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  1. xeta

    6.2 Release

    Where can I get the Release?
  2. It seem its related It seems it is related to the activated Windows features, it works since I ticked "HTTP Activation"
  3. Any news? Did you reproduce the error?
  4. I have dropped a message at " Ask a question". Will see...
  5. Most probably it is connected to Windows 10 1903 but however it would be interesting to hear any comments from the team because they know the dependencies
  6. I Have already checked this folder before. This certain folder is empty. I think there is something wrong with the .net / asp or IIS configuration
  7. I am running the Standalon Version, I thought that is clear because I posted in this certain forum. In between I found the switch to change the language, the meesage says: "Unable to initialize the native configuration support external to the web worker process (HRESULT=0x80040154). nativerd.dll must be in %windir%\system32\inetsrv" Probably more users will run into this problem, a respond from the Team woulb be welcomed
  8. Yesterday evening I did a fresh install of Windows 1903 on my Home PC. I was not able to open my existing Daminion Catalogs or create a new Catalog. After starting Daminion I always get an error message with a missing .dll. First I thought it is a problem with my Windows installation, but today I performed an Update to W10 1903 on my Notebook and tried to install Daminion and I get the same error message. Can you please have a look at this issue because Daminion is not useable. Can I switch Daminion to english in order to get the error message in english? TIA
  9. Yes this "problem" exists" since years now.
  10. Currently I am using Daminion 3 (Build 994). I would be a really helpful feature if it would be possible to open the full Screen image on the 2nd Monitor while you have the grid view or list view on the first screen. Do you think that woulb be possible for any future release?
  11. Does anybody know a standalone tool which can sort out panos and /or hdrs?
  12. Is there any possibility to disable the notification sound when saving an element?
  13. xeta

    Moving to new Pc

    Worked without any problem!
  14. xeta

    Moving to new Pc

    I will upgrade my PC in the next days. Recently I am using the actual build of Daminion Standalone. My Daminion Catalogs and all the hidden Thumbs are saved under My Documents. If I copy the catalogs and the pictures to the new PC without changing the paths will it be possible to open my catalogs without re-indexing? Thomas
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