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1934 - 2010 Catalog->Optimize...


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the action "Menu->Catalog->Optimize..." deletes the folder "drive:\...Thumbnail\name_of_the_catalog\Video\NetCatalogx". As log as you don't stop the server Daminion works. But if you stop the server and want to restart you get this error message:


You'll get a video by Skype.

Regards, Uwe

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I can't confirm this. I've tested the following using pgAdmin and this request:

SELECT * FROM mediaitems
where deleted = true

1. delete a file from catalog.

2. For this mediaitem: the field mediaitem-deleted is set to true in the table mediaitems, the default value = false.

3. Optimize Catalog: the record is deleted from the table mediaitems

Regards, Uwe

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Uwe, this only means some part of the optimization is performed, but not necessarily all. In the progress panel you see 12 lines. When I started optimization earlier today , it stayed a couple of seconds on the first line (Create temporary table), then it "ran" through the next tasks in less than a second and then stayed again at som task at the bottom. I repeated it just now with Build 1960: It only did the Create temporary table and then finished immediately.

Optimize Daminion Catalog 2019-07-29 103021.png

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1 minute ago, Uwe said:

Did you try to call the optimize immediately after it was closed?

Interesting. I did now and it remained for 2-3 seconds at "Clear removed thumbnails" and then "Vacuum" and finished.

I have more than 187 thousand items in my catalog and cannot believe, this should be all to optimize it.

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Update: I found the reason:

this is my folder structure:

Drive X:
               Test (name of the catalog)
                    0 ... F (here are the thumbnail folders and the thumbnails created by Daminion)
                    Video (here are the video previews, set in the Admin Panel->Catalogs->Actions->Edit->Folder to store video previews)

The action Catalog Optimize deletes the Video folder.

But, if the folder Video is not a subfolder of the folder ...\Test -> Catalog Optimize doesn't delete the Video folder.

A long way to find the reason. Now it has to be fixed or a check that the Video folder may not be a subfolder as shown above.

regards, Uwe



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  • Uwe changed the title to 1934 - 2010 Catalog->Optimize...

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