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Daminion 1019 detected as Malware


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I tried to download the latest 1019 builds from Dropbox. Both the client and server were identified by my Chrome browser as malware. After the download in the download area is a message "Daminion...exe is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it."



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The (free version of) avast antivirus has, in settings, the so called "reputation services". Out of curiosity, I don't turn this off, so I get warnings almost whenever I download rare, exotic, unknown executables or unofficial, beta or even alpha versions of programmes. Nothing wrong, when AV or even your browser warns you, but they should not block your access to the file. You can test the file with virustotal.com or similar, expecting some false positives. If the source is trustworthy, like this site, you can still check this forum - like you did -, but almost certainly it is false alert. Lately avast has, for instance, problems with regular new versions of notepad++, which is not an exotic, unknown text editor, au contraire.


Here is the rather famous NirSoft article:






Edit: Results for 1019:



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I don't have any special extensions installed. I'm running the latest version of Chrome 35.0.1916.114 m. I have following extensions:

– Google Calendar (by Google)

– Google Docs

– Google Mail Checker

– Google Sheets

– Secure Shell

– Send from Gmail (by Google)

– Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout

– TweetDeck by Twitter


I disabled all extensions and tried to download the client, but I received the same error.


I quickly googled Chrome malware warning and found many hits about false alarms.



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Like I wasn't yesterday, I'm still not able to reproduce this with last portable version of Chrome (set to "send suspicious downloaded files to Google", no extensions) or Iron. Firefox also has no problems, although it is by default using Google's service to block supposedly malicious things.

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