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[1934] - Folder rescan not working


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I ran into a prolem with daminion built 1934 and Windows 10 built 1903 (latest).


Folder rescanning stopped working.


I added a Folder with 325 Photos and after a few days Daminion still has only 124 Images added to the catalogue. the Folder is marked as "Auto rescan" and even if i click on "rescan now" aka F6 the rescan starts working and after a few seconds the photos reload and there is no Change. 



Any idea on how to solve this issue?


Thank you!

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Hello Wilfried, 

here is my general work path.


1. Creating a new Folder in Daminion

2. Opening the folder i just created in Windows Explorer via local Network

3. moving the files there

4. hitting rescan in Daminion.


Maybe this work path is wrong,, but it used to work all the time, since I use Daminion, but now it stopped. I actually placed another photo in that Folder but no Change, so I'm missing About 150 photos in that folder

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12 minutes ago, rene said:

Maybe this work path is wrong,,

Rene, the path is certainly not wrong and still works for me, but my Windows is not yet on 1903, so I cannot confirm for that matter.

Anyway, Ctrl+I or drag&drop are two alternatives to do the same thing and I have the impression, internally they work slightly  different. So it might be worth a try.

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