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Write Custom Tags by the ExifTool


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Couple of fast comments.


As Uwe wrote, you need the configuration file if you want to write custom tags with ExifTool. If you just want to read your custom tags, you don't need to do anything.


I would slightly modify your definition of filemodificationdatetime to (and this is now splitting hairs :wink: )

filemodificationdatetime => { Writable => 'date', Groups => { 2 => 'Time' } },

If you want to sort your output based on the categories (ExifTool -G2), filemodificationdatetime will now appear together with other Time tags.



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Has the default behavior changed meanwhile? At least in build 1934 (and also some versions before that), Damion writes custom tags into JPG (I did not test TIFF, though) without creating or modifying the .ExifTool_config file.

Btw., at the end of How to Write Daminion Custom Tags with ExifTool is link to this forum thread. It is broken now (probably caused by the new style of the forum). Correct is:



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