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In a any tag category I can sort the entries alphabetically. That's OK, but in case of names I would like Daminion to sort according to the surnames, in order to find e. g. 'James Bond' under 'b'. Is that possible without having to write my entry 'Bond, James'? Or is there another solution?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello Fischer,

what names do you mean: the Person Tag, Author, Copyright?

From my point of view these tags are already sorted.

E.g. "James Bond" is a plain text and nobody knows what is the first and the surname ;-), Also in Germany there are many names like "Martin Fritz" and both can be first name and surname.

If you want to sort by surname e.g. the Person Tag, I suggest to enter the surname "Bond" and then as a tag inside "Bond" the first name "James"


Now the tags are sorted by the surnames in the People Tag. The same with the other Tags.

If you don't want to have the hierarchy you should enter e.g. "Bond; James". You can't use the comma as separator (or you deactivate it in the window) because it separates multiple values and you would get two tags "Bond" and "James".

Regards, Uwe

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Thanks Uwe for your reply.


The 'nesting' solution sounds a bit complicated, but I will try it anyway. (By the way; calibre has a relatively good solution for the surname problem.)

One possibility could be to have a further tag category, other then 'text', e. g. 'name entries' in which by default the last word would be defined as the surname and thus used for alphabetical sorting. Or, even better, the word coming directly after a double instead of a normal spacing, e. g. 'James__Bond Carter' (Underlining just in order to show). What do you think?



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