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Daminion dead after re-installation


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Due to my problems with face recognition described in another thread I thought I might solve them by uninstalling / reinstalling Daminion Server and the face recognition 1.3.

After re-installation nothing works any more, I cannot even connect to my database any more. It seems to be gone!

The server admin gui shows a warning (see attached screenshot), and when I try to start the client, I get an error message.

I remember that in the past whenever I installed an update I was asked for my password in order to have access to postres or something....

This is now not the case any more. I dont know if this is the problem.

Any idea?



Daminion Server.jpg

Daminion Fehlermeldung 1.jpg

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Thanks Daria,

I did a new custom installation and there was the option to login with my admin data. Now the yellow warning in the admin controll panel is gone.

However, my catalog is gone! Is the catalogue erased after a deinstallation? In the admin control panel, i only see the "Negcatalog" and not my previous catalog any more. WHen I try to connect to my catalog from the history list in the client, I get the attached error message.

Any chance to get my catalog back?


Error message.jpg

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Hi Tschens, 


Please try adding the database to the list via Catalogs > Actions > Add to List > enter name > then switch to PostgreSQL tab and in database name try entering "NetCatalog1". Based on the port (8083), it is supposed to be NetCatalog1.

Daminion does not erase the catalog unless you uninstall PostgreSQL and drop its database folders. However, only the default catalog NetCatalog can be recognized automatically after reinstalling Daminion. Other catalogs need to be added manually to the list.


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Thanks Daria,

meanwhile I could solve the problem - see my edit of the last post. To learn from this mistake, my next question would have been how to check the name of the catalog if I would forget it, but you already answered it with your last post. I installed pgAdmin just to be prepared for the future... 🙂

Thanks a lot for saving my catalog, even more so on a sunday evening!


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Hopefully my final question in this thread:

For safety reason I made a backup of my catalogue and restored it to check if it works.

Alghough the restored catalogue looks fine, I got an error/warning message regarding unknown commands, see screenshots.

Is this a reason to worry? (I produced the screenshot of the restore process a bit to early, at the end there was no "please wait..." but "Resotre complete.." (or similar) in green letters.1566008735_DaminionRestore.thumb.jpg.81c403a90afaa617b624276e9978719c.jpg

Daminion Sicherung.jpg

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You can ignore this, because the ECHO command only affects the visibility of the following commands. I have been receiving the same error messages for a long time in all previous releases and don't see any impact on the functionality.

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