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  1. Leave all 3 checked if you want the catalog to match the disk.
  2. I use this utility: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rem-empty-dir/ and then just rescan the root folder.
  3. I had the same issue this week ingesting assets from home to my office server. I initially thought that my network was the issue. The files are actually imported when you examine the Import folder location (in my case at least), you can ignore the message until the developers roll out a fix, I suppose.
  4. It would be great if, when we save searches, we could have the option to save the search only for "this catalog only" or "server-wide." Then we could create searches that apply to the whole server, e.g. "no country" search applied to any catalog on the entire server and another search that only applies only to a specific catalog, e.g. models without age and height in "studio shoots" catalog.
  5. Can we include tag count as a search field with less than and more than operands in desktop client? As administrators one of the challenges we face is getting an idea of the overall state of metadata in the catalog. There is no easy way to generate reports on the state of metadata. We have to generate endless queries and saved searches to ensure metadata compliance manually in our catalogs. I know that the web client has a required metadata feature to ensure compliance with metadata policies, but if most users in the organization use the desktop client this policy is simply ignored.
  6. Could we please get a Max Catalog Size / quota setting per catalog? This way administrators can allocate resources across teams that share catalogs on a single server.
  7. Hi Dan Would you be open to sharing your source repo? I, for one, would love to take a look.
  8. I, for one, can not wait for this implementation. It is after-all an optional feature, that you can activate/deactivate as a value added service. I am certain that the format and file size limitations (of the web preview) will be taken into consideration when the final integrations is pushed out to release. In the final release, I am sure that you will be able to set the accuracy threshold. I will experiment with a prediction threshold percentage (E.g. all tags above 80% probability) that I consider reasonably accurate. I will set up a new temporary catalog for imports so I can
  9. I agree!!! Vast improvement in searching and tag assignment speed in this build! Good job.
  10. I was wondering if on the Server Administration we can have a setting to activate / de-activate some kind of archiving system to indicate record age. E.g. if I set my asset lifecycle to 5 years, older records can have an overlay icon on the thumbnail to indicate that they can be archived - batch or manual move to a separate archive catalog. I know that we can sort, search and filter by date but especially with large and old archives we have to be very aware of asset lifecycle as part of the organisation's asset management strategy. The advantage of having this built in to the server is
  11. Hi Jistme You can take the folder (containing all assets) and drop it in to the interface, that will recursively scan for media in all subfolders...
  12. I have files in the Unsynced search. When I select multiple files and apply the Write Tags To File command from the context menu, then refresh, only the first file is removed from the Unsynced search.
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