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Feature Request - Resume Import Activity


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Maybe already requested:

I would like to have a functionaltity to stop the import process and to resume the import.

Now I have to cancel the process and to start it from the very beginning.

Sometimes I have to import files but I can't wait for the end of the import

or e.g. the battery of the laptop is low and I have to stop my activities until I have charged the battery.

As far as I understand the import, Daminion collects all files that have to be imported (shown in the import dialog window).

It should not to be a big challange to remove the already imported files from that list

and to continue when the new function (has to be developed) "Continue Import" is selected.



I add the files to the catalog. The source files are on an USB disc and have to be added to the catalog.

I assign e.g. "%artist" to an existig tag that is not used or to a custom tag in the Import Process (Tag Presets)

Sometimes the Import stopps (different reasons: lost server connection, crash of the application, not enough time to finish etc.)

Either I start the import again or I use the "Rescan Folders" to finish the import of the files.

But in the "Rescan Folders" function I can't use the assignment of the %artist (custom_tag = %artist).

That means: all items imported by "Rescan Folders" doen't have the assignment and I have to use the "Tag assignment" function.

This is another time consuming process.


Regards, Uwe

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Something happened last night when I was trying to import several thousand files that would make this a useful feature.


I lost the connection to the remote Daminion server and the import stopped. I ended up deleting several directories before trying to import again, but I'm not sure how to really know what was/was not imported.





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The pause button was available in early Daminion versions, but we removed it to simplify the interface.


BTW the issue that Frank was mentioned is not related to the option to pause the Import. And in his case he can just run the Rescan Folders command to resume the unfinished import.

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