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Milliseconds truncated


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I was debugging my DamCompare tools based on Egon's report on false positives in creation time.

Based on my test cases, my conclusion is

  • milliseconds are imported into database, even though they are not visible in GUI
  • if you update creation time in Daminion, the milliseconds are dropped from database, but they remain in EXIF data

I don't need the milliseconds in GUI, so the first bullet point is fine. They could still be important for sports or wildlife photographers shooting in continuous mode, so other users might want to see also them. The second bullet point is IMO breaking the key principle in Daminion that the data in database equals to data in the image.


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Hi Juha,

I understand what you mean and from a IT point of view you are right and I agree.

But there is an other side in my mind: I use the milliseconds to get the right sort order of photos taken in the same second (e.g. photos of waves on the sea). If I modify the the Creation DateTime in the Properties Panel I don't want to lose the milliseconds. The reason to adjust the time stamp can e.g. be a wrong time zone setting in my camera that has to be adjusted. I can do it by the shift action or manually. If I rename now the file (YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_MS) using the adjusted time stamp I get the MS value="000" (because of the database). A read tags from file brings back the MS and I get e.g. the original MS value="340" back to have the previous sort order.

Just some thoughts.

regards, Uwe

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