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  1. Hello: Is there an easy way to extend the maintenance on Daminion Home Server? I am not seeing the links on the main Daminion web site Thanks. Frank Hahn
  2. Rene: From what is shown, it looks like that machine only has two cores. XEON processors typically run at a lower clock speed but have more cores. They can also use error correcting memory. I would think an i5 with four cores would be a better choice. Frank Hahn
  3. My best guess on a tool would be exiftool found here: https://exiftool.org/ Here is the first article that I cam across talking about using exiftool to derotate photos. https://leancrew.com/all-this/2009/04/derotating-jpegs-with-exiftool/ There are tons more articles that I would take a look at first before trying this. I would also try working with a small subset of your images that have been copied to a test location first just to make sure whatever you do works how you want it to. Do not work on your original images. Frank Hahn
  4. fhahn

    AI Tagging

    I followed the video, created the *.json file, pointed the Daminion server to it, and then restarted the server, but nothing ever happens. I turned on AI Labels so that it shows up on the left-hand side of the screen. I selected several images and then clicked on Actions and then Create AI Labels. After that nothing happens. I have tried refreshing and also stopping and starting the Daminion client. I am running Daminion 6.2.0 Build 2010. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  5. fhahn

    AI Tagging

    I just installed the newest version of Daminion Server and tried to select the AI Tagging. I got this message: I don't see any settings on the server portion that would allow me to enable this? I have the home server with two licenses if that helps. Thanks for any tips. Frank Hahn
  6. I just reread your question and I think there are two questions here. 1. How to backup just the server running the Daminion server software? 2. How to backup the photo repository? My system at home is as follows: Drive C:\ has the Windows operating system and the Daminion Home server software installed. On Drive D:\, I have my main photo repository. All of my photos get copied here. This is where I add GPS data and other metadata, etc. To backup my C:\ drive, I use a program called Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows FREE. It can be found here: https://www.veeam.com
  7. I typically use FreeFileSync. It can be found here: https://freefilesync.org/ It can be setup to run several different ways. I typically setup a Task Schedule to run and copy my files to a couple of different computers for backups. Frank
  8. I have done backups and restores in the past. I have followed the directions on this web site on what to backup. What I have seen is that one of the database restores does not work and I think it is the one with users? I'll have to check when I get home. Frank Hahn
  9. I have had issues in the past with Daminion reading metadata after using GeoSetter to enter GPS data. Using various tools, I could see the data but Daminion would not read it and place it into the database. See here: https://forum.daminion.net/topic/3509-issues-writing-metadata/ I stumbled across a work around using a program called called XnView. This program, like others, shows what metadata is written to the files. It verified like other programs have that the metadata was not in the files after telling Daminion to write the data. Anyway, I stumbled across an option called "Rebuil
  10. What I was thinking was that I could enable authentication in the web server and that would bypass any deficiencies in Daminion Home Server. Here is a link that talks about the various authentication methods of IIS: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/324276/how-to-configure-internet-information-services-web-authentication-in-w I just want to enable a user name and password request to the Daminion web client. Are you saying that none of the IIS authentication methods will work with the web client or that the home server web client does not include any authentication built in t
  11. I have Daminion 6.0.1836 installed on a Windows 10 machine along with the web-client. I would like to access the web client remotely but I don't want to leave the system open so that anyone who stumbles across the site can view files, etc. As of now, when I connect, I am not prompted for a user name or password. I thought I could install Basic Authentication in IIS so that it would at least require a user name and password of a user on the computer. So far, I have not gotten this to work. I have a two user home server license that may preclude me from doing any kind of authentication.
  12. The machine I was working would not even start IIS. There were two services that would not start no matter what I did. I finally gave up on that machine and have installed Daminion and the web server on another computer.
  13. I have removed Microsoft's web server and reinstalled it several times. Something is either not getting installed or some services are not starting. This is on a Windows 7 64-bit system. I am running Daminion 6.0.0 Build 1836. I have a two-user home server license of Daminion. Thanks. Frank Hahn
  14. I have finally decided to take a look at web access to the Daminion database. I have tried installing and removing the web server components several times and this is as far as I can get: What should I be looking at? Is there some other software that I should install? Thanks. Frank Hahn
  15. In my PostgreSQL database, there are two databases that I want to know if it is safe to remove. Specifically these two: NetCatalog_2017-11-17_19_01_53 _daminion_2017-11-17_19_02_15 I'm guessing it is okay but I want to make sure. I do backup my Daminion database daily but the ones that are being backed up are: NetCatalog _daminion Thanks. Frank Hahn
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