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  1. I'be got a JPG file to which I want to add a comment (screenshots 1 and 2). After saving the changes the folder is shown as empty (screenshot 3). I have to rescan the folder with F6 and the photo appears again, but without the comment I've entered before (screenshots 4 and 5).
  2. This behaviour is really annoying, because obviously you don't have a chance to change the stored search.
  3. Hi, each time I start Daminion it comes up with the search criteria shown in the screenshot. I remember that in earlier versions Daminion used to come up with the last used search criteria from the previous session. Is this a bug or a new feature? Best regards, Volker
  4. Hi Daria, it does not happen with all the files. Just some of them are effected. Meanwhile I am on build 2010. Here I can say "Read Tags from File" and Daminion shows the correct values. Do you still want me to send you a sample file? If so it will be a problem to send it by mail because of its size. Best regards, Volker
  5. Daminion shows a different exposure time than EXIF Tool does. Version 6.2.0 build 1960 .
  6. Hi Daria, when will this bug be fixed? It's now more than two months that I cannot use the licenses I purchased. Best regards, Volker
  7. Hi Daria, do you have any information concerning this issue? Best regards, Volker
  8. After upgrading to Daminion 5.9.0 build 1785 I run into problems when trying to login: I use the Home edition with 2 concurrent users. What to do? Volker
  9. I've attached three screenshots showing the problem in detail: group_1 shows a grouped item group_2 shows the dialog group_3 shows the three items that belong to the group In 'group_1' the the marker showing that this is a group is missing. Volker
  10. Hi Daria, I'm sorry that I forgot to mention the version. I am on 5.8.1765. I am working on a network drive (Synology NAS). Unfortunately I can reproduce the issue just from time to time. Therefore please let me observe the behaviour and I'll come back to this thread. Best regards, Volker
  11. I have a directory named "Róisín Dubh". After pressing F6 Daminion does not scan this directory or any subdirectories. After renaming the directory to "Roisin Dubh" scanning works as expected. Are there any problems when using letters such as "í" ? Best regards, Volker
  12. Hi Uwe, yes I did a "Refresh", but it didn't help. To me this is a new problem, because (from my point of view) it came up with build 1765. Quite interesting is the fact, that I observe this issue only with groups created in 1765. Older groups still correctly show the 'group' icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnails. Regards, Volker
  13. In 5.8.0 build 1765 there seems to be a problem with grouped items. Previously the number of group members was shown for the collapsed group, which is no longer the case. Best regards, Volker
  14. Hello Daria, thank you very much - with this version it's working again perfectly :-) Best regards, Volker
  15. Hi Daria, I now istalled again. But now the server stays in status "Start Pending". What to do? Volker
  16. Hi Daria, I'm afraid that there is no way to downgrade to When trying to install this version I get several of the attached messages. Later on the installation hangs when "Creating Default Catalog". Best regards, Volker
  17. Hello Daria, yes, that's the case: I've got Home Server for 2 connections. Best regards, Volker
  18. Also this can happen. Obviously there is no chance to change the credentials.
  19. Hello, after upgrading to version I get the attached messages when opening a second client connection. Maybe I am totally blind at the moment, but I can't find a way to change the user credentials. Regards, Volker
  20. Sorry for my delayed answer; I hadn't noticed your last comment :-( Meanwhile I am on build 1478 and now sometimes observe the same behaviour with NEF files:
  21. Hello, I still have the problem with the wrong group count. I usually add three files to one group. When I start with my work, the group count displays '3', which is correct. But when creating the (about) 10th group just a '2' is displayed. Regards, Volker
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