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Daminion Server access from anywhere - How to?


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Dear Daminion Community,

I manage the Daminion Server at my parents place and was wondering for the following!

My parents and I both use a AVM FritzBox, so I gave my FritzBox user at my parent's place VPN credentials and can now connect via VPN to my parent's network! On my iPad, I can use the web interface to browse the catalog! When connecting via my Laptop and a VPN to the network, I can not load the catalog with the client software!


My question now is, do i need to enable something or allow certain ports to use the client software for that purpose?


thank you

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Hi Rene.

It sounds like you need to forward the Daminion Server ports.

Usually the standard protocols like smtp, ftp, web traffic on port 80, etc. are allowed by default (that is why you can use the web interface) but Daminion desktop client uses ports in the 8000 range.

And to complicate the matter, all routers have different configurations. You should look up how to forward the ports on your hardware, try that and let us know if my guess was correct.

Also see if no-ip can do this for you Free Dynamic DNS - Managed DNS - Managed Email - Domain Registration - No-IP (noip.com)

Good luck!

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My suggestion would be to not open these ports directly to the Internet unless you know what you are doing. I would setup a VPN and pass those ports through your router/access point. Nothing is guaranteed to be 100% secure but I think that is a better solution.

Frank Hahn

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