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  1. Well yes Rene, that's a solution for now, but the one I proposed certainly would be faster. So I hope this will be taken in consideration for an upcoming update. Shouldn't cause much trouble to program it. Greatings, Fisher
  2. Hello Murat Sorry for my belated response. I forgot to check my own topic... Well, it's really not a big thing. I'm just a bit annoyed to have to use the scroll bar at the right. Being able to scroll the list 'everywhere' would be a fraction of a second faster. By the way; being able to change an entry by clicking it in the list (as in calibre) also would be nice. Let me say though, Daminion is a great app as it is. Thanks very much for your work. Greetings, Fisher
  3. Thanks Uwe for your reply. The 'nesting' solution sounds a bit complicated, but I will try it anyway. (By the way; calibre has a relatively good solution for the surname problem.) One possibility could be to have a further tag category, other then 'text', e. g. 'name entries' in which by default the last word would be defined as the surname and thus used for alphabetical sorting. Or, even better, the word coming directly after a double instead of a normal spacing, e. g. 'James__Bond Carter' (Underlining just in order to show). What do you think? Greetings
  4. Hello In a any tag category I can sort the entries alphabetically. That's OK, but in case of names I would like Daminion to sort according to the surnames, in order to find e. g. 'James Bond' under 'b'. Is that possible without having to write my entry 'Bond, James'? Or is there another solution? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everybody If you incorporate text files to a Daminion catalogue Daminion automatically determines the number of pages of this file. That's great. But sometimes for one or the other reason one wish to change this value manually. Is this possible? If yes; how? If no imho this should be made possible in a future version. Thanks in advance.
  6. Fischer

    Color Marks

    Thanks for the speedy answer, Murat!
  7. Fischer

    Color Marks

    Hi folks Where can I influence the color mark rectangle. If I create a new color tag, or change the name of an existing one the result is a new color tag with a gray rectangle on the left. I would like to change it in order to show the appropriate color. But how? Have a good day!
  8. Hello everybody Just a maybe dull question: Why can't I scroll with the mouse wheel in List View? Have a good day!
  9. Fischer


    I did exactly what you suggested, and now I have some pictures with coordinates, as I wished. Not sure if this answers your question. By the way, I'm still in the play-around-phase and until now I'm really pleased with the way daminion works.
  10. Fischer


    Thanks Rene Works like a charm. I should have had the idea myself.
  11. Fischer


    Hi folks I'm new here. Browsing around in the menues I noted the map-pane. It's cool to be able to localize a picture dircetly in daminion, but; I would like to have displayed the coordinates of the red cross and beeing able to paste it directly to the the properties of a picture (group). Did I overlook it or - in case it's not possible right now, could this be a feature of a future version? Thanks and have good day everybody!
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