I thought the Xpenology software might be a way to go. I have not seen anything saying the Xpenology software was illegal so that is new to me. Frank Hahn
  13. I don't know how much you like to tinker around but have you heard of Xpenology? It is an open source version of the Synology DSM software. Basically you install the Synology operating system on your own hardware. It might be worth taking a look at if you have a computer that could be temporarily repurposed while you try it out. There are several links online and videos on Youtube. Here is one to get you started if you have an interest: https://xpenology.org/ Frank Hahn
  14. Last night, I have at least found a solution so that I can now get Daminion to start writing metadata back to the jpg files that have been affected. I just need to find the files that have data in the Daminion database but has not been written to the files. I think the program that Juha has written may be able to do that for me. I have a program called XnView installed. This program like others shows what metadata is written to the files. It verified like other programs have that the metadata was not in the files after telling Daminion to write the data. Anyway, I stumbled across an option called "Rebuild XMP". After rebuilding that data, Daminion could now write my metadata directly to the files. The option within XnView is found at Edit | Metadata | Rebuild XMP. What is strange is that other programs could write the metadata to the jpg files that Daminion is not able to. Daminion could also read the data after these programs wrote the missing data. It could not write the data. Thanks for the help. Frank Hahn
  15. I searched my hard drive and did find an older version of Exiftool in my path that was being used by ExifToolGUI. I removed this version of ExifTool but still no luck. I then installed Daminion 6.0.1836 and still have the same problem. I am going to try and install Daminion on another system and only use the standalone version and see what the results are. Frank Hahn
  16. I am using the most recent version of GeoSetter, Update 3.5 dated 2018/05/10. Not sure that I can tell you the version of ExifTool that is installed. I believe it is 11.18. I typically have GeoSetter install the current version of ExifTool when it starts. I have had this issue going back some time. If I have GeoSetter add the GPS data to the jpg files first, then Daminion is no longer able to create and add the metadata fields. I am currently using the server version of Daminion with a two-seat license. The version of Daminion that is installed is 5.8.1765. I'll check and see if I can find an extra version ExifTool installation. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  17. Has there been any further testing on this? If I add GPS data (presently using Geosetter) to jpg files before I import the files into Daminion and add some metedata, Daminion is not able to add any metadata after this. By metedata, I mean: Description Country State City Location and possibly other data. If I add metedata first, and then add GPS information, then Daminion seems to be able to then add further metadata. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  18. Like you just found out, it affects any file that has a timestamp that ends in ".00". You cn change it back but once you make a change to the files metadata, it gets truncated again. Probably the easiest way to fix the files is with exiftool. You should be able to find the files with the missing ".00", just be careful, exiftool can make changes to a large amount of files in a hurry. Frank Hahn
  19. There use to be information on one of the Daminion web pages about bugs being fixed within a few days or something to that affect. I'm not holding my breath on this one. Frank Hahn
  20. Maybe I have just missed it but the last couple of times that I have installed the Daminion home server version, the Microsoft web server keeps getting installed even though I do not want to install the web version of Daminion. Is there a setting in the custom install that would keep this from happening? Thanks. Frank Hahn
  21. Can't wait to take a look at this. I don't know how many times I have been working away at my photos, can't find something, and then realize I have to change the sorting from None to something else, mainly file name or creation time. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  22. Can't wait to take a look at this. I don't know how many times I have been working away at my photos, can't find something, and then realize I have to change the sorting from None to something else, mainly file name or creation time. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  23. Yes, I'm sure that Sync is on. I always have it on unless I have issues and then I will disable it and then enable it again. With this group of files, I have just moved the bad ones out and copied them from the cameras memory card and they work like expected. I am going to forward a file to Daminion support to see if they can tell what is happening. I would attach one here but the files are larger than the file limit. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  24. I'm pretty sure Daminion is just not writing the data to the files. I have at least 400-500 files (jpgs) that do not have any metadata. By metadata, I mean: Description Country State City Location The matching raw files, in my case, *.ARW do have the *.XMP files written with data. I can load the *.jpg files into other utility programs and can tell that no metadata is being written. The only thing that is different about these files from my typical work flow is that I was on vacation at the time. I would load the jpeg and raw files daily from the cameras memory card onto my laptop. I would then rename the files and then use GeoSetter to match daily *.gpx (GPS data) data to the pictures. After this was done, I would import/add the pictures using the locally installed copy of Daminion that I also use to connect to the server version while at home. Sometimes I added the above additional metadata, sometimes, I did not. I just assumed the metadata was being written to the files. When I got home, I transferred the *.jpg, *.arw, and *.xmp files to my main photo hard drive. I then connected using the shared catalog and imported the files in the shared Daminion catalog. Since I had so many pictures without metadata, I didn't really notice that I was having to add the data several times to the same photos. It finally dawned on me that none of the jpeg data was really being added. It was in the database but not the photos. No matter what I try, the data is just not being written to these files. Last night, I copied the files from the cameras memory directly to my photo storage drive and basically repeated the same process as above. This time, I just bypassed using the local copy of Daminion, now the metadata is being stored. I'd really like to get an idea on what is happening. I have multiple copies of both bad and good jpeg files if someone knows what to look for. I'm guessing there is an issue with the file that Daminion can't overcome to write the file but it would be nice to at least get a notice. The part that also others me is how other applications cn write the data, Daminion can recognize it when adding the file, but still can't write the data itself to the same file. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  25. I am again having issues saving metadata to jpg files. According to Daminion, the metadata is saved but when I use other software, there is nothing there. When I Read Tags from File, the fields are again empty. I can use GeoSetter and ExifToolGUI to write the data and then read the data back in with Daminion. Even after this, I am still not able to write new metadata with Daminion. Would someone at Daminion please take a look at one or more of these files to see what may be happening? Thanks. Frank Hahn
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