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Daminion on a laptop


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We will be traveling in a few weeks. I was wondering what would be the most efficient way to take subset of our photos for relatives to look at and identify people and locations?


We currently have a two-user home license of Daminion server.


Can I just copy the current catalog and delete those files that are not needed? Do I then have to copy all photos to the laptop?


Is it better trying to setup a VPN to connect directly to the Daminion server?


I'm sure there are other ways of doing this but the ultimate goal is to get the information from the laptop back into our main database at home.






Frank Hahn

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Hello Frank,


my suggestion just from a technical point of view, the license have to be discussed with Daminion:

1. Make a backup of the catalog and restore it on the laptop.

2. Copy the folder you want to have on the laptop from PC/NAS to the laptop

3. Use the Daminion Relink function to link the catalog folder with the folder on the laptop

4. Now you can decide either to ignore all items with missing links (that means the folders doen't exist on the laptop) or to remove them from the catalog on the laptop.


Regards, Uwe

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One thing I tried was to open the ports (8082,8084) on my router. I was then able to connect to the Daminion server via the Daminion client by using DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) that I have setup previously.


My concern is that this is not password protected so I am not sure how easy this would be for outside individuals to connect and create havoc with my system.


I'll look more into exporting the views. I wasn't excited about copying a large amount of photos to the laptop but I need to look and see. The number may not be that bad.




Frank Hahn

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