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If you close Properties panel by closing cross



You get this, and it's not possible to reduce empty space to display more thumbnails



When you display map and close it with closing cross



You get this (which is ok)



would be nice to have same behaviour (as closing window panel) when you close properties panel

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21 minutes ago, Uwe said:

I dont have this problem with the Properties Panel in the 1934 build (Team Server version). If I close the panel using the cross the Thumbnail Window expands to the end of the client window.

I noticed this a long ago for the first time and it still happens with Build 1934. I assume it is the depending on the size of the display (mine is 1920x1080). My "solution" is to either keep the properties panel docked, or - when I need more real estate on the screen, to drag the panel free floating to the bottom of the screen. I consider free floating anyway as a better choice for Tags, Folders and Map, but most of the I keep properties docked to the right.

Tip: If I quickly want to see the properties of a single image, I open it in full screen with properties hidden, but moving the mouse to right shows the properties temporarily. 

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ok, I'm not at home this week and I'm working now on an old laptop (Thinkpad T61p, 1920x1200, Nvidia Quadro FX570M) and docked panel. At home I'm working with free floating panels which are on a second screen.

regards, Uwe

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Here is another try with Map panel and Properties panel displayed (and docked)



If you close Properties panel (with closing cross) you get this (ok, no empty space) :



Now, if you close Map panel, you get this (with empty space : not ok) :



Looks like this empty space is linked after closing properties panel (with closing cross).


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11 hours ago, Daria Kotilainen said:

Unfortunately, cannot reproduce this behavior either in the local, or shared catalog.

Daria, did you verify this with a display size of 1920*1080? I can confirm, this still happens in Build 2099:

  1. Starting point, the properties panel takes approximately the same space as one thumbnail:
  2. After closing the properties panel, thumbnail increases the size, but does not completely fill the window. So there is unused space on the right:
  4. After opening the Properties panel again, it is wider than it was before closing, thus the thumbnail area becomes smaller and the selected thumbnail moves to the next row:



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19 hours ago, Daria Kotilainen said:

Yes, I tried with 1920x1080, this is my default resolution. Would you please try to install 2120

Seems, Daria, Uwe and Alain are all correct:

  • If you close the client, while the properties panel is closed, then start the client again, it worked fine for me (with build 2120)
  • If you close the client, while the properties panel is docked at the right, then start the client again, I see the same behavior as described above.
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And by the way, since this morning, I get this error each time, I try to open any Daminion Web site, as well  a similar message when I first started the client (Build 2099):

This server could not prove that it is www.daminion.net; its security certificate expired in the last day. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer's clock is currently set to Thursday, May 14, 2020. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system's clock and then refresh this page.

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Here is some more investigations (stand alone 2120).
When I close properties panel it closes correctly.
Now, if I open Properties panel window, it's still ok.
Now, if I undock and redock windows, Properties panel doesn't close correctly (Still an empty grey space displayed)
If I click Window > Reset window layout, now properties panel closes correctly.

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