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13 minutes ago, kalain said:

When I close properties panel it closes correctly.
Now, if I open Properties panel window, it's still ok.
Now, if I undock and redock windows, Properties panel doesn't close correctly (Still an empty grey space displayed)
If I click Window > Reset window layout, now properties panel closes correctly.

Yes, I can confirm this with 2012 Home Server. As I said before, I need to start the client with Properties panel closed, open it and then follow Alain's sequence.

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14 minutes ago, Daria Kotilainen said:

It is possible to keep the Properties panel docked so far?

Not sure, I understand the question Daria 🤔

Anyway, I think I mentioned it above: As my workaround, I never close the Properties panel. Instead, if I need more space for the thumbnails, I move it as free floating panel down to the bottom of the display, so that only the title bar of the Properties panel is visible. The Tags and Maps panels are always floating at the bottom and pulled up only when needed.


After that, for the normal work, I pull it up and dock it to the right again. That does work fine for me.

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