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Feature Request - Identify Panos and HDRs


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Hi Murat and Team,


While I'm dreaming - I thought I might as well make the request.


It would be absolutely awesome for me if Daminion had a way to automatically identify images that are source images of a Panoramic or HDR (or HDR Panoramic).


The very basics of this can be done easily by EXIF data - specifically the date and the focal length. Then it could be assumed that bracketed images taken only seconds apart which have similar image data are probably HDR. Similarly, photos taken at a similar time with a certain amount of overlap are probably Panoramic source images.


Please, pretty please build this feature. :pleasantry:





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As I've been using PTGui, I think this is a far easier feature to accomplish than I originally anticipated.


I think most of their matching is based on a few settings that the user chooses... Like "all photos gapped no more than 30 seconds apart with the same focal length" for example.


Or "three images of different shutter speeds with identical aperture settings" would help identify HDR source images.


Looking forward to this feature.



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1389887901[/url]' post='6743']

Added your votes to this Feature.


Hey Murat, Do You have any idea wehen wie Couleur count on that Feature?

And Some More Ideas.

When daminion could find panos, it could automatically move source files for HDR and panos in the respective collection and hide the source files.

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Further thoughts on this. I was discussing in LightZone (LZ) forum about LZs sidecar files. That discussion made me think about the image stacking in little wider perspective. It would be nice to have logical connection between the original image(s), the applied edits and the final output.


From the logical point I would say that for each final output file there can be from one to n original images (single image, panoramas or HDRs), then there are from 0 (embedded into the RAW) to n edit information files (e.g. one for creating the panorama and the second one for creating the final output). And these edits contain valuable intellectual property that makes art from the raw material.


From the tagging point there is an interesting question, which tags/tag values belong to the source image and which are valid only to the final output. From the user perspective, it would be nice if as much as possible could be inherited from the source without a need to retag the final output image.


Some food for your thoughts about image stacking.



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I have continued to think of this "Stacks" feature. I would like to have a structure in the stack and not just have a bunch of files "stamped" together. This would also allow multi-level stacking. In the "stacked mode" Daminion would only show the top-most asset.


I have a following proposal for a recursive definition and logic.


<asset> = <single asset> + (0 – n)×<sub asset>

<single asset> = one file

<sub asset> = <type> + <asset>

<type> = source | recipe | thumbnail | audio track | sub titles | ...



– single JPEG image = <single asset>

– JPEG and a RAW where the recipe is in the RAW image file (e.g. CR2 or DNG) =

   JPEG <single asset> +

     "source" + RAW <single asset>

– JPEG, RAW and a separate recipe (e.g. RawTherapee) =

   JPEG <single asset> +

     "recipe" + .cpp-file <single asset> +

     "source" + RAW <single asset>

- a panorama =

   panorama JPG <single asset> +

     n × [("source" + JPG) +

       "recipe" + .cpp-file +

       "source" + RAW)]


Feel free to improve my idea :clapping: or shoot it down :negative:

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in addition to Juhas ideas I would like Daminion to do the following.


When I mark a final picture (panorama or hdr) I want Daminion to show me the source files (or all related ones) if requested and to warn me, when I'm deleting, that I'm deleting a final images without deleting the source files


Furthermore it would be awesome if Daminion could find the source files itself.


In my case it might be easy.


my folderstructure




---New york 2013

----new york pano 1.jpg


---new york 2013

----new york hdr 1.jpg




----new york 2013

-----new york hdr 1 (this folder contains the source files (cr2 and psd)

the same for the others.


this way it should be pretty easy for daminion to identify those files by itself







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And to add what Rene wrote also warn if you are deleting source or sidecar files without deleting the whole stack or if a source file is part of multiple stacks.


Automatic identification would be marvelous, but how to do that when different users use different schemes.



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I created also a Dropbox folder and uploaded two sets of images. One where there are multiple JPGs with different recipes from a single RAW. The other one is more complex slide show with single images and one pano, which creates multiple levels of objects and their recipes and sources.



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In the Daminion 3.5. See our roadmap.



looking forward to this.


As you might know I created Collections for my photos:



Photos\normale\2014\test folder

Photos\HDR\2014\Test folder

Photos\Panorama\2014\test folder

Photos\HDR Source files\2014\test folder

Photos\Panorama Source files\2014\test folder




can I keep this structure and tell Daminion this way in which folder to look?

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