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  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath for this getting fixed if it’s in any way related to my post made in may 2017 - I gave up entirely; https://forum.daminion.net/topic/3440-importing-files-missing-milliseconds/
  2. I take it this is still not fixed? My Home Server license has run out, so I can't check version 6 myself - but probably not going to bother renewing my license until this is fixed.
  3. Hello, I can't seem to get the download link for the Server version to work. Claus
  4. Hi Daria, Is this still an open issue? Is this Redmine public so we can check status of builds/bugs? Claus
  5. A changelog for the new 1644 would be awesome aswell :)
  6. Hi Uwe, Thanks, didn't not it was a known problem, from a year ago? I actually have a degree in computer science aswell, this shouldn't take long to fix.
  7. Hello, I've recently bought Daminion Home after having watched the progress made for years, originally tested the 0.x releases also but then real life got in the way :) We as a family have quite a lot of pictures and I finally got around to trying to organize them, enter Daminion Home Server. I was importing all images I had on different sources and combining them on my home server (running windows server 2012 r2 essentials). I use the following import template: create sub-folders: %yyyy\%mm. %B rename files: %dd-%model-%HH.%MM.%SS.%ms.%ext I think it helps to have the files organized outside Daminion also. I noticed however that the milliseconds %ms always returns 000 even though ExifTool says it for a given file is 46. Sorry for the long post, thanks for the software thus far. Claus
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