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  1. Sorry for the seemingly stupid question. I was not 100% sure if these programs are essential or optional. Just re-installed. :-)
  2. Oops... Will I have to Re-Install face detection? I just uninstalled these 2 packages.
  3. Hope you are right. I never installed these packages, I am a bit worried. Uninstalled them.
  4. Hello, I just realized that on the same day I installed Daminion Home Server 7, there were two further installations to my system: RabbitMQ Server 3.8.16 Erlang OTP Are these Apps part of the Daminion Installation? Regards, Jens
  5. Furthermore, "search for update" shows wrong information since years. Typo included. Reported already several times, never corrected.
  6. Thanks for the feature, works nice so far. On my wish-list: When assigning the recognized faces, it would be very helpful to have the option to open the photo (maybe add this option to the right mouse button menu). Sometimes it is not possible to assign the face only on the basis of the thumbnail shown.
  7. Although I prolonged my "subscription" when version 7 was introduced, I never used it because of the weird GUI of V7. I reverted to V6 immediately. Any news on the optimization of the GUI? Is it worth updating? I am tired of making backups of my database and reverting back to V6. Face recognition sounds interesting....
  8. Another Synology NAS User here. 918+ with 12 GB RAM.
  9. 100% agreement. Dev team, please print this out and stick it on your monitor. 🙂 Yoda says: "Dark mode all we want is".
  10. Just to clarify: There was undoubtedly a great deal of sarcasm hidden in my remark. Of course i did NOT assume that. 🙂 Back to the topic: In version 6, there was a very subtle but helpful alternating light/dark colouring in the window with the keywords on the right hand side. I am not sure if this is now the case with version 7. All-in-white makes somehow my eyes glaze over. The rest looks fine so far.
  11. Thanks a lot Uwe, much appreciated! Paul, thanks for your comments! Lets hope for a nice "dark(er) mode". Also the alternating dark/light background of the keywords was very helpful.
  12. Yes, I mean the posting from Paul above. We already have a thread dealing with the new GUI, where the new GUI comes off badly. No need for a new thread. This new thread looks like image polishing. BTW: Still waiting for a screenshot of the new GUI 🙂 Concrete proposal (honestly, without any expectations): 1) It seems like most of us users do not like the new GUI. It is old fashioned, unclear, all in one color. Please give us back the previous look. 2) Following the above-cited thread, it seems as if no serious users were involved in the beta tests. Why? 3) Please try to fix existing bugs before adding new features. At least change your priorities to A)fix bugs, B) add new features 4) No, I am not willing to re-discuss the bugs I sent to the dev team 4 times (!) in the past 2 (!) years in order to get the next (4th or 5th?) promise that it will be fixed in the next version....
  13. Did they pay you for this posting?
  14. A screenshot from the dark mode would be nice. Just to avoid another install/uninstall procedure. Thx in advance, Tschens
  15. Fyi: I am now back at Version 6.8. This was possible without restoring the database. Just install the older Version over the never one and you are fine. I am just wondering if Daminion has beta-testers an if yes, what are they doing? Did really nobody among them comment on the new GUI? Furthermore, why do you post downloads for the beta versions here if it is not possible to react on our feedback? Murat, don't get me/us wrong, we want to help, not complain.
  16. There is no improvement at all. Waste of space, terrible layout etc etc. Obviously, the programmers spent a lot of time for worsening the interface. On the other hand, they ignore several bugs I sent them already 2 years ago which could be fixed very easily within a few minutes by a medium skilled programmer. Shame on you!
  17. To be honest, the all-in-white layout hurts my eyes. PLEASE give us back the grey background in the thumbnail area.
  18. Another question which fits into this thread: Obviously, it is not possible to Re-Tag a previously auto-tagged file via auto-tagging. When the autotags are removed manually, they never come back if i try to re-tag them. I have to generate a copy of the file in order to re-tag it. Is this a limitation from google or a Daminion-based issue? Regards, Jens
  19. Problem solved by Daminion team via pm. Thanks a lot.
  20. Working as admin. Just sent a PM with Dropbox link. Thanks for your help!
  21. Thanks Kate, I was missing both options. I could change the settings to show "Auto Tags" in the file propoerties (standard is unselected), now its there and I can remove wrong tags. However, this is more cumbersome than the other option. But the other option does not work for me: The two options "Assing TAG to selected item" and "Remove TAG from selected item" when clicking right mouse button are missing! I have these options for Persons and Keywords, but not for Auto Tags. Working with beta 2344. Any idea? Regards, Jens
  22. Hello, Is there any way to remove a (wrong) auto-tag from an image? Have been searching for 15 minutes now - no chance via right click or menu. 😞 Thx Jens
  23. Thx for the fast response. Thats perfect.
  24. Question regarding AI tagging: Will the tags be written into the (jpg) files such as most of the other tags/keywords, or will they be stored in the daminion database. Jens
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